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Type: Active
Quality: D Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 16 Money.png
Recharge: 0.25 seconds
Ammonomicon Entry
Hazardous To Health
Can result in serious health problems and even death. They do have a certain appeal though.

Cigarettes is an active item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Damages the player for half a heart. If the player has armor, the damage will remove the armor.
  • Increases Coolness by 1 per use, decreasing the cooldown of active items and increasing the chance of items dropping upon clearing a room. The coolness bonus will remain for the entire run, even if the Cigarettes are removed from the player's inventory.
  • Discarded cigarettes will light oil puddles and Phaser Spider webs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Iroquois - If the player has MAC10, the MAC10's reload time is decreased by 33%, magazine size is increased by 50%, and knockback is increased by 50%.
  • Synergy.png What A Thrill - If the player has Patriot, Patriot has a chance to transmogrify enemies into snakes.
  • Synergy.png I need scissors! 61! - If the player also has Trank Gun. Trank Gun changes appearance, its rate of fire is decreased, damage and reload time are increased, and its bullets will inflict slow and stun.
  • If the player has Armor, Cigarettes can be used to offensively detonate the blank effect. Consider offensive combinations like Gunknight Armor pieces or Nanomachines.
  • Dying to Cigarettes will produce "Smoking" as a cause of death.
  • If the player has Crisis Stone, Cigarettes can be used without taking damage while reloading, allowing the player to gain an infinite amount of coolness.
  • If the player has GuNNER and Holey Grail, they can generate infinite health, also allowing the player to get infinite coolness.
  • Using Cigarettes inside a boss room will prevent the player from earning a Master Round.
  • If the player has Full Metal Jacket and at least one blank, using Cigarettes will activate a blank and prevent damage from being dealt.

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