Items in Exit the Gungeon

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Icon Name Description Rank
Alpha Bullet.png
Alpha Bullet Increases the damage dealt by the first bullet in a clip.
Amulet of the Pit Lord.png
Amulet of the Pit Lord Prevents fall damage. After preventing damage, it takes some time to recharge. Also appears in powerup form.
Busted Television.png
Blown Fuse Activates a blank whenever you get a powerup.
-1 Bullets.png
+1 Bullets Gives a damage upgrade to all bullets.
Chaos Ammolet Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, and ignite enemies.
Clone.png Clone When you die, you respawn at the bottom of the Gungeon, keeping all of your items.
ComBombs When you increase your combo by 1, a bomb is gonna come out of you hitting an enemy
Lodestone Ammolet Increases the knockback of blanks.
Bullet Idol Does 45 damage to enemies every time the player is hit.
Coin Crown Increases the chance of getting shells upon enemy death.
Disarming Personality Grants a small discount at shops.
Dog Picks up all item drops, powerups, hegemony credits, and shells.
Eyepatch Decreases the player's accuracy in exchange for bullets doing more damage.
Fat Bullets Increases the player's bullet size.
Green Guon Stone Orbits the player, blocking bullets. The player has a chance to be healed for half of a heart every time they take damage. It's chance of healing increases when the player is at low health.
Gunboots Improves the player's dodge roll by shooting bullets in the opposite direction.
Gundromeda Strain Reduces enemy health.
Gungeon Pepper Deals constant damage to enemies near the player.
Heart Bottle.png
Heart Bottle Grants a heart container.
Heart Holster.png
Heart Holster Grants a heart container.
Heart Locket.png
Heart Locket Grants a heart container.
Heart Lunchbox.png
Heart Lunchbox Grants a heart container.
Heavy Boots Ascending and descending dodge rolls push back enemies when the player lands on the ground.
Honeycomb Releases a swarm of bees every time the player gets hit.
Ser Junkan (listed as Junk ingame and in Ammonomicon) Follows the player around attacking enemies. Becomes more powerful as the player's combo grows higher. Can also appear as a powerup.
Lichy Trigger Finger Decreases every guns reload time.
Liquid Valkyrie Slows down all enemy bullets.
Magic Sweet.png
Magic Sweet Improves most basic parameters, such as damage, speed, and grants a heart container.
Bumbullets Spawns bees from your gun when you shoot.
Disarming Personality Grants a small discount at shops.
Medkit Heals the player.
Roll Bomb Drops a bomb every time the player uses any variation of the dodge roll. Detonates shortly after.
Military Training.png
Military Training Increases the player's accuracy.
Master Round Grants a heart container. It can only be obtained if no damage is taken during a boss fight.
Disarming Personality Lowers the price of items in shops.
Omega Bullets The last bullet in a magazine does more damage.
Orange Guon Stone.png
Orange Guon Stone Orbits the player, blocking enemy bullets and shooting at enemies.
Pink Guon Stone Orbits the player, blocking enemy bullets and granting the player one heart container.
Enraging Photo Doubles the amount of damage the player deals for five seconds after getting hit.
Ring of Miserly Protection.png
Ring of Miserly Protection Grants two heart containers. However, if you buy anything you will break the item, losing the heart containers. Note that buying the rat key currently does not break the ring.
White Guon Stone.png
White Guon Stone Orbits the player, blocking enemy bullets and granting one extra blank.