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Eevee is an unused Gungeoneer in the game Enter the Gungeon. Eevee begins with no guns or items.

Eevee has the an unused modifier applied to her that makes her switch character sprites every time she rolls without sliding, flips tables, rolls barrels, and arrives at a new floor.

She can only become the 6 main Gungeoneers or their alternate costumes.

Story[edit | edit source]

Eevee currently does not have a story - she is unfinished and therefore has no unique past.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Eevee is very hard to play as. She starts with nothing, so the game uses a function that remains from the pre-alpha - it calls in a supply drop in the first room with enemies that contains a random starter gun. Guns that can drop as starter guns are: The Pilot’s Rogue Special, The Convict’s Budget Revolver, The Ninja’s 38 Special, and The Cosmonaut’s Makarov.

Note that the above list is from personal experience, so if other guns drop, add them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • First appeared in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update.
  • Trying to take the elevator to Boss Rush with Eevee softlocks the game.
  • She is referred to as STRING_NOT_FOUND by NPCs.
  • Eevee’s facecard, bosscard, and map icon are the Hunter’s.
  • Eevee’s unused randomizing character modifier costs 5 Hegemony Credits.
  • If Eevee looks to the right, a pink square the size of the actual current sprite size of her current character appears. This was possibly used for testing.
  • She and Lamey are the only Gungeoneers that are referred to by name instead of a title.
  • Eevee probably is a prototype for The Paradox.
  • Eevee may be a reference to the Pokémon Eevee, which can evolve into many different forms, hence her changing when said conditions are met.

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