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Key Shopkeeper.png

Flynt is an NPC that can be rescued from a cell in the Oubliette or the Gungeon Proper. After being rescued, he will set up shops in the Gungeon, where he will sell key and chest-themed items and guns.

Unlike other shopkeepers, the guns and items he sells cost keys instead of coins.

Items sold in the Gungeon[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
AKEY-47.png AKEY-47 Unlocked And Loaded! Automatic Shooting a locked chest or door unlocks it. 3 Key.png
Vorpal Gun.png Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a chance to fire a high-damage critical shot. 1 Key.png
Icon Name Type Quote Effect Cost
Baby Good Mimic.png Baby Good Mimic Passive  Imitation Love Attacks enemies. Duplicates familiars 1 Key.png
Ballot.png Ballot Passive Vote Of Confidence! Increases the player's coolness, which decreases the cooldown of active items and increases luck. 1 Key.png
Book of Chest Anatomy.png Book of Chest Anatomy Passive Controlled Demolition Improves the contents of broken chests. 1 Key.png
Bracket Key.png Bracket Key Active `debugkill Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room. Increases Curse. 3 Key.png
Brick of Cash.png Brick of Cash Passive Secrets Of The Masons Reveals secret rooms. 1 Key.png
Chest Teleporter.png Chest Teleporter Active Zap Teleports a chest to the starting room or boss entrance room of the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality. 2 Key.png
Daruma.png Daruma Active Good Fortune Daruma can only be used after dodging a bullet, and activates a blank. 1 Key.png
Heart Locket.png Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container. 1 Key.png
Lament Configurum.png Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser Upon use, spawns several enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item. Increases curse by 1. 1 Key.png
Mimic Tooth Necklace.png Mimic Tooth Necklace Passive Chomp Every chest is guaranteed to be a Mimic. 2 Key.png
Ring of Chest Friendship.png Ring of Chest Friendship Passive Chest Friends Forever Increases the chance of finding chests. 1 Key.png
Ring of Chest Vampirism.png Ring of Chest Vampirism Passive Blood From Wood Breaking chests heals the player. 1 Key.png
Ring of Mimic Friendship.png Ring of Mimic Friendship Passive Unlikely Allies Chests will not turn into Mimics. 1 Key.png
Shelleton Key.png Shelleton Key Passive Locks Are Dead To You Allows any chest or lock to be opened without using a key. Increases curse while held. 3 Key.png
Trusty Lockpicks.png Trusty Lockpicks Active Who Needs Keys? Has a 50% chance to unlock a lock or locked chest. If it fails, the lock will no longer function. 1 Key.png

Quotes[edit | edit source]

After being rescued:

  • "My rescuer! I know you had no choice but to vanquish my fellow lock to free me. An unfortunate sacrifice, but a necessary one... Come by my shop whenever you see me! There are many things in my stores that you might find helpful."

After leaving the cell:

  • "Come see me later! I'll open you to a world of reasonably priced goods."

Entering his shop:

  • "This is the Key Shop, where I trade my wares for Key.png! You could say that I sell Key Items! Kikikiki!"
  • "Welcome!"

Purchasing an item:

  • "That's a Key-per!"
  • "A turnkey solution!"

Attempting to purchase an item without enough keys:

  • "Gotta keep that one locked up, I'm afraid."

Talking to him:

  • "The locks in this place are all sentient."
  • "When you unlock a door in the Gungeon, they... go to a better place. I hope. Who can say?"
  • "I was one of them, once. Until one night, the walls began to shift... and I was never connected to a door."
  • "Now, I trade for keys to get them out of the hands of Gungeoneers."
  • "But what do I know?"

Shooting him:

  • "A tumbler eh?"
  • "I'm pinned!"

Stealing from him:

  • "Thief!"

Attempting to buy an item after stealing from him:

  • "No sale, thief!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name is possibly a reference to a flintlock, an antiquated firing mechanism for black powder guns.
  • The dialogue option “Until one night, the walls began to shift...and I was never connected to a wall.” likely refers to how the floors are number-generated and how rooms disconnect from each other.