Duct Tape

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Duct Tape
Duct Tape.png
Type: Active
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Recharge: Single Use
Unlock Method: Purchase from Ox and Cadence for 10 Hegemony Credit.png.
Ammonomicon Entry
Friend Of Gunsmiths
Combines the currently equipped gun with the next carried gun.

It isn't pretty, but sometimes wondrous things can be accomplished with a roll of tape. Just look at the Bundle of Wands, or the Magitek Hybrid!

Duct Tape is an active item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Combines two guns. Grants the second gun the projectiles that the first gun fires, in addition to its own projectile.
    • The item must be used twice on two different guns, which will tape the first gun (Gun A) to the second gun (Gun B). This consumes Gun A, and makes Gun B fire projectiles from both Gun A and Gun B.
    • The maximum ammo of the two guns is combined.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to v1.0.10, the item could only be used once and taped the currently held gun to the next held gun. The maximum ammo of the first gun became the maximum ammo of the combined gun, and the magazine of the consumed gun was not visible.
  • Neither gun's clip size or rate of fire is affected.
  • If Patriot is taped to another gun, its fire rate will no longer increase as it is fired.
  • If Boxing Glove is taped to another gun, charging it will always fire a 3 star punch.
  • Charged guns will still need to be charged when combined with a non-charged gun.
  • Firing a combined gun uses the amount of ammo it would take to fire both guns; typically, 2 ammo per shot is consumed.
  • Duct Tape has no effect when used during a blessed run, as the player's inventory is considered to only contain a single gun.
  • Duct Tape does not work with any kind of infinite ammo gun including starter guns, Gunther, Blasphemy, Dueling Laser, Elimentaler, and Casey.
  • If used with a gun that alternates between ammo types, such as the M16, only the currently equipped ammo will be used in the newly formed gun.
  • Combined guns do not increase in value; the selling price is based on the base gun in the combination.
  • If the player acquires multiple Duct Tapes, multiple guns can be taped together, causing the resulting gun to fire the projectiles of all combined guns. The same gun cannot be added twice.
  • Weapons with no reload such as Demon Head can remove reload time when used as the base weapon in a combination; however, the player will need to manually reload every time the other gun's magazine is depleted.
  • Guns with single-round magazines do not automatically reload after every shot if they are taped to another gun.
  • When combined with the AC-15 while powered up, the gun will maintain its powered form even when the player loses armor, effectively giving the Nanomachines synergy for free.
  • Weapons that follow the player's cursor, such as the RC Rocket, will be fired directly forwards for a short period before they can be guided by the cursor.
  • Taping the Crown of Guns to another gun will cause each shot to expend 4 ammo rather than 2, due to the Crown of Guns firing three shots at once.
  • Taping a gun to the Hyper Light Blaster will only refund ammo when the Hyper Light Blaster shots hit.
  • Taping a Microtransaction Gun to another gun will no longer take away money per shot, as long as the tape is first used on the Microtransaction gun.
  • Combining guns will prevent the consumed gun (gun A) from synergizing with other guns/items.
  • Duct Taped guns with active synergies will both benefit from synergized stat bonuses.
  • Duct taping synergized infinite ammo guns, like the AKEY-47 with the synergy Synergy.png Akey Breaky or Betrayer's Shield with the synergy Synergy.png Betrayer's Lies, will give the resulting gun infinite ammo.
    • However, this only works if the synergizing gun is taped to the other gun while not holding the synergizing item (Shelleton Key or Lies in this case), then the synergizing item is picked up after.
  • If Triple Crossbow is taped to another gun, every shot fired by it will always fire three arrows.
  • Synergies that change a gun's projectiles will also apply to anything that is duct taped to it, making the taped gun shoot the same projectiles.
  • If another gun is taped to the Vorpal Gun, every bullet shot has a chance to fire a critical shot.
  • Feeding a Duct Taped gun to the Muncher consumes both guns but only counts as a single gun.
  • Using Duct Tape on either gun in a dual wield synergy, such as Smiley's Revolver and Shades's Revolver, will remove all the effects of that synergy.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Taping Polaris to another gun will make the gun fire all three of Polaris's levels at once.
  • Taping Rad Gun to another gun will also make the gun fire all of Rad Gun's levels at once.
  • Taping Demon Head to another gun will cause fake beams that deal no damage to spawn as you shoot. These beams do not disappear.
  • Using the Save Button and closing the game can sometimes remove Gun A, wiping the combination.
  • Getting a synergy that changes Gun B's form and then using a teleporter can sometimes remove the Ammo increase given by Gun A.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Duct Tape may be a reference to the movie Aliens, In which Ripley tapes together an AR and flamethrower near the end of the movie while prepping for a rescue. This is further supported by the icon being black (same color as in the film), as opposed to the silver normally associated with Duct Tape.

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