Busted Television

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Busted Television

Busted Television.png

Type: Active
Quality: N/A
Recharge: None
Ammonomicon Entry
Broken And Heavy
Use to toss. Cannot be carried through a dodge roll.

This television is extremely heavy. It is also extremely broken. These are not useful qualities for traversing a timeless, bullet-filled dungeon.

Busted Television is an active item. It can be found in the elevator shaft of the Gungeon Proper after its shortcut has been unlocked.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, the television is thrown in the direction of the cursor.
  • Dropped upon dodge rolling.
  • Giving the item to the Blacksmith in the Forge unlocks The Robot.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If thrown into a pit, the item will disappear and will no longer be obtainable in the current run.
  • It can be stolen by the Resourceful Rat, so don't leave it in a room alone.
  • Finding an item that grants flight will help in getting this item to the Blacksmith.
  • It is possible to pick this item up after unlocking The Robot, even as The Robot.
  • Escape Rope makes it easy to bring to the Blacksmith, as every room in the Forge can be skipped.

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