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Platinum Bullets

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Platinum Bullets

Platinum Bullets.png

Type: Passive
Quality: 1S Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 54 Money.png
Unlock Method: Purchase from Ox and Cadence for 200 Hegemony Credit.png.
Introduced in: AGD Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Over One Million Served
With each one served, they only grow more powerful.

These shining shells have been forged and reforged hundreds of thousands of times- at least ten hundred.

Platinum Bullets is a passive item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Increases damage and fire rate with every bullet that hits an enemy.
    • Weapon fire rate doubles every 250 normalized seconds of firing (2500 shots with a ten-shots-per-second weapon), to a maximum of triple firing speed after 375 seconds of shooting.
    • Weapon damage dealt doubles every 500 normalized seconds of firing (5000 shots with a ten-shots-per-second weapon), to a maximum of triple damage after 750 seconds of shooting.
    • Platinum Bullets start partially powered; there's a large immediate bump in fire speed and damage if the item is acquired on a later floor.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Alternative Rock - If the player has Face Melter, instead of firing four streams, Face Melter fires two parallel columns of notes. Reloading fires a guitar pick with a chance to stun.
  • The damage and fire rate bonuses do not update until the player switches weapons or picks up/drops an item or gun, making it possible for the bonuses to never apply.
  • Beam weapons stay mostly unchanged, but the increased fire rate makes their ammo drain much faster.
  • With this item, most weapons turn silver in appearance.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • UnusedSynergy.png Unused: Precious Metals - If the player has Gold Junk, it causes an unknown effect.
  • The line "Over One Million Served" is a reference to the McDonald's Restaurant's common sign slogan of "Over 99 Billion Served".
  • The item and drop line both reference the phrase/concept of "going platinum", meaning to reach 1 million (or more) in total sales. It was revealed by the Enter the Gungeon twitter account that in July 2017 they reached this merit.

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