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Table Techs are a collection of Items & Synergies that affect tables. Currently, there are 8 Table Tech items and 4 synergies (these synergies are known as "Hidden Techs").

Table Tech Effect (when a table is flipped)
Table Tech Blanks.png
Table Tech Blanks
The table creates a blank.
Table Tech Rocket.png
Table Tech Rocket
The table rockets in one direction, dealing damage and exploding when it hits a wall.
Table Tech Sight.png
Table Tech Sight
Slows down time and triples bullets.
Table Tech Shotgun.png
Table Tech Shotgun
Blasts out a large spread of shotgun bullets.
Table Tech Money.png
Table Tech Money
Flips all tables in a room the same direction the initial one was flipped, each spewing out 1-3 casings.
Table Tech Stun.png
Table Tech Stun
All enemies within a small radius get stunned.
Table Tech Heat.png
Table Tech Heat
Activates an effect similar to the Teapot's reload.
Table Tech Rage.png
Table Tech Rage
Activates an effect identical to the Enraging Photo.
Synergy.png Hidden Tech Bees Bees replace every bullet that gets blanked.
Synergy.png Hidden Tech Big Shotgun The bullets are identical to Big Shotgun bullets.
Synergy.png Hidden Tech Flare The area of the heat triples and ignites enemies with green fire.
Synergy.png Hidden Tech Time Briefly stops time instead of slowing it down.

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