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Curse Icon.png

Curse is a hidden stat that influences various things.

Cursed enemies (and their attacks) are referred to as "Jammed", and take on a glowing red and black color.

Effects of Curse[edit | edit source]

  • Enemies drop more Money.png.
  • The chance to receive a reward upon clearing a room decreases with each point of curse, similar to how Coolness increases said chance.
  • The chance to receive ammo upon clearing a room increases with each point of curse.
  • The chance of a chest becoming a Mimic increases by 2.1% for each point of curse.
  • The chance of a chest having a fuse when discovered increases by 5% for each point of curse.
  • Jammed enemies deal 1 full heart of damage, move and shoot faster, deal contact damage if they didn't already, and have triple their normal health. Jammed enemies become more common with each point of curse.
    • In a few room layouts in the Abbey of the True Gun, Forge, and Bullet Hell, certain enemies are guaranteed to be jammed regardless of curse.
    • Enemies that are normally harmless because they do not deal contact damage, such as chickens and popcorn (the small enemies sometimes left after defeating Poopulons), will deal contact damage if jammed.
  • Jammed bosses can appear, which behave like regular bosses but deal a full heart of damage with every attack and have their health modified by the formula health * 1.2 + 100.
  • Players become able to enter the Demon Face without the need to hold 100 coins if they are cursed at least once.
  • Veteran enemies, such as Veteran Bullet Kin, Veteran Shotgun Kin, Blue Bookllet, and Green Bookllet become more common with higher Curse.
  • Lord of the Jammed spawns when the player reaches 10 curse. It cannot be killed, and continually chases the player.
Curse Jammed Chance Chest Chance Drop Chance Cleanse Shrine Text
Enemies Bosses Mimic Fuse Room rewards Ammo
0 0% 0% 2.25% Unchanged Unchanged Unchanged The spectres don't disturb you.
1 1% 0% 4.35% +5% -1% x1.05
2 1% 0% 6.45% +10% -2% x1.10
3 2% 0% 8.55% +15% -3% x1.15 You are touched by darkness.
4 2% 0% 10.65% +20% -4% x1.20
5 5% 0% 12.75% +25% -5% x1.25 You are wreathed in darkness.
6 5% 0% 14.85% +30% -6% x1.30
7 10% 20% 16.95% +35% -7% x1.35 Tarry not. They come for you.
8 10% 20% 19.05% +40% -8% x1.40
9 25% 30% 21.15% +45% -9% x1.45
10 50% 50% 23.25% +50% -10% x1.50 No one can help you.

Past 10 curse, the odds of enemies and bosses being jammed stays at 50%, but other effects continue to increase linearly.

Increasing Curse[edit | edit source]

Curse can be increased by:

Decreasing Curse[edit | edit source]

Curse can be decreased by:

  • Dropping any cursed item/gun.
  • Praying at the following Shrines:
    • Cleanse Shrine (sets curse to 0, only if curse is lower than 10)
    • Dice Shrine granting Cleansed (removes up to 10 curse)

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Stealing from Cursula will only increase curse by 1.
  • Curse carries over to the Past.