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Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Cannon.png

Evil King
Many years ago a charismatic sorcerer came to the Gungeon, promising prosperity and ammunition to all who accepted his master: the mysterious demon, Cannon.

Cannon held a deep and burning desire to usurp the power of the Gungeon for himself, to rule it with a sweaty iron hoof. While Cannon reigned the Past was never killed and no Chamber could be reloaded.

Though the demon lord was thwarted, Agunim was imprisoned in a cell deep beneath the Gungeon. Some say he still remains, gathering resources to summon the dark lord Cannon once more.

Cannon is the second of the two bosses of The Bullet's past.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

Cannon has a few attacks:

  • Fires bullets that orbit around him. After a while, the bullets will expand outwards, then retract back in towards him. Afterwards, the bullets turn into bats that fly towards The Bullet.
  • Fires two bat bullets that fly in straight lines and leave trails of bullets.
  • Fires a bat bullet that orbits around him while slowly flying outwards and leaves a trail of bullets.

The arena has six pits which will open over the course of the fight. Falling into a pit damages The Bullet.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The safest time to attack Cannon is right after he charges to a different part of the room, as there is a short delay before he starts attacking.
  • While Cannon is making the circle of bullets around himself and they have expanded outwards, you can dodge roll into the circle to hit Cannon 1-3 times, and then dodge roll away when the circle is contracting again, and get as far away from Cannon as possible to avoid the bats.

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