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There are a few types of pickups in Enter the Gungeon. Pickups can be acquired in a variety of ways, such as completing rooms, purchasing them from Shops, finding them in Chests, destroying chests, and defeating Bosses.

Coins[edit | edit source]

Coins (also referred to as shells or casings) are the game's main form of currency, and are often dropped by enemies upon their death. They can be used to purchase items in Shops and make wagers with various NPCs.

Money.png is worth 1 coin.

Money 5.png is worth 5 coins.

Golden Shell.png is worth 50 coins.

Hearts[edit | edit source]

Heart.pngHalf Heart.png

Hearts replenish the player's health upon picking them up. As expected, half hearts will restore half a heart of health, while full hearts heal a full heart.

Armor[edit | edit source]


Armor is appended to the end of the player's health bar upon pickup, and the player can carry multiple pieces of armor. Armor absorbs one hit, after which it is destroyed. Whenever armor is destroyed, a Blank is activated for free.

If the player is hit by an attack that deals more than half a heart of damage, such as a jammed bullet, only one armor will be destroyed.

Armor will be stolen by the Resourceful Rat if the player leaves the room.

Blanks[edit | edit source]


Upon use, blanks clear the entire room of bullets, prevent bullets from spawning for a short time afterwards, deal 10 damage to enemies, and knock enemies away from players.

If blanks are used in rooms connected to secret rooms, the paths will open up.

If the player has less than 2 blanks, they are replenished to 2 upon entering the next chamber. The White Guon Stone, Chaos Ammolet, Uranium Ammolet, Copper Ammolet, Lodestone Ammolet, Gold Ammolet, and Frost Ammolet each increase the number of blanks replenished by 1.

Keys[edit | edit source]


Keys are used to open locked chests and doors.

If the player has not picked up any keys yet on the current floor, the Shop will always have one for sale. This does not apply to the Forge.

Flynt uses keys instead of coins in exchange for his items.

Cell Keys[edit | edit source]

Cell Key.png

Cell keys are used to open cells to free NPCs. On any floor with a cell, a cell key will drop from a random enemy on the floor (including the boss). They cannot be used as regular keys.

Ammo[edit | edit source]


Ammo fully replenishes the player's currently held weapon's ammunition upon picking it up. Ammo cannot be picked up if the weapon the player is holding has full or infinite ammo.

Ammo will be stolen by the Resourceful Rat if the player leaves the room.

Hegemony Credits[edit | edit source]

Hegemony Credit.png

Hegemony Credits are found upon:

Hegemony Credits are used to:

Note that Shops inside the Gungeon itself only accept Money.png and not Hegemony Credits.

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