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The Gungeoneers are the characters who explore The Gungeon. Choose between one of several unlikely heroes, each burdened by a deep regret and in search of a way to change their past, no matter the cost. Filled with equal parts courage and desperation, these adventurers won’t hesitate to dive across flaming walls, roll through a wall of bullets, or take cover behind whatever is around to make it to their goal alive!

Each Gungeoneer, excluding the Paradox and the Gunslinger, has an alternate costume, unlocked by killing their past. Alternate costumes are located next to the starting character. Killing their past with the alternate costume equipped unlocks an alternate starting weapon skin. Starting weapon skins can be activated by interacting with a shrine located near The Bullet in the Breach.

List of Gungeoneers[edit | edit source]

Gungeoneer Starting Weapons Starting Items
The Convict Icon.png
The Convict
Budget Revolver.png Budget Revolver

Sawed-Off.png Sawed-Off

Molotov.png Molotov

Enraging Photo.png Enraging Photo

The Hunter Icon.png
The Hunter

Rusty Sidearm.png Rusty Sidearm

Crossbow.png Crossbow

Dog.png Dog

The Marine Icon.png
The Marine

Marine Sidearm.png Marine Sidearm

Supply Drop.png Supply Drop

Military Training.png Military Training

Armor.png 1 Armor

The Pilot Icon.png
The Pilot

Rogue Special.png Rogue Special

Trusty Lockpicks.png Trusty Lockpicks

Disarming Personality.png Disarming Personality

Hidden Compartment.png Hidden Compartment

The Cultist Icon.png
The Cultist
(co-op only)

Dart Gun.png Dart Gun

Friendship Cookie.png Friendship Cookie

Number 2.png Number 2

Unlockable Gungeoneers[edit | edit source]

Gungeoneer Starting Weapons Starting Items
The Bullet Icon.png
The Bullet

Blasphemy.png Blasphemy

Live Ammo.pngLive Ammo

The Robot Icon.png
The Robot

Robot's Right Hand.png Robot's Right Hand

Battery Bullets.png Battery Bullets

Coolant Leak.png Coolant Leak

The Paradox Icon (Semi-Final Version).png
The Paradox
Question Mark.png Random starter weapon

Question Mark.png Random non-starter weapon

Question Mark.png Random passive item
The Gunslinger Icon.png
The Gunslinger
Slinger.png Slinger Lich's Eye Bullets.png Lich's Eye Bullets