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Compressed Air Tank

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Compressed Air Tank

Compressed Air Tank.png

Type: Charged
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 1
Max Ammo: 50
Reload Time: 1.2s
Damage: 150
Fire Rate: 0.60
Shot Speed: 35
Range: Infinity.png
Force: 60
Spread: 6
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Unlock Method: Reward from hunting quests.
Ammonomicon Entry
You Know My Work
Shoots sharks. Really.

This gun, a Calx original, fires homing sharks. This would never function under normal circumstances, but the Gungeon respects the pure audacity of its existence.

Compressed Air Tank is a gun that fires sharks that swim around the room, seeking enemies and biting them, dealing a large amount of damage. Water is created wherever the sharks have been.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Smile, you son of a... - If the player has M1, Compressed Air Tank's sharks will explode upon biting an enemy. These explosions will hurt the player.
  • The shark fins will deal contact damage, like other wandering bullets.
  • Battery Bullets can be extremely effective with this gun, as the water its projectiles leave behind will be electrocuted.
  • If a Bloodbulon is hit with the shark, it will not die immediately, and upon dying, it will not release bullets.
  • If used with Backup Gun, two sharks will be fired at once, and will independently home in on targets.
  • The sharks will not cross pits, unless battling a boss that includes a pit in their arena, such as Gatling Gull, Fuselier, Agunim, or the High Dragun.
  • Works especially well with Snowballets, since the sharks' tendency to wander feeds into the effect of the Snowballets.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon and its unique ability are a reference to the 1975 movie Jaws. It also makes a brief sound resembling the Jaws theme whenever it fires. It could also be a reference to the Sharknado movie series because of the reference to "pure audacity of its existence".
  • This weapon behaviour is similar to the Land Shark Gun from the game Armed and Dangerous.
  • This weapon appears in the prequel comic.
  • The "Smile you son of a..." synergy is a reference to Martin Brody's final line in Jaws before killing the shark. Brody wields a M1 and shoots an air tank in its mouth.

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