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Type: Passive
Quality: 1S Quality Item.png
Unlock Method: Transport Ox's replacement arm back up to The Breach.
Ammonomicon Entry
The Real Me
Extra Life.

An uncomfortable answer to an uncomfortable truth. This clone can replace a single Gungeoneer upon their death, with almost no lapse in memory.

Clone is a passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Upon death, the player is revived in the starting room of the first floor, retaining all items, guns, and pickups except Clone itself.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the shopkeeper has been angered (ex. shooting in shop, stealing), he will not return even after revival.
  • Allows the collection of duplicate Master Rounds on a single run, all of which count towards unlocking the Super Hot Watch.
  • If Gun Soul was also acquired, it will activate first upon death. If the player is killed a second time before retrieving their soul, they will respawn with Clone as normal, except with only a single heart container. However, picking up heart container items in this state will not increase health beyond this single container. Saving, quitting, and loading back the game seems to fix this, but with only one filled heart.
  • If Pig was also acquired, it will activate first upon death.
  • If the run was started through a shortcut, the player will be revived on the floor that they started on.
  • Curse does not reset when respawning with Clone.
  • As Robot cannot gain heart containers, he always respawns with 6 armor.
  • Clone does not carry over into the past; the player will not be revived if they die in the past.
  • If the player perfects the Resourceful Rat fights, he will still not steal from the player after revival.
  • Players can fight the Resourceful Rat again after respawning and earn more Rat Keys allowing for a total of 12 Rat Keys.
  • If the player is holding more than one Clone when they die, the extra Clones will also be removed from the player's inventory when they revive. However, extra Clones can still be obtained after the player dies.
  • If the player obtains the Ancient Serpent before they die, it's not lost after revival.
  • If the player is one hit away from death and takes damage while having Glass Guon Stones, they will not break and will remain with the player when they revive.
  • If you respawn with a Clone, you can get another clone in a chest afterwards. However, it is extremely rare and will usually only happen in Rainbow Mode.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If the player dies immediately after killing the first form of the Lich, the hand will still grab the player and take them underground. However, this does not take the player to the second form of the Lich, instead, it softlocks the game.
  • If the player dies to fire, they will still be on fire when they respawn.
  • If in co-op and the player with Clone dies first, Clone will be lost and cannot be picked up by the other player.
  • If the player pauses as soon as Clone activates, it softlocks the game.

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