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Bosses are strong enemies found at the end of every floor in The Gungeon. Defeating a boss allows the player to advance to the next main floor.

Upon being killed, bosses drop a weapon or item of random quality, several Hegemony Credits, and one to three pickups such as hearts, ammo, or keys. Bosses will always drop a gun if the player has not yet picked up a gun on the current floor. If a boss from one of the five main floors is defeated without getting hit, they will drop a Master Round as well. Clearing a boss without getting hit will also cause it to drop doubled Hegemony Credits.

Keep of the Lead Lord

Bullet King.png Gatling Gull.png Trigger Twins.png
Bullet King Gatling Gull Trigger Twins

Gungeon Proper

Ammoconda.png Beholster.png The Gorgun.png
Ammoconda Beholster The Gorgun

Black Powder Mine

Cannonbalrog.png Mine Flayer.png Treadnaught.png
Cannonbalrog Mine Flayer Treadnaught


High Priest.png Kill Pillars.png Wallmonger.png
High Priest Kill Pillars Wallmonger


High Dragun.png
High Dragun

Secret Bosses

Black Powder Mine


Gungeon Proper, Black Powder Mine, and Hollow

Door Lord.png
Door Lord



Abbey of the True Gun

Old King.png
Old King

Resourceful Rat's Lair

Boss Resourceful Rat.png
Resourceful Rat

R&G Dept.


Past Bosses

Black Stache.png Dr. Wolf's Monster.png
Black Stache Dr. Wolf's Monster
HS Absolution.png Interdimensional Horror.png
HS Absolution Interdimensional Horror
Agunim.png Cannon.png The Last Human.png
Agunim Cannon The Last Human

Bullet Hell