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Objects are environmental items found within rooms of the Gungeon. Gungeoneers can interact with objects to affect combat.

Barrels[edit | edit source]

Barrels contain elemental goop. Interacting with a barrel will roll it and leave a trail of goop. Bullets cause barrels to explode, splashing the area with long-lasting goop.

Sprite Function
Explosive Barrel.png Explosive barrels explode when shot. Enemies and Gungeoneers alike are damaged by exploding barrels. Dodge rolling through an explosive barrel destroys it without causing an explosion.
RareExplosive.png Exactly the same as Explosive Barrels. Extremely rare.
Water Barrel.png Water barrels leave water when rolled or shot. The water overrides other liquids and can be electrified to deal damage to enemies.
Oil Barrel.png Oil barrels trail oil when rolled or shot. Explosions and fire weapons ignite the oil, dealing significant damage to walking enemies.
Poison Barrel.png Toxic barrels spread poison when rolled or shot. Enemies that step on the goop are continuously hurt for a few seconds.

Barrels can be rolled into corridors and other rooms. Enemies, particularly Bullet Kin, tend to be distracted by rolling barrels and shoot them.

Tables[edit | edit source]

Table.png Stone Table.png

Tables can be flipped over to block bullets. During the flipping animation, bullets near the table will be cleared, similar to Blanks or explosions. After flipping a table, the player will become invincible and absorb bullets for a few frames. Afterwards, the table can be pushed around, and will be destroyed after taking enough damage. Tables also absorb bullets when destroyed, in the same manner as when they are flipped.

The player can also dodge roll over tables. Tables can be dodge rolled over three times before breaking. Stone tables can only be rolled over twice. If multiple tables are adjacent, the player will slide over all of them. If the dodge roll button is pressed while the player is on the table, it will break immediately.

Tables can be slowly pushed around. One table can push another, which significantly slows the Gungeoneer.

Coffins[edit | edit source]


Coffins are found in the Hollow. They are similar to tables, but can only be flipped on their long ends. They have a chance to spill a cone of poison goop in the direction flipped. Coffins trigger Table Tech type passives as if they were tables.

Braziers[edit | edit source]


Braziers can be found as early as the Keep of the Lead Lord, but are most commonly found in the Forge. They can be flipped and leave a trail of fire. Braziers do not provide cover, don't clear projectiles, and don't interact with Table Tech passive items. Rolling through a brazier destroys it without damaging the Gungeoneer.

Cursed Pots[edit | edit source]

Cursed Pot.png

Cursed Pots have a large purple aura around them. If the player stands in the aura for too long, their curse will increase by 1 and the pot will break. Cursed Pots can be broken by shooting or touching them. Cursed pots do increase the count of killed enemies, useful for weapons like the Polaris.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cursed Pots are likely a reference to Curse Jars from Dark Souls II.
  • While their aura may visually extend beyond walls into other rooms, the actual curse effect does not.

Oil Lamps[edit | edit source]

Oil Lamps can be found mounted to the walls of the Black Powder Mine. Upon being shot, they will break and leave behind a puddle of oil. Explosions and fire weapons ignite the oil, dealing significant damage to walking enemies.

Minecarts[edit | edit source]

A TNT barrel inside a Minecart.

Minecarts are found in the Black Powder Mine. Interacting with a minecart lets a Gungeoneer or an enemy such as a Bullet Kin or Red Shotgun Kin ride along minecart tracks.

Additionally, some minecarts can contain explosive barrels or mechanical turrets which fire at the player. These turrets can be destroyed with explosions, after which the minecart is free to be ridden.

If the player dodge rolls while not touching any of the movement keys, then they will not exit the minecart and will only dodge roll. If the player is moving, they will dodge roll out of the minecart; if they touch another cart in the process, they'll automatically ride it. This technique is used to acquire the Arcane Gunpowder in the Black Powder Mine.

Minecarts that the player is riding in are not affected by friction; a moving minecart will automatically continue to move along the track until the player exits it.

In co-op, two players can occupy the same minecart, but only one player will be able to steer it.

Munchers[edit | edit source]

Muncher.png Evil Muncher.png

See Munchers.

Mirrors[edit | edit source]


The Monster in the mirror.

Mirrors will show an unlocked chest in their reflection, which can be opened if the player presses the interact button while their reflection is next to the chest. This will shatter the mirror and increase the player's curse by 3.5. The mirror will also shatter if the player shoots it, which will increase the player's curse and make the chest inaccessible.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible for chests in mirrors to be Mimics.
  • It is possible for chests in mirrors to be Glitch Chests but they do not have the usual glitch animation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A monster's eye briefly appears after shattering the mirror, which is purely aesthetic and serves no purpose. This was added in the Supply Drop Update.
  • The mirror may be a reference to the Mirror of Erised in the book 'Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone', where an unlocked chest may well be the player's greatest desire.
  • The curse effect upon breaking the mirror is a reference to the folk belief that breaking a mirror causes seven years of bad luck (3.5 curse is 7 x 0.5).

Demon Faces[edit | edit source]

Demon Face.png

Demon Faces can be entered like doors. If the player has at least 1 curse or 100 coins, they will be teleported to a market containing Old Red, Cursula, Professor Goopton, Flynt, and Winchester. If not, the player will be damaged and ejected.

All merchants in the market (except Flynt) sell their wares for half usual price.

After use, the Demon Face vanishes. However, the market contains a teleporter and can be freely left and re-entered, even if the Gungeoneer's curse subsequently drops to 0.

If shot with a gun that creates pools of water, such as the Mega Douser, the Demon Face drops a random A Quality Item.png or 1S Quality Item.png quality gun or item. This doesn't work with guns that leave other goop behind; for instance, a Plague Pistol will not work.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Merchants can appear in markets even if they already appear elsewhere on the same floor, leading to two merchants with different items on sale.
  • If The Lost Adventurer asks the player to map out the floor and there is a market on the floor, the map will not be considered complete until the market is explored.
  • Keep in mind that the Demon Face will still be accessible after shooting it with a gun that creates water, so if you get a chance to, you should always shoot water into the Demon Face before entering the market, as the Demon face will disappear upon being entered.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Demon Faces are a reference to Demon's Mouth from the classic Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Module Tomb of Horrors.
  • The spraying of water into the demon's mouth can be a reference to either the saying "People in hell want ice water" or to the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man in the Gospel of Luke (which may or may not be connected). It could also be a reference to the classic carnival game where you shoot water into a porcelain clown's mouth to make a balloon pop and get a prize.

Chests[edit | edit source]

Brown Chest.png Blue Chest.png Green Chest.png

See Chests.

Shrines[edit | edit source]

Hero Shrine.png

See Shrines.

Traps[edit | edit source]


See Traps.

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