Explosive Rounds

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Explosive Rounds

Explosive Rounds.png

Type: Passive
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Mega Blast
Adds small explosive charges to some shots fired.

Originally developed by the Gundead Miners found deep in the Black Powder Mines, these small explosive charges work wonders when clearing a room.

A favorite of the Gunsling King, who enjoys the sound they make.

Explosive Rounds is a passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Adds an 8.5% chance to fire bullets that explode upon hitting an enemy or object.
    • The explosions deal 25 damage.
    • This effect can only be triggered a maximum of once per second, making it seem like slower fire rate weapons have a higher chance.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Air Support - If the player has Air Strike, it will cover a massive area when used.
  • Synergy.png Cerebral Bros - Upgrades the Bullet Bore to fire 2 drills.
  • Synergy.png Reactive - Makes Lower Case r spell out ROCKET, BOOM, KABOOM, and POW when fired, and its shots explode.
  • Synergy.png Shot Across The Bow - If the player has Gunbow, it fires explosive missiles.
  • The explosions do not harm the player.
  • Explosions can show secret room cracks when using starter guns.
  • If combined with Angry Bullets, explosive projectiles won't explode when hitting enemies and will just bounce off of them.
  • Explosions can destroy otherwise permanent fixtures to the wall, such as shelving in the mines.
  • If the Alien Engine explodes using this round, it leaves a small area of fire.
  • If combined with Irradiated Lead, explosive projectiles may occasionally leave a small pool of poison goop on the floor.
  • If combined with Hot Lead, explosive projectiles may occasionally leave a small pool of fire goop on the floor.

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