Guon Stones

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Guon Stones are orbital items that orbit the player and block enemy shots, while also having various additional effects:

Icon Item Quote Quality Effect
Blue Guon Stone.png Blue Guon Stone On My Side B Quality Item.png Slows enemy bullets when the player takes damage and orbits faster than the others.
Clear Guon Stone.png Clear Guon Stone Pure D Quality Item.png Grants poison immunity.
Green Guon Stone.png Green Guon Stone Chance To Heal A Quality Item.png Has a chance to heal the player when they take damage.
Orange Guon Stone.png Orange Guon Stone Hot Rock A Quality Item.png Shoots at enemies.
Pink Guon Stone.png Pink Guon Stone Increased Health B Quality Item.png Grants a heart container.
Red Guon Stone.png Red Guon Stone Dodge Up B Quality Item.png Increases the speed of the player's dodge roll.
White Guon Stone.png White Guon Stone Kindles Blanks B Quality Item.png Grants an extra blank per floor.
Glass Guon Stone.png Glass Guon Stone Fleeting Defense N/A Breaks upon taking damage but can be stacked multiple times and can be found very easily
(e.g. secret rooms, reward for clearing rooms, bought for low prices in shops).

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Guon Stones are based upon the Ioun Stones from Dungeons and Dragons. This is further supported by their varying colors and shapes.
  • Guon Stones synergizing with +1 Bullets and Amulet of the Pit Lord might allude to all three items being based in table-top role-playing games.

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