Phaser Spider

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Phaser Spider

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1 Oub 2 Abbey 3 4 5/6
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Location: Gungeon Proper
Black Powder Mine
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Introduced in: AGD Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry

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Set Spiders To Gun
The phaser spider combines two worrying features: the ability to fire bullets, and being a spider.

Having entered the Gungeon's dimension through the tear in the Curtain created by the Mine Flayer, the Phaser Spider spins radiant bullet-webs to ensnare wandering Gungeoneers. Has also been known to leave behind a sticky residue.

Phaser Spiders fire a wide cone of projectiles in a web-like pattern, the leading projectiles creating a flammable web on the floor as they travel. Web acts similarly to Oil but burns for a significantly shorter time if set alight and slows the player down if they walk in it. They will periodically burrow underground and reappear in a random spot in the room. Phaser Spiders also possess flight and are unaffected by most ground hazards, with the exception being fire.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Webs can be burned by the Jetpack by simply flying over them.
  • Unlike naturally occurring webs occasionally found throughout the Gungeon, the web created by actual Phaser Spiders will disappear by itself after a while.
  • If you stand in place when the spider shoots its web, its attacks should not hit you, provided you are far enough away so that the bullets can spread out enough.

 Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This enemy is a reference to Phase Spiders from Dungeons and Dragons.
  • "Set Spiders to Gun" is a reference to a popular phrase from the Star Trek franchise: "set phasers to stun".

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