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If the player collects all four pieces of the Gunknight set, they will transform into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight. This transformation removes the reload time of all guns. The transformation increases the player's curse by 3, and none of the pieces of the set can be dropped after the transformation.

Items Required[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Picking up any of the Gunknight items increases the chance of finding the remaining pieces.
  • The Cormorant transformation will disable Blasphemy's double tap reload.
  • The Cormorant transformation will also disable Slinger's thrown reload, thus preventing the use of its stun ability.
  • Reloading guns with multiple forms (such as Megahand, Heroine, etc.) as the Cormorant will cause them to change to their next form, even when reloading without a full magazine.
  • This Transformation looks similar to the Gun Nut's armor.
  • By holding Blasphemy, the player can look similar to a Gun Nut.
  • Reloading with an active reload, such as with Rad Gun and Cog of Battle as the Cormorant will automatically cause an active reload.