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For a list of unlockable items and guns, see Unlockables.

The following is a list of achievements in Enter The Gungeon.

List of Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Unlock
Achievement Gungeon Acolyte.png Gungeon Acolyte Complete the Tutorial Unlocks the Pea Shooter.
Achievement I Knew Someone Would Do It.png I Knew Someone Would Do It Why Push a table into a pit. Unlocks Table Tech Rocket.
Achievement Biggest Wallet.png Biggest Wallet Carry a large amount of money at once Carry 300 coins at once. Unlocks Coin Crown.
Achievement Demolition Man.png Demolition Man Kill a frozen enemy by rolling into it
Achievement Patron.png Patron Spend big at the Acquisitions Department Spend 100 Hegemony Credit.png at any store in The Breach.
Achievement Pit Lord.png Pit Lord Kill 100 enemies by knocking them into pits Unlocks Amulet of the Pit Lord.
Achievement Sworn Gun.png Sworn Gun Avenge Manuel Kill Blockner. Unlocks the Betrayer's Shield and Badge.
Achievement Hedge Slinger.png Hedge Slinger Win a wager against the Gunsling King 5 times
Achievement Cartographer's Assistant.png Cartographer's Assistant Map the first Five Chambers for The Lost Adventurer Unlocks Excaliber.
Achievement Trickshot.png Trickshot Ace Winchester's game 3 times Unlocks the Seven-Leaf Clover.
Achievement Weird Tale.png Weird Tale Complete Frifle's Challenges See Frifle and the Grey Mauser for a list of all rewards.
Achievement Re-Armed.png Re-Armed Deliver the Golem's replacement arm Transport Ox's replacement arm back up to The Breach. Unlocks Clone.
Achievement Not Just A Box.png Not Just A Box Get the jump on a Mimic Attack a mimic before it attacks. Unlocks Book of Chest Anatomy.
Achievement Rage Mode.png Rage Mode Always be flipping. Guns are for flippers Flip 500 tables.
Achievement Day Ruiner.png Day Ruiner Kill a boss after covering it with glitter Use the Mailbox to cover a boss in glitter, then kill it.
Achievement Going Down.png Going Down Open the shortcut to the Second Chamber Unlock the shortcut to the Gungeon Proper.
Achievement Going Downer.png Going Downer Open the shortcut to the Third Chamber Unlock the shortcut to the Black Powder Mine. Unlocks R2G2.
Achievement Going Downest.png Going Downest Open the shortcut to the Fourth Chamber Unlock the shortcut to the Hollow.
Achievement Last Stop.png Last Stop Open the shortcut to the Fifth Chamber Unlock the shortcut to the Forge.
Achievement Grate Hall.png Grate Hall Access the Oubliette Unlocks Trashcannon.
Achievement Reverence for the Dead.png Reverence for the Dead Access the Temple Enter the Abbey of the True Gun. Unlocks Blood Brooch.
Achievement Lion Leap.png Lion Leap Fall at the last second Fall into a pit in The Aimless Void (does no damage).
Achievement The Password.png The Password Accessed the Hidden Market Enter a Demon Face and reach the black market.
Achievement Great Hall.png Great Hall Populate the Breach Acquire every NPC in The Breach. Unlocks Unity.
Achievement Rider.png Rider Kill 100 enemies while riding in a mine cart You don't have to kill enemies with the minecart itself.

Using any weapon while in the cart will count towards the achievement.

Achievement Beast Master.png Beast Master Complete the game with Beast Mode on Unlocks the Bait Launcher.
Achievement Woodsie Lord.png Woodsie Lord Steal 10 things Unlocks Shelleton Key.
Achievement Money Pit.png Money Pit Kill 100 enemies by dropping chandeliers
Achievement Time Paradox.png Time Paradox Die in the Past Die during any characters's Past (except the Gunslinger's past).
Achievement Slayer.png Slayer Defeat the Boss of the Fifth Chamber Kill the High Dragun. Unlocks the Dragunfire and Gun Soul.
Achievement Gunsmith.png Gunsmith Construct the Bullet that can kill the Past Unlocks Alpha Bullets and Omega Bullets.
Achievement Double Jeopardy.png Double Jeopardy Kill the Convict's Past Unlocks the Briefcase of Cash and Enraging Photo.
Achievement Deadliest Game.png Deadliest Game Kill the Hunter's Past Unlocks Dog and Wolf.
Achievement Squad Captain.png Squad Captain Kill the Marine's Past Unlocks Military Training and Galactic Medal of Valor.
Achievement Wingman.png Wingman Kill the Pilot's Past Unlocks Wingman, Trusty Lockpicks, and Disarming Personality.
Achievement Historian.png Historian Complete all 4 main character Pasts Grants access to Bullet Hell. Unlocks the Gilded Hydra.
Achievement Hero of Gun.png Hero of Gun Kill the Bullet's Past Unlocks Chicken Flute.
Achievement Terminated.png Terminated Kill the Robot's Past Unlocks Robot's Left Hand and Chest Teleporter.
Achievement Castle Crasher.png Castle Crasher Clear the First Chamber 50 Times Unlocks the Brick Breaker.
Achievement Dungeon Diver.png Dungeon Diver Clear the Second Chamber 40 Times Unlocks the Staff of Firepower.
Achievement Mine Master.png Mine Master Clear the Third Chamber 30 Times Unlocks the Mine Cutter.
Achievement Hollowed Out.png Hollowed Out Clear the Fourth Chamber 20 Times Unlocks the Polaris.
Achievement Forger.png Forger Clear the Fifth Chamber 10 Times Unlocks the Cobalt Hammer and Ancient Hero's Bandana.
Achievement Beep.png Beep Unlock the Robot
Achievement Case Closed.png Case Closed Unlock the Bullet
Achievement Gungeon Master.png Gungeon Master Clear the Sixth Chamber Unlocks the Gungeon Blueprint and Riddle of Lead.
Achievement Exorcist.png Exorcist Kill a Jammed Boss Mini-bosses count.

Unlocks Sixth Chamber.

Achievement Gun Game.png Gun Game Complete the game with the Sorceress's Enchanted Gun Unlocks Gunther.
Achievement Challenger.png Challenger Complete Daisuke's trial. Unlocks Chaos Bullets.
Achievement Jammed.png Jammed You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you Get the maximum amount of Curse and meet the Lord of the Jammed.
Achievement Lead God.png Lead God Collect five Master Rounds in one run Can be done in Boss Rush.

Unlocks Super Hot Watch.

Achievement Advanced Slayer.png Advanced Slayer Defeat an Advanced Boss Unlocks Holey Grail.
Achievement Resourceful.png Resourceful Take Revenge Unlocks Ring of the Resourceful Rat and Boxing Glove.
Achievement Sledge-Dog.png Sledge-Dog Complete Tonic's Challenge Unlocks Crisis Stone.
Achievement Dat Plat.png PS4 Dat Plat Unlock all other achievements in game.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The achievement "Sledge-Dog" is a reference to "Sonic the Hedgehog".
  • The achievement "Exorcist" is a reference to the movie, "The Exorcist".
  • The achievement "Terminated" is a reference to the movie, "The Terminator".
  • The achievement "Hero of Gun" is a reference to "The Legend of Zelda".
  • The achievement "Woodsie Lord" is a reference to the "Thief" video game series.
  • The achievement "Lion Leap" is a reference to the YouTube and Twitch streamer Northernlion.
  • The achievement "Gun Game" is a reference to a game mode of the same name found in Counter-Strike. The game mode starts the player off with a gun that is swapped with another after getting kills, similar to the way the Sorceress's blessing works.
  • The achievement “Jammed” is a reference to “The legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”