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Item combos are combinations of multiple items or guns which work well together, despite not being in-game synergies.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Items Description
Super Hot Watch.png
Super Hot Watch
Rad Gun.png
Rad Gun
Allows you to get the active reload easily, making it possible to reach the highest damage level.
Remote Bullets.png
Remote Bullets
Increases damage by 75% and triples knockback without reducing accuracy.
Remote Bullets.png
Remote Bullets
Crown of Guns.png
Crown of Guns
Face Melter.png
Face Melter
Really Special Lute.png
Really Special Lute
Directional Pad.png
Directional Pad
Creates a wide beam of bullets towards the cursor, very powerful on large enemies.
Eye of the Beholster.png
Eye of the Beholster
Easy Reload Bullets.png
Easy Reload Bullets
Backup Gun.png
Backup Gun
Double Vision.png
Double Vision
With just Easy Reload Bullets, allows you to create many Beadie companions quickly. With any of the extra items, allows you to create more Beadies at once, up to 12 at a time.
Magic Lamp.png
Magic Lamp
Magic Sweet.png
Magic Sweet
Synergy.png Sweetness and Light allows every shot to spawn a genie, and with Scattershot, every shot can spawn 3 genies.
Holey Grail.png
Holey Grail
Enraging Photo.png
Enraging Photo
With Holey Grail, taking damage refills GuNNER for the amount of ammo it loses, allowing you to heal the damage back infinitely and also refill ammo on all your guns. Can be combined with Enraging Photo for more damage, Cigarettes for infinite coolness, and/or Antibody for healing more health than damage dealt.
With a Gun Fairy in the Bottle, makes it possible to heal endlessly, so long as you never get fully healed. With Cigarettes, you can constantly take damage while getting infinite coolness.
Table Tech Money.png
Table Tech Money

Most other Table Tech items

With Table Tech Blanks, flipping a table causes blanks all across the room, which can also activate Ammolet blank effects or Synergy.png Hidden Tech Bees. With Table Tech Heat, multiple pools of fire will be generated throughout the room (especially effective with Synergy.png Hidden Tech Flare). With Table Tech Rocket and/or Table Tech Shotgun, massive firepower is generated (especially with Synergy.png Hidden Tech Big Shotgun for the latter). With Table Tech Stun, all enemies near tables will be stunned.
Crisis Stone.png
Crisis Stone
Molotov Launcher.png
Molotov Launcher
Lets you stay invincible during the reload while enemies take fire damage.
Bullet (Gun).png
Blank Bullets.png
Blank Bullets
Creates many blanks from the mini bullets. The Bullet creates more spread out blanks, while Shell has a greater chance to blank near you.
Both items grant a damage bonus for taking no damage. Using both is risky, but can result in massive damage boosts. Works well with Balloon Gun or Polaris which both also require taking no damage, and infinite ammo weapons to ensure the Metronome boost doesn't go away.
Makeshift Cannon.png
Makeshift Cannon
Magazine Rack.png
Magazine Rack
Allows you to acquire more ammo for Makeshift Cannon after firing its one shot. Magazine Rack is better for this strategy.
Sling and Snowballets allow for the Snowballets damage boost to take a greater effect when the Sling is ricocheted.
Green Guon Stone.png
Green Guon Stone
Taking damage can potentially heal more than the damage you took, allowing you to heal half a heart from taking a hit. The chance of this happening is 10% on every hit, 25% if the hit would have killed you.
Armor of Thorns.png
Armor of Thorns
Blast Helmet.png
Blast Helmet
Live Ammo.png
Live Ammo
Increases dodge roll damage significantly. Live Ammo and Armor of Thorns is 105 damage, Armor of Thorns and Blast Helmet is 63, Live Ammo and Blast Helmet is 45, and all three is 315 damage. Having all three causes rolls to do more damage than with Ruby Bracelet.
The Scrambler.png
The Scrambler
A 65% damage increase from the mini bullets. While this combo works well with any homing bullets, The Scrambler's especially good homing ability make it a good partner to Scattershot.
Flare Gun.png
Flare Gun
Irradiated Lead.png
Irradiated Lead
Alpha Bullet.png
Alpha Bullets
Omega Bullets.png
Omega Bullets
Causes every shot from Flare Gun to inflict burn and poison at the same time. Works with either Alpha or Omega bullets, it doesn't require both.
Zombie Bullets.png
Zombie Bullets
Roll Bomb.png
Roll Bomb
Super Space Turtle.png
Super Space Turtle
Missed Roll Bombs and shots from Super Space Turtle can trigger Zombie Bullets and refill ammo for the player's currently held gun.
Super Hot Watch.png
Super Hot Watch
Bloodied Scarf.png
Bloodied Scarf
Grants you infinite time to decide where to teleport, making the Bloodied Scarf easier to use. The Scarf won't start letting you aim the teleport immediately if time is slowed, so you have to move first while holding the roll button until the teleport icon appears before slowing down time and aiming your teleport.
Super Hot Watch.png
Super Hot Watch
Sniper Rifle.png
Sniper Rifle
The Synergy.png 360 Yes Scope synergy can be exploited with the Super Hot Watch to create a very-high damage shot. The damage boost from spinning in a circle can be stacked many times while time is slowed.
Both guns receive extra ammo when reloading over poison, so having both allows you to obtain infinite ammo for Gungine.
Book of Chest Anatomy.png
Book of Chest Anatomy
The Exotic.png
The Exotic
Checking the contents of a chest with The Exotic leaves a great chance for that item to drop from the chest if the chest is broken. Works with any effect that displays a chest's contents, those being Synergy.png Unbelievably Charming, Synergy.png Brave New World, and Synergy.png Detective Mode.
High Kaliber.png
High Kaliber
The souls from High Kaliber don't receive a damage reduction from Scattershot, so Scattershot essentially triples the damage of the gun.
Crisis Stone.png
Crisis Stone
Using Cigarettes during the Crisis Stone reload invincibility allows you to gain infinite coolness. Does not work with Blasphemy.
Vorpal Gun.png
Vorpal Gun
The item combos on this page that allow infinite coolness to be acquired with Cigarettes are very beneficial with the Vorpal Gun, as the probability of it firing critical shots increases with coolness; at 100 coolness, it will fire only critical shots.
Lich's Eye Bullets.png
Lich's Eye Bullets
Glass Cannon.png
Glass Cannon
Lich's Eye Bullets grants the Synergy.png Max Pane synergy with Glass Cannon, which makes the gun indestructible. Unlike the normal synergy, which goes away when a Glass Guon Stone is destroyed, the Lich's Eye Bullets synergy can never go away.
Cog of Battle.png
Cog of Battle
Similar to a synergy, this combination creates a new effect. Cog of Battle's active reload gives a 10x damage boost to Klobbe and reduces all spread. This buff only works for however many bullets were fired from the magazine before reloading. An empty mag will buff the entirety of the next one, whereas shooting one bullet and reloading only buffs the first bullet.
Backup Gun.png
Backup Gun
Stone Dome.png
Stone Dome
Yari Launcher.png
Yari Launcher
The Scrambler.png
The Scrambler
Face Melter.png
Face Melter
Directional Pad.png
Directional Pad
Crown of Guns.png
Crown of Guns
These guns can utilize Backup Gun's backwards bullets to great effect. The middle row of guns all have good homing capabilities, allowing you to shoot perpendicular to an enemy and have both bullets home in on them. The bottom row all shoot bullets in all directions, so Backup Gun will fire extra bullets in all directions, doubling the gun's output without having to aim in a special way.
Ring of Triggers.png
Ring of Triggers
Sense of Direction.png
Sense of Direction
Ring of Triggers fires bullets in 8 directions upon using an active item. Items with no cooldown, Jetpack and Sense of Direction, can take advantage of this.
Finished Gun.png
Finished Gun
Orbital Bullets.png
Orbital Bullets
The last bullet from Finished Gun pierces and reflects other bullets. With Orbital Bullets, it is possible to have this reflecting shot orbit the player, granting a power defensive option similar to a guon stone.
Hyper Light Blaster.png
Hyper Light Blaster
Hyper Light Blaster's limited ammo can be solved with Turkey. Even when you miss a shot, getting 3 more shots will restore 1 ammo and make this gun much easier to use. Enemies still have a hitbox after dying, so rapidly shooting the corpse of an enemy during this period can refill ammo easily, too.
Makeshift Cannon.png
Makeshift Cannon
Ancient Hero's Bandana.png
Ancient Hero's Bandana
Ancient Hero's Bandana increases the max ammo of Makeshift Cannon by 3, which is good in and of itself, but this also means that now, ammo spreads can refill 1 shot to Makeshift Cannon when the cannon isn't getting the main 50% refill.
Makeshift Cannon.png
Makeshift Cannon
Turkey can be used to refill ammo even if the last 2 successful shots weren't on the current gun. Basically, firing 2 shots with your starter pistol and then landing the shot with Makeshift Cannon will easily earn back the cannon's one shot.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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