Bullat (Exit the Gungeon)

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Bullats are typically small enemies that launch themselves at the player, dying in the process. They also appear in Enter the Gungeon, in more variety.

Bullat[edit | edit source]

XtG Bullat.png
Location: Forge,Hollow
Ammonomicon Entry


A Bat Bullet
The bats that once nested here have been transformed by the great Bullet.

Able to fly at high speeds to attack, but unable to survive the force of the impact.

Bullats drift down or across the elevator shaft for a time, before firing themselves at the player in the form of a single bullet, dying in the process.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bullats will drop Money.png if they are killed before being able to launch themselves.
  • Bullats will not always choose to launch themselves before drifting off screen. This is more common the closer Bullats spawn to the bottom of the elevator.

Shotgat[edit | edit source]

XtG Shotgat.png
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry


A Bat Shell
Shotgats split themselves into a volley of bullets when they attack, which can catch even experienced Gungeoneers off-guard.

Shotgats drift around the elevator shaft much the same as the regular Bullat. Their uniqueness comes from their attack, where instead of launching into a single bullet, they launch into a whole shotgun spread.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Like the Bullat, Shotgats will drop Money.png if they are killed before they are able to attack.
  • Like Bullats, Shotgats may also drift off screen before they are able to attack.
  • The behaviour of Shotgats in Exit the Gungeon is very different to their Enter the Gungeon counterparts. Whereas Shotgats in XtG fire a shotgun blast, Shotgats in EtG instead fire only two bullets in a V shape to either side of the player.

Spent Bullat[edit | edit source]

Spent Bullat
Spent bullat.png
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry


Spent Bullats split themselves in two, firing in a V shape. Their aim can be foiled by remaining still.

Despite their diginomicon entry, Spent Bullats do not fire themselves at the player at all, instead simply drifting down or across the elevator shaft, moving slightly left or right. Their only method of attack is contact damage should an unwary gungeoneer stumble into them.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the fact that Spent Bullats do not actively attack the player whatsoever, the attack method described in their diginomicon entry is identical to that of the Shotgat in Enter the Gungeon.
  • Spent Bullats are likely a Bullat version of the Spent.
  • Spent Bullats are one of the few enemies in Exit the Gungeon that do not also appear in Enter the Gungeon.

King Bullat[edit | edit source]

King Bullat
XtG King Bullat.png
Ammonomicon Entry


A Big Bat Bullet
The largest known species of Bullat.

King Bullats fly around the elevator shaft, occasionally pausing to release a ring of bullets around themselves. These bullets are able to bounce off of walls once before stopping.

Notes[edit | edit source]