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Type 1 Oub 2 Abbey 3 4/RRL 5/6
Brown 100 133.33 130 166.66 160 185 210
Blue 120 160 156 199.99 192 222 252
Green 140 186.66 182 233.32 224 259 294
Red 160 231.33 208 266.66 256 296 336
Black/Rat 180 239.99 234 299.99 288 333 378
Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Gungeon Proper
Black Powder Mine
Abbey of the True Gun
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Mimic.png

Mimics are very dangerous, as many Gungeoneers foolishly drop their guard around treasure chests.

Some experts argue that the Mimic is the true master of any dungeon, as no monster is more at home than the Mimic.

Mimics are a family of enemies which disguise themselves as scenery, items or containers to catch players unaware. Unlike regular enemies, Mimics will often hold off attacking until approached or interacted with by the player, after which they'll suddenly strike. Most Mimics will give off subtle clues that they are not what they seem, allowing observant players to catch them out, for example, if they open a little bit and close again.

Mimics have a chance to replace Chests and Boss loot pedestals, and will attack the player if they attempt to collect the treasure they're carrying. Upon death, the chest variants can drop items, guns and sometimes additional pickups, with the guns and items the Mimic drop always being the corresponding Quality that would be expected from the chest color the Mimic was disguised as. Pedestal Mimics always drop the item or gun they were originally displaying.

Mimics can also come in the form of items; the Mimic Gun has a small chance to replace any gun.

Types[edit | edit source]

Brown, Blue and Green Mimics[edit | edit source]

Brown, Blue and Green Mimics have slightly different health values, with brown being the weakest and green being the toughest, but all behave the exact same way. When a Mimic is provoked, either by attacking it or attempting to open it, it has a beginning attack where it shoots a Jammed bullet at the player which splits into 8 normal bullets in all directions either upon impacting a wall or after traveling a fixed distance. After this first attack, the Mimic will bring out two Magnums and attack the player by rapidly firing bursts of 3 bullets while erratically following the player.

Red and Black Mimics[edit | edit source]

These larger Mimics show much greater threat than their smaller variants in battle. After being provoked, they open their mouth, pull out two miniguns and will flood the room with waves of bullet rings, with four waves per attack. During the first to third waves, they fire three rings of bullets in quick succession, and during the fourth wave, they only shoot out one ring. While firing these rings of bullets, they will also shoot straight lines of bullets in random directions, overlapping the rings.

It is therefore advised to immediately leave the confined space of the chest room if a Red or Black Mimic is provoked and bring the battle to a room where there is more space and cover.

Rat Chest Mimics[edit | edit source]

Only found in the Resourceful Rat's Lair, these Mimics can be seen making very subtle movements. Once provoked, they open their mouth and fire with rocket launchers that resemble the Com4nd0. They will then repeatedly fire two arching lobs of triangle shaped shots at the player. Once killed they will still drop one of the same four items that can be found in the chests.

It is possible to get multiple of these Mimics in one run. If there are multiple, attacking one will also provoke the others.

Pedestal Mimic[edit | edit source]

When provoked, they will shoot bullets in a spiral pattern while occasionally shooting slightly homing bullets that resemble a Magnum, a Sponge or Gunknight Greaves at the player that explode into bursts of bullets. Once they are killed, they will drop whatever was on the pedestal and 1 extra item or gun. They can be distinguished by their slight size difference, a symmetrical face-like pattern on the front of them their asymmetric non-mimic counterparts, and a slightly darker coloration. The face pattern also occasionally blinks.

Wall Mimic[edit | edit source]

Wall Mimics can randomly appear throughout the Gungeon hiding in walls, and will become active if the player shoots them or gets too close. They chase and shoot at the player, occasionally slamming down and sending two large squares of bullets outwards; this often serves as their initial attack when provoked. They can drop items on death, and as noted above, may drop Money.png. They can sometimes pop up during boss battles. They can also appear in special rooms, such as Winchester's mini game room.

If a Wall Mimic is provoked by the player getting too close to it, it will lick the player, which temporarily slows them down, but also offers the player with a brief interval to get as far away from the Wall Mimic as possible.

The chances for a specific number of Wall Mimics to spawn on a floor are:

0 1 2
72.73% 18.18% 9.1%

Mimic Gun[edit | edit source]

Upon picking up any gun, there is a small chance that the player also picks up the Mimic Gun. The Mimic Gun is unique even among Mimics in that it's a usable weapon and doesn't try to directly kill the player. Instead, the Mimic Gun will try to handicap the player by preventing them from switching to other weapons, turning enemy bullets jammed, and in general being a pretty mediocre weapon. The player is stuck with the Mimic Gun until they deal a certain amount of damage with it or pick up an ammo box. It's unknown whether weapons acquired from killed Mimics have a higher chance to give the player a Mimic Gun or not.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Mimics can only be encountered after at least three hours of total playtime.
  • Chests have a base chance of 2.25% to turn into a Mimic. This chance increases by 2.1% for each point of curse the player has.
  • Chest Mimics can be distinguished from actual chests as they will occasionally open their mouths slightly. Also, shooting them will provoke the Mimic into battle.
  • Pedestal Mimics can be distinguished from actual pedestals as the markings on the rim resemble a face with tiny eyes that regularly blink. They are also slightly darker in color. Shooting them will provoke the Mimic into battle.
  • Rat Chest Mimics can be seen moving but their movements are very subtle. It is advised to shoot each one as the chests won’t break before opening them.
  • Attacking a Mimic before it attacks the player will unlock the Book of Chest Anatomy.
  • Mimics that appear as a chest with a fuse will not be triggered if the player lets the fuse run out, but instead explode and no item will be dropped.
  • Dog will bark if it senses a mimic.
    • This includes the otherwise almost undetectable Rat Chest Mimics.
  • Mimics cannot be transmogrified by magic weapons.
  • In Frifle and the Grey Mauser's Mimic quest, Door Lord counts as a Mimic. Pedestal Mimics do not count.
  • Mimics are not fooled by the Decoy.
  • Brown chests that appear to be unlocked will always be Mimics if encountered in a chest room.
  • Mimic Tooth Necklace makes almost all chests and pedestals mimics.
  • If a Mimic appears as a locked chest, it can be provoked by attempting to open it with a key; the key will be consumed. If the Mimic is provoked by being shot instead, its treasure can be gained without using a key. This can make Mimic encounters a blessing in disguise.
  • If the player has the synergy Synergy.png There Is Only War, the floating Demon Head will look at an unrevealed Wall Mimic instead of the direction the player is looking when a room has been cleared.
  • Pedestal Mimics can only replace pedestals topped with guns or items. The Old Crest pedestal, the numerous ones seen in the Resourceful Rat's treasure room, and Master Round pedestals cannot be mimics.
  • Mimics do not deal damage on contact.
  • Before they are interacted with, Mimics are immune to most "unaimed" attack forms. Room-wide damaging effects such as BSG shots do not harm them, homing weapons do not home in on them, and armed companions such as Super Space Turtle ignore them.
    • The Boomerang, however, does strike unopened Mimics.
  • Prior to A Farewell to Arms, Wall and Pedestal Mimics did not drop items.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Multiple Mimics in a secret room may result in getting two of the same item by killing them. It is possible for both to drop identical loot. Different items have different effects when doubled.
  • If a Wall Mimic spawns as the player enters an undiscovered room, the game will crash.
  • Wall Mimics can sometimes spawn in the Sorceress's room in the Breach, noted by a discolored wall. If they kill the player, guns and active items will be unusable upon quick restart, despite entering the game.
  • Wall Mimics can make holes in walls that can sometimes activate the next room. If it leads to a chest room, the player can teleport in and ignore the previous room.
  • If a Wall Mimic is pushed into a pit by a rolling spike trap, the game will crash.
  • If a Wall Mimic makes a hole in a room that is next to the boss room, the player can walk into the hole to trigger the boss fight. However, they will now be unable to get to the boss or get out of the current room, as the camera will stay on the boss.
  • It is possible for a Wall Mimic to become the king in the Long Live the King challenge mode modifier, however the crown icon will not appear until the Wall Mimic has been found, leading to confusion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mimic is a reference to the classic enemy of the same name present in many RPGs, though it most closely resembles the Mimic enemies from Dragon Quest.
  • The Wall Mimic may be a reference to the Whomp from the Mario franchise.
  • There is a giant, unused mimic of the unused bunker boss.
  • The Pedestal Mimic has an unused Ammonomicon entry:
Altared Appearance
A mimic that has learned to change its form even further than most.
Preys on adventurers weakened by encounters with other, substantially stronger foes.
  • The Wall Mimic has an unused Ammonomicon entry:
Breakin' the Wall
A few steps down the Mimic evolutionary line, the Wall Mimic can camouflage itself against almost any surface in the Gungeon.
Their infrequent, but surprising, appearance can drive novice Gungoneers up the wall.

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