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Items can be found by opening chests, defeating bosses, purchasing them from shops, or receiving them from NPCs. These items can be passive upgrades, active abilities, or single-use consumables.

Most active items recharge as damage is dealt, while others recharge on a timer.

Single use items will stack if multiple are found.

There are currently 271 items in the game total, including 210 base game items, 26 items that were added in the Supply Drop Indicator.png update, 21 items that were added in the AGD Indicator.png update, and 14 items that were added in AFTA Indicator.png update.

For weapons, see Guns.

List of items

The following is a list of items in Enter the Gungeon.

Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
  Master Round Passive First Chamber   Grants a heart container.
  Master Round Passive Second Chamber   Grants a heart container.
  Master Round Passive Third Chamber   Grants a heart container.
  Master Round Passive Fourth Chamber   Grants a heart container.
  Master Round Passive Fifth Chamber   Grants a heart container.
  Prime Primer Passive Old Magic   Ingredient for the Bullet That Can Kill The Past.
  Arcane Gunpowder Active From The Deep   Ingredient for the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, cannot be used.
  Planar Lead Passive Astral Slug   Ingredient for the Bullet That Can Kill The Past.
  Obsidian Shell Casing Passive Indestructible   Ingredient for the Bullet That Can Kill The Past.
  Meatbun Active On A Roll   Single use. Heals the player for one heart. Grants double damage until the player takes damage.
  Medkit Active Heals   Single use. Heals the player for 4 hearts.
  Ration Active Calories, Mate   Single use. Heals the player for two hearts. Automatically used if the player runs out of health.
  Orange Active You're Not Alexander   Single use. Fully heals the player, grants a heart container, and increases coolness by 2.
  Friendship Cookie Active It's Delicious   Single use. Resurrects your co-op partner with full health.
  Bottle Active Heart Container   Holds hearts or ammo for use later.
  Bomb Active Use For Boom   Throws a bomb that explodes after a short delay.
  Ice Bomb Active Cool It!   Throws a bomb that freezes enemies.
  Chaff Grenade Active Dazed And Confused   Stuns enemies. Can be used to steal items from shops.
  Proximity Mine Active Use To Place   Places a mine that explodes when an enemy comes near it.
  Cluster Mine Active Area Hazard   Places 5 small mines that explode when an enemy comes into contact with them.
  C4 Active Stick Boom   Places explosives on the ground which then can be detonated by using the item again.
  Weird Egg Active Miracle of Gun   Using the egg while missing health fully heals the player. Dropping the egg and shooting it spawns a gun, item, or yolk creature. Dropping the egg into fire spawns a serpent.
  Molotov Active Feel The Burn   Throws a Molotov that sets an area on fire.
  Air Strike Active Superior!   Calls down a bombardment on a large rectangular area.
  Napalm Strike Active Smells Great!   Sets a large rectangular area on fire.
  Big Boy Active Set The World On Fire   Calls down a missile at the crosshair, causing a large explosion that leaves behind a large pool of poison creep. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Roll Bomb Passive Power Charge   Dodge rolling leaves behind a bomb.
  iBomb Companion App Active One For That   Detonates all explosives and explosive enemies in the room.
  Supply Drop Active I Need Mags!   Single use. Spawns ammo box.
  Ammo Synthesizer Passive Ammo Chance On Kills   Adds a chance to regain ammo upon killing an enemy.
  Armor Synthesizer Passive Play Well, Get Armor   Adds a chance to get armor upon completing a room.
  Heart Synthesizer Passive Play Well, Get Hearts   Adds a chance to get hearts upon completing a room.
  Master of Unlocking Passive Play Well, Get Keys   Adds a chance to get keys upon completing rooms.
  Utility Belt Passive All Capacity Up!   Grants an extra active item slot and increases maximum ammo by 20%.
  Macho Brace Passive Value For Effort   Shots are more powerful when coming out of a dodge roll.
  Hidden Compartment Passive Extra Space   Grants an extra active item slot and increased maximum ammo by 10%.
  Backpack Passive Item Capacity Up!   Allows the player to hold an extra active item.
  Loot Bag Passive Doesn't Float   Enemies drop more money, but the player drops money upon taking damage. Selling other items to the Sell Creep grants twice as much money.
  Drill Active Sawgeant   If used on a locked chest, forces the player to fight two waves of enemies and unlocks the chest if they survive. If used on a locked door, opens it for free.
  Clown Mask Passive Anonymity Aid   Summons a random familiar with a clown mask who either stuns enemies, protects the player with mini blanks, or attacks enemies with a shotgun. An additional familiar is spawned for each additional Payday item the player has.
  Scope Passive Steady Aim   Decreases bullet spread by 60%.
  Scouter Passive Quality Assured   Shows enemy health and damage done. Increases damage and accuracy. Increases curse by 1.
  Laser Sight Passive King Of The Dot   Decreases bullet spread by 50% and adds a red laser sight to the player's weapons.
  Ammo Belt Passive Ammo Capacity Up!   Increases maximum ammo by 20%.
  Bullet Time Active Dodge This   Slows down time while active.
  Aged Bell Active Lacuna   Briefly stops enemies and enemy bullets. Can be used to steal from shops.
  Singularity Active Sucks   Spawns a black hole that attracts enemies and bullets.
  Decoy Active Get Him!   Places a decoy that enemies will target. The decoy will be destroyed after taking enough damage. Can be used to steal from shops.
  Shadow Clone Active No Jutsu   Creates a copy of the player that mimics their movements in reverse and fires alongside them.
  Explosive Decoy Active KABOOM!   Places a decoy that enemies will target. The decoy will explode after taking enough damage. Can be used to steal from shops.
  Melted Rock Active Corpses Explode   Causes enemy corpses to explode on use.
  Trusty Lockpicks Active Who Needs Keys?   Has a 50% chance to unlock a lock or locked chest. If it fails, the lock will no longer function.
  Smoke Bomb Active Vanish!   Temporarily become invisible to enemies. Can be used to steal from the Shop.
  Box Active Just A Box   If the player enters a room while under the box, enemies will not target the player. Firing a weapon will remove the box. Has no effect if used while enemies are already targeting the player. Can be used to steal items from shops.
  Fortune's Favor Active Use For Luck   While active, bullets will curve around the player.
  Jar of Bees Active The Pain!   Spawns bees that home in on and damage enemies.
  Potion of Lead Skin Active I'm Invincible!   While active, the player reflects enemy bullets.
  Double Vision Active One For Each Of You   While active, doubles the player's bullets.
  Chest Teleporter Active Zap   Teleports a chest to the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality.
  Relodestone Active Magunetic North   Halves reload times. While active, the player absorbs enemy bullets and regains ammo.
  Poison Vial Active For External Use Only   Creates a pool of poison creep.
  Potion of Gun Friendship Active Temporary +1 To Gun   While active, increases damage, fire rate, knockback, and reload speed.
  Portable Turret Active Some Assembly Required   Places a stationary turret that shoots at enemies. The turret will be destroyed if it takes enough damage.
  Knife Shield Active Use Again To Launch!   Creates a ring of knives around the player that damage enemies and block enemy bullets. Knives vanish after taking enough damage. If used again while the shield is active, the knives are launched forward. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Grappling Hook Active Rapid Transit   Allows players to hook onto and then pull themselves towards walls at a fast speed. Hitting enemies with the hook will deal minor damage and stun them for a short duration. Allows players to steal items from the shop. The hook has an unlimited range.
  Stuffed Star Active Protective Plush   While active, the player is invincible.
  Boomerang Active Usually Comes Back   Throws a boomerang that travels around the room and stuns enemies.
  Shield of the Maiden Active Block And Load   Pulls up a shield to protect players from bullets. Players are immobile while using the shield.
  Crisis Stone Passive Reload. Reload. Reload.   The player is invulnerable while reloading an empty magazine.
  Portable Table Device Active Know When To Fold 'Em   Spawns a small table that can be flipped.
  Daruma Active Good Fortune   Can be used immediately after dodging a bullet to activate a blank effect.
  Partially-Eaten Cheese Active Aged Almost 40 Years   While active, the player is invincible and instantly kills enemies they come in contact with.
  +1 Bullets Passive +1 To Bullet   Increases damage by 25%.
  Rocket-Powered Bullets Passive Faster Bullets   Increases the player's bullet speed by 50%, increases damage by 10%, and increases rate of fire by 10%.
  Shock Rounds Passive Electrified!   Creates a beam of electricity between fired bullets.
  Devolver Rounds Passive Two Steps Back   Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies.
  Vorpal Bullets Passive Through and Through   Whenever the player fires, occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet.
  Katana Bullets Passive Folded Lead   Upon killing an enemy, bullets have a chance to unleash a flurry of slashes along the path of the original bullet, damaging enemies. Increases curse by 1.
  Hungry Bullets Passive Hungry Hungry   Adds a chance for the player's bullets to block enemy projectiles, growing in damage and size as they do so.
  Heavy Bullets Passive Thunk!   Increases damage by 25% and doubles knockback but halves bullet speed.
  Bouncy Bullets Passive Boiyoiyoing!   Grants bullets the ability to bounce off objects.
  Explosive Rounds Passive Mega Blast   Adds a chance to fire bullets that explode upon hitting an enemy or object.
  Ghost Bullets Passive Shoot Through   Bullets pass through enemies and obstacles.
  Alpha Bullet Passive First!   The first shot of a weapon's magazine will deal 80% more damage.
  Omega Bullets Passive Last!   The final shot of each magazine deals double damage.
  Scattershot Passive Quantity Over Quality   Guns fire a spread of tripled bullets which deal less damage.
  Irradiated Lead Passive Poison Shot   Adds a chance to fire bullets that poison enemies.
  Hot Lead Passive Chance To Ignite   Adds a chance to fire bullets that ignite enemies.
  Battery Bullets Passive Zap!   Causes water that bullets pass over to become electrified, damaging enemies. Decreases shot spread by 50%.
  Frost Bullets Passive Icy Fire   Adds a chance to fire bullets that freeze enemies.
  Charming Rounds Passive Made With Love   Adds a chance to fire bullets that charm enemies.
  Magic Bullets Passive Sufficiently Advanced   Grants all of the player's bullets a small chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens.
  Fat Bullets Passive Fatter = Stronger   Doubles bullet size and knockback, increases damage by 30%, and decreases maximum ammo by 10%.
  Angry Bullets Passive Hungry For More   Hitting an enemy refires the projectile at a nearby enemy.
  Blank Bullets Passive The Best Defense...   Projectile impacts can trigger a short range blank. Increases curse by 1.5.
  Orbital Bullets Passive Deadly Revolution   Missed shots orbit the player.
  Homing Bullets Passive Fire And Forget   Bullets have a chance to home in on enemies.
  Shadow Bullets Passive Double Tap   Firing a weapon has a chance to fire an additional projectile.
  Easy Reload Bullets Passive Rolling Reload   Dodge rolling reloads one bullet.
  Stout Bullets Passive Up Close and Personal   Increases damage at close range, but decreases damage at further ranges, and decreases bullet speed by 30%.
  Snowballets Passive Powder Power   Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel.
  Remote Bullets Passive The Unseen Hand   Fired bullets curve towards the player's crosshair. Increases damage by 10%.
  Zombie Bullets Passive Unfinished Business   Adds a chance to refund ammo when a shot misses.
  Flak Bullets Passive Catch Some!   Whenever a bullet hits an enemy or wall, it splits into several smaller, lower-damage bullets.
  Silver Bullets Passive Blessed Metal   Increases damage to jammed enemies by 225% and Increases damage to bosses by 25%.
  Gilded Bullets Passive The Gun Percent   Increases damage based on the amount of money the player has.
  Platinum Bullets Passive Over One Million Served   Increases damage and fire rate with every bullet that hits an enemy.
  Chaos Bullets Passive Taste The Painbow   Adds random bullet effects to the player's bullets.
  Cursed Bullets Passive Too Spooky   Increases damage depending on how much curse the player has. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Chance Bullets Passive Good RNG   Upon firing, adds a chance to fire projectiles from the player's other guns.
  Helix Bullets Passive Praise Be   Doubles fired bullets and makes them move in a helix pattern, but slightly decreases damage.
  Bumbullets Passive Bumblecore   Upon firing, adds a chance to fire a bee, which homes in on and damages enemies.
  Bloody 9mm Passive Be Realistic   Adds a chance to fire a fast, homing bullet that flies around the room damaging enemies.
  Bionic Leg Passive More Machine Than Man   Increases movement speed and grants a piece of armor.
  Shotgun Coffee Passive Speed Up   Increases movement speed.
  Shotga Cola Passive Speed Up   Increases movement speed.
  Ballistic Boots Passive Speedier Than A Bullet   Increases movement speed.
  Magic Sweet Passive Free Stats   Grants a heart container, increases damage by 15%, increases movement speed, and increases coolness by 1.
  Disarming Personality Passive For You?   Decreases shop prices by 15%.
  Mustache Passive A Familiar Face   Has a 50% chance to heal the player upon purchasing an item.
  Lichy Trigger Finger Passive Rate of Fire Up   Increases rate of fire by 25%.
  Lich's Eye Bullets Passive Iron Sights   Makes all guns act as if they have all their synergies.
  Enraging Photo Passive Don't Believe His Lies   Taking damage makes the player briefly deal double damage and instantly reloads their weapon.
  Ballot Passive Vote Of Confidence!   Increases the player's coolness by 3, which decreases the cooldown of active items and increases luck.
  Live Ammo Passive I'm A Bullet Too!   Provides immunity to contact damage, and dodge rolls deal increased damage to enemies.
  Eyepatch Passive Hit Harder Less Often   Increases damage by 35% but decreases accuracy.
  Military Training Passive Hold Facing Enemy   Increases weapon accuracy and reload speed.
  Ring of the Resourceful Rat Passive Fufufufufufu   Once per floor, if the Resourceful Rat takes an item or gun, he will give another item or gun of equal quality in return. Unused trades carry over to subsequent floors.
  Cartographer's Ring Passive Some Floors Are Familiar   New floors have a chance to be mapped out.
  Amulet of the Pit Lord Passive No Fall Damage   Falling into pits no longer deals damage.
  Ring of Fire Resistance Passive No Burns   Grants immunity to fire.
  Ring of Miserly Protection Passive Aids The Fiscally Responsible   Grants two heart containers. Disappears upon spending money.
  Unity Passive Our Powers Combined   Increases damage based on the other guns the player has.
  Ring of Chest Vampirism Passive Blood From Wood   Breaking chests heals the player.
  Cloranthy Ring Passive Dodge Power Up   Greatly shortens the time at the end of a dodge roll where the player is vulnerable.
  Ring of Chest Friendship Passive Chest Friends Forever   Increases the chance of finding chests.
  Ring of Mimic Friendship Passive Unlikely Allies   Chests will not turn into Mimics.
  Ring of Triggers Passive Items == Guns   Using an active item fires the currently held weapon in all directions.
  Ring of Ethereal Form Active Get Ethereal!   While active, the player is invincible and has flight. Allows user to steal items from shops.
  Gundromeda Strain Passive All Enemies Weaker!   Decreases health of all enemies encountered by 25%.
  Broccoli Passive Makes You Strong   Increases damage by 10%, adds a 10% chance to negate damage, and increases movement speed.
  Crutch Passive You Need It   Causes bullets to slightly curve towards enemies.
  Spice Active A tantalizing cube of power.   Single use. Increases certain stats upon use, depending on how many times it has been used. Each time a spice cube is used, more spice cubes will spawn in place of items or pickups.
  Liquid Valkyrie Passive Maximum Pain   Decreases enemy bullet speed by 20%.
  Bloody Eye Passive Slower Enemy Bullets   Decreases enemy bullet speed by 15%.
  Gunknight Helmet Passive Armor Every Floor   Grants two pieces of armor upon pickup and one piece of armor every floor.
  Gunknight Greaves Passive Armor Every Floor   Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
  Gunknight Gauntlet Passive Armor Every Floor   Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
  Gunknight Armor Passive Armor Every Floor   Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
  Old Knight's Shield Passive Heavy With Experience   Grants two pieces of armor.
  Old Knight's Helm Passive Protects Knowledge   Grants two pieces of armor.
  Old Knight's Flask Active Heals Per Floor   Heals the player for one heart upon use. Gains 2 charges each floor.
  Old Crest Passive Armor Up   Grants a piece of armor. Consumed upon taking any damage.
  Armor of Thorns Passive Your Body Is A Weapon   Provides immunity to contact damage, and increases damage dealt by dodge rolling into enemies. Grants armor upon pickup.
  Full Metal Jacket Passive Automated Defenses   Automatically activates one of the player's blanks when they are about to take damage.
  Ticket Active Do You Have Yours?   Summons Gatling Gull as a temporary ally.
  Heavy Boots Passive Low Center Of Mass   Prevents the player from being affected by enemy knockback, gun recoil, and conveyor belts.
  Bug Boots Passive Yikes!   Dodge rolling leaves a trail of poison creep. Makes the player immune to poison.
  Gunboots Passive They Go Down Well   Dodge rolling fires a spread of five bullets backwards. Slightly increases movement speed.
  Springheel Boots Passive Double Jump   Allows the player to roll again mid-roll.
  Rat Boots Passive Hover Craft   Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the player steps over a pit.
  Coin Crown Passive Play Well, Get Money   Increases the chance to find   shells upon completing rooms.
  Oiled Cylinder Passive Reload Faster   Halves reload time.
  Ice Cube Passive Items Recharge While Active   Reduces the cooldown timer of active items. Increases coolness by 3.
  Rolling Eye Passive Back At You   Rolling through bullets reflects them at enemies.
  Cigarettes Active Hazardous To Health   Damages the player for half a heart and increases their coolness by 1 per use. Coolness decreases the cooldown of active items and increases luck.
  Magazine Rack Active Instant Mail Order   Place to create a zone of infinite ammo.
  Charm Horn Active The Call Of Duty   Charms enemies around the player upon use. Can be used to steal from shops.
  Cog of Battle Passive Active Reload   When reloading, pressing reload again when the indicator passes a certain mark on the reload bar will instantly reload the weapon, decreasing the reload time and increasing the damage and accuracy of the next magazine.
  Metronome Passive Better And Better   Grants a damage bonus for each enemy killed. The bonus is reset if the player takes damage or changes guns.
  Honeycomb Passive Bee Prepared   Taking damage spawns bees that seek out and damage enemies.
  Map Passive Floor Revealed   Reveals the entire map for the current floor.
  Gungeon Blueprint Passive Procedurally Updates   Reveals all floor-maps for the rest of the run.
  Sense of Direction Active Surprisingly Rare.   Points in the direction of the floor's exit.
  Duct Tape Active Friend Of Gunsmiths   Single use. Combines 2 guns by granting one gun the projectiles that the other gun fires.
  Gungeon Pepper Passive The Heat Is On!   Deals damage to nearby enemies.
  Antibody Passive Heals Up   Adds a chance to heal the player for an extra half a heart whenever they receive healing.
  Resourceful Sack Active Pack Rat's Rat Pack   Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack. Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. Grants 3 extra active item slots.
  Pink Guon Stone Passive Increased Health   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Grants one extra heart container.
  White Guon Stone Passive Kindles Blanks   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Orange Guon Stone Passive Hot Rock   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Shoots at enemies.
  Clear Guon Stone Passive Pure   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Negates poison damage.
  Green Guon Stone Passive Chance To Heal   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Chance to heal upon taking damage.
  Red Guon Stone Passive Dodge Up   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Improves dodging.
  Blue Guon Stone Passive On My Side   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Upon taking damage, briefly slows time.
  Glass Guon Stone Passive Fleeting Defense   Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Destroyed upon taking damage.
  Iron Coin Active Valar Morgunis   3 uses. Kills all enemies in a random room on the floor. Increases coolness by 2 and grants a 20% discount at shops while held.
  Super Hot Watch Passive Suuuuuuper   Slows down time immensely while standing still. Moving speeds up time back to normal.
  Drum Clip Passive One Size Fits All   Increases the magazine size of all weapons by 50%.
  Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel   Upon taking damage, triggers a blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse by 1.
  Blood Brooch Passive What Music They Make!   Heals the player after dealing 1200 damage to enemies. Increases Curse by 1.
  Backup Gun Passive Watch Your Back   With each shot fired, a second bullet will be fired in the opposite direction that the player is aiming.
  Sunglasses Passive Bright Future   Slows down time and increases dodge power during explosions. Increases coolness by 2.
  Mimic Tooth Necklace Passive Chomp   Every chest is guaranteed to be a Mimic.
  Escape Rope Active Works Anywhere!   Teleport out of the current room into the shop of the current floor.
  Jetpack Active To Fly   Can be toggled. While active, the player has increased movement speed and flight, but cannot dodge roll. Passing over puddles of oil will set them on fire.
  Wax Wings Passive Too Close To The Gun   Grants flight.
  Cat Bullet King Throne Passive A Cat Throne   Shoots miniature bullets upon rolling and grants flight.
  Blast Helmet Passive Duck And Cover   Decreases the radius that explosions will hurt the player in. Grants immunity to contact damage.
  Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser   Upon use, spawns several enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Monster Blood Passive Twist To Open   Taking damage spawns a pool of poison creep. Grants immunity to poison creep and a heart container.
  Nanomachines Passive Son   Grants two pieces of armor upon pickup. Grants a piece of armor every 4 times damage is taken.
  Seven-Leaf Clover Passive Lucky!   Increases the quality of chests found in chest rooms to an equal chance of red or black.
  Number 2 Passive Sidekick No More   Boosts stats when alone. Only available in co-op, where The Cultist starts with this item.
  Gold Ammolet Passive Blank Damage Up   Increases blank damage. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Chaos Ammolet Passive What Can Will   Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, and ignite enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Lodestone Ammolet Passive Blank Knockback Up   Increases the knockback of blanks. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Uranium Ammolet Passive Blanks Poison   Blanks have a chance to poison enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Copper Ammolet Passive Blanks Ignite   Blanks have a chance to ignite enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Frost Ammolet Passive Chance To Freeze   Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
  Table Tech Sight Passive Flip Multiplier   Flipping a table briefly slows down time and triple the player's shots.
  Table Tech Money Passive Flip Prosperity   Flipping a table flips all other tables in the room, and flipping a table has a chance to spawn money.
  Table Tech Rocket Passive End Table   Flipping a table causes it to launch forward and explode.
  Table Tech Shotgun Passive Flip Out   Tables release a homing shotgun blast of bullets when flipped.
  Table Tech Heat Passive Hot Flips   Flipping a table creates a large area in which all enemies will be set on fire.
  Table Tech Rage Passive Flips Of Fury   Flipping a table briefly doubles the player's damage.
  Table Tech Blanks Passive Flip Clarity   Flipping a table activates a free blank.
  Table Tech Stun Passive Flip Showmanship   Flipping a table briefly stuns nearby enemies.
  Heart Holster Passive On Your Sleeve       Grants a heart container.
  Heart Lunchbox Passive Healthy Meal       Grants a heart container.
  Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori       Grants a heart container.
  Heart Bottle Passive Liquid Life       Grants a heart container.
  Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function       Grants a heart container.
  Ruby Bracelet Passive Thrown Guns Explode   Thrown guns will explode.
Moving Forward Thrown guns will explode. Grants immunity to contact damage. Moving constantly without rolling or taking damage for 4 seconds charges a dodge roll, which will deal 300 damage.
  Sixth Chamber Passive Blessing Of Kaliber   Increases Coolness by 2 for each point of Curse the player has. Increases curse by 2 while held. Removes the usual curse penalty towards getting a room clearing reward.
  Busted Television Active Broken And Heavy   Upon use, the television is thrown in the direction of the cursor. Dropped upon dodge rolling.
  Coolant Leak Active Don't Overheat!   Sprays water forward.
  Heart of Ice Passive That's Cold       Grants a heart container. Taking damage releases bouncing ice bullets. Increases coolness by 1.
  Ancient Hero's Bandana Passive Limitless   Quadruples maximum ammo.
  Bloodied Scarf Passive Blink Away   Replaces the dodge roll with a teleport. Increases reload speed.
  Muscle Relaxant Passive Loosen Up   Decreases bullet spread by 66%.
  Hip Holster Passive Quickdraw   Reloading a weapon fires it once for free.
  Clone Passive The Real Me   Upon death, the player is revived in the starting room of the first floor, retaining all items and guns.
  Sponge Passive Godliness   Removes all liquids near the player and allows the player to understand Professor Goopton
  Gas Mask Passive Breathe Deep   Grants immunity to poison.
  Hazmat Suit Passive Safety Protocol   Grants immunity to fire, poison, and electricity.
  Book of Chest Anatomy Passive Controlled Demolition   Improves the contents of broken chests.
  Gun Soul Passive YOU DEFEATED   Adds a heart container. Upon death, the player respawns at the start of the current floor with one heart container. All enemies previously killed will respawn, and if the player reaches the location where they died, they will return to normal.
  Shelleton Key Passive Locks Are Dead To You   Allows any chest or lock to be opened without using a key. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Brick of Cash Passive Secrets Of The Masons   Reveals secret rooms.
  Battle Standard Passive Set Your Own!   Increases the damage of companions and charmed enemies.
  Wingman Passive Got Your Back   Orbits the player, firing rockets at enemies.
  Wolf Passive Junior   Chases and bites enemies.
  Dog Passive Junior II   Follows the player around, occasionally digs up a pickup upon completing a room, and barks at mimic chests.
  Owl Passive Hoots And More   Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies and occasionally using short-ranged blanks.
  Super Space Turtle Passive Hero From Space   Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
  Junk Passive Next Time Use A Key   Has no effect on its own. Often spawned by destroying chests.
  Gold Junk Passive One Man's Trash   Grants 500   on pickup.
  Lies Passive Next Time Tell The Truth   No effect.
  Ser Junkan Passive Next time... who is he?   Summons Ser Junkan, who follows the player, attacks enemies, and becomes stronger for each Junk picked up.
  R2G2 Passive Gunmech Robot   Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
  Baby Good Shelleton Passive Grave Lad   Follows the player and attacks enemies with a green laser.
  Badge Passive By The Book   Summons a police officer that follows the player, firing bullets at enemies. Can be talked to. Can die after taking too much damage. Talking to him after he dies increases the player's damage by 20% and curse by 2.
  Chicken Flute Passive Fowl Play   Summons a chicken that follows the player and blocks bullets. After taking a certain amount of damage, it summons an army of chickens to attack enemies.
  Space Friend Passive A Friend From The Space   Follows the player, firing lasers at enemies and blocking enemy bullets.
  Pig Passive Shifty   Upon death, instantly revives the player with full health.
  Turkey Passive Triple Tap   Recovers 1 ammo after landing three sequential hits.
  Turtle Problem Passive Is This Normal?   Clearing a room spawns a turtle companion. Turtles block enemy bullets and die after taking enough damage.
  Sprun Passive The Way of Guns   Temporarily transforms into Windgunner under special circumstances.
  Baby Good Mimic Passive Imitation Love   If no other familiars are present, follows the player and attacks enemies. If familiars are present, transforms into another one of the player's familiars.
  Blank Companion's Ring Passive He Tries   Activates a blank each time an active item is used.
  Briefcase of Cash Passive Avarice   Grants 250   and 3  .
  Galactic Medal of Valor Passive Courage Increased   Deal more damage to Bosses.

Increases reload speed and accuracy.

  Bullet Idol Passive Vengeful Spirit   Deals 45 damage to enemies upon taking damage.
  Riddle of Lead Passive This You Can Trust   Grants a heart container, fully heals the player, increases damage by 30%, increases dodge roll speed by 15%, increases movement speed by 10%, and adds a chance to negate damage.
  Bracket Key Active `debugkill   Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room. Increases curse by 1 while held.
  Elder Blank Active Excommunicate Bullets   Activates a blank. Increases curse by 2 while held.
  Teleporter Prototype Active Teleport?!   Teleports the player to a random room.
  Yellow Chamber Passive "the jammed thing"   Grants 2 heart containers. Upon entering a room, there is a chance that an enemy will be charmed for the duration of the room. Increases fire rate by 15%. Increase curse by 2 while held.
  Infuriating Note Passive You've Been Had...   Useless on its own. Has six variants, each of which reveals one of the directions necessary to make it through the maze in the Resourceful Rat's Lair.


  • Most items that affect stats stack multiplicatively, with a few exceptions:
    • Movement speed upgrades stack additively, except for Spice and Riddle of Lead.
    • Unity adds flat damage after other damage increases have been applied.
    • The Robot gains an additive 5% damage increase for each piece of Junk.
  • If an item is left in a room alone, it will be taken by the Resourceful Rat.
    • Bullet components and Master Rounds will not be stolen.
    • Items on pedestals (such as boss rewards and the Old Crest) will not be stolen.
  • Most active items cannot be activated during dodge rolling, except Elder Blank and Daruma.