Old King

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Old King

Old King.png

Health: 3333.2
Location: Abbey of the True Gun
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Old King.png

Eternal Warrior
The ancient King, protector of the crypt, lives on forever as a demigod.

Old King is a boss found in the Abbey of the True Gun. He is very likely to be a much more ruthless and merciless leader, and the one who came before the current Bullet King.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Old King continually follows the player while attacking. His attacks resemble those of the Bullet King, but are more complex. These attacks include:

  • Spinning and firing continuous volleys of bullets, each wave alternating in direction. This is followed by a tight-knit circle of bullets, which travels faster and overlaps with the volleys of bullets.
  • Firing six spirals of bullets outwards that then return to the Old King.
  • Firing four spreads of three bullets to his side.
  • Firing lines of bullets in all directions, which then become scrambled.
  • Firing a large bullet upwards which bursts into 8 smaller bullets, each of which bursts into 8 more bullets.
  • Throwing a flask which causes fire to spread across the room in an X formation.
  • Firing many homing skulls, each of which bursts into more homing skulls.
  • Firing a ring of bullets outwards that deals a full heart of damage.
  • Firing a ring of bullets that chases the player and deals a full heart of damage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If the Chancellor is hit with Casey from about a Casey’s length away, the Chancellor’s body will deal a large amount of damage to the Old King, killing him in one hit.
  • Defeating the Old King for the first time unlocks the Bloodied Scarf.
  • Unlike Bullet King's Chancellor, the Old King's Chancellor won't try to kill the gungeoneer in the next boss battle if left alive.
  • After A Farewell to Arms, defeating the Old King will reward the player with a synergy chest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Supply Drop Update, the Old King had the same splash screen quote as the Bullet King.
  • This boss is a reference to Old King Doran from Demon's Souls; not only is he an "Old King", he defends a crypt as an optional boss. Doran also drops the Eternal Warrior's Ring - the description reads as follows: "The hero Doran, protector of the royal family of Boleteria, lives on forever as a demigod."
  • His name and attack patterns may be a reference to the Bullet King in the beta, as there are images where he is shown to throw a flask that spreads in an X formation much like the Old King.
  • The Old King has a Bullet Kin next to him that, like the chancellor in the Bullet King boss fight, will chase you around if shot.
  • The design and fight patterns of the Old King, in addition to his location and the theme of the Abbey, seem to suggest he is the previous Lead Lord. The vast difference in difficulty also suggests he was a much fiercer ruler.
  • The gargoyle-like statue heads decorated behind the Old King resemble that of the two demon statues seen just before the boss fight against Doctor Wolf's Monster.

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