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List of NPCs

Icon Name Description
40px Ox and Cadence Store clerk and owner of the shop in The Breach.
Sherpa.png Sherpa In charge of operating and fixing the shortcut elevators.
40px Frifle and the Grey Mauser Hand out hunting quests in The Breach.
NPC Winchester.png Winchester Runs a shooting range in the Gungeon.
Gunsling King.pngManservantes.png Gunsling King and Manservantes Issues challenges on which players can bet.
Ser Manuel.png Ser Manuel Teaches players how to survive the Gungeon.
NPC Blockner.png Blockner Ser Manuel's rival.
The Lost Adventurer.png The Lost Adventurer Rewards players for completing the current dungeon map.
Ledge Goblin.png Ledge Goblin Hangs around a ledge.
Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Runs a store in the Forge. Collects the ingredients for The Bullet That Can Kill The Past from players.
Professor Goopton.png Professor Goopton Runs a shop in The Breach and another in the Gungeon.