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R&G Dept. floor in-game.

The R&G Department is a secret chamber that was added in the A Farewell to Arms Update.

Unlike other floors, the R&G Department has a fixed layout; however, the enemies in each room may vary slightly from run to run.

Also unlike other floors, there is no elevator at all. The player has to jump inside one of the pits found around the boss room to proceed to the next one, effectively jumping out of the R&G Dept. building itself. The player will, however, come through an elevator when entering the Forge even though no elevator can be seen in the transition to it.

Access[edit | edit source]

It can be accessed by giving the Sell Creep one Master Round and any other 2 items or guns (including Junk) in a special room in the Hollow. This room is always available if you enter The Hollow with at least one Master Round. After giving him enough items or guns, he will break the grate, letting the player down to the next floor.

  • This does not work if the Sell Creep is in a Shop. He will still break the grate; however, falling into it will simply damage the player, behaving like a normal pit.
  • If you teleport away from the Sell Creep during the explosion of the grate, upon returning, the grate will appear to be untouched and the Sell Creep will not show up anymore.

Boss[edit | edit source]


Layout[edit | edit source]

This is the layout of the R&G Department:


The three rectangular rooms at the bottom have a futuristic tileset. The others are offices.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

None of the enemies (including the boss) in the R&G Dept. have official Ammonomicon entries. In addition, all of them exhibit behavior derived from other existing enemies.

Icon Name Base


Office Bullet Male bullet kin wearing a black suit and red tie.

Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.

Office Bullette Female bullet kin wearing a purple suit, with pitched up voice clips.

Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.

  • Ordinary Bullet Kin, only notable in that they are wearing clothing. They appear to have male and female variants, the males wearing suits and the females wearing dresses, and the female Bullet Kin have their voice clips pitched up accordingly.
  • Variants of the above, but instead of suits or dresses, they wear what appears to be belts of dynamite. Their slugs are also significantly darker than that of the average Bullet Kin, likely intended for the player to easily distinguish the odd target. They explode and leave no corpse upon death.
  • A Red Shotgun Kin with a mustache. His behavior is similar to that of an ordinary Red Shotgun Kin, but he uses the Veteran Shotgun Kin's bullet-spread upon death.
  • A Red Shotgun Kin with a wig and pirate's cap. He fires a five-shot spread of bullets that are slightly larger than that of an ordinary Shotgun Kin. This enemy can be seen using Old Goldie.
  • A cactus enemy that advances towards the player, occasionally stopping to release a ring of projectiles. Uses Fungun's sound effects.
  • A reskin of Lead Maiden shaped like a refrigerator, that fires bullets shaped like pizza slices.
  • A parrot-themed reskin of Gigi.
  • A large Bookllet with a leather-bound cover, that can fire the Bookllets' bullet patterns, the Apprentice Gunjurer's bullet patterns, or a random spray of bullets like the Gat's. All of their bullets are shaped like the number 6. Likely a reference to the cut Dread Book enemy.
  • A sapient monolith that exhibits similar behavior to the above enemy, but its bullets are shaped like triangles.
  • A firework-themed reskin of Nitra, producing multicolored explosions when detonated.
  • A snake that continually advances towards the player, occasionally stopping to jump into the air and launch a V-shaped bullet pattern like a Veteran Shotgun Kin upon landing. This attack will also follow the player's movement.
  • A Bullet Kin piloting a mech shaped like a larger Bullet Kin. It jumps twice in a row, releasing two shockwaves—one diamond-shaped like a Cubulon, one a ring of 12 bullets.
  • A Bullet Kin clad in full body armor, wielding a crossbow and firing bolts that fly very slowly.
  • A gigantic Bullet Kin wielding an appropriately sized revolver. It fires large, slow-moving bullets in a spread of five.
  • A variant of the above (can be male wearing a suit or a female wearing a dress) that fires slightly faster bullets in a three-way spread, in volleys of three. These enemies will sometimes predict the player's movements, similar to Veteran Bullet Kin and Veteran Shotgun Kin.
  • What appears to be a giant sapient musket ball. It charges up before launching itself at the player, similar to a Tazie.
  • A robotic floating Shotgun Kin. It drifts towards the player and fires semi-random spreads of bullets like a Gat, though its are triangle-shaped.
  • A red variant of the above, whose behavior is identical but its bullets take on an electrified appearance.
  • A large Bullet Kin whose body is full of holes. Fires bullets in a cross shape, like the Tombstoner.
    • One of the Kill Pillars notably resembles this enemy, which would explain the odd location of its eyes.
  • A Bullet Kin resembling a fish, with a blue body, large yellowed eyes, and long legs. Fires five bullets in a spray, similar to a Skullet.
  • What appears to be a sapient candle, such as those prominently featured in the High Priest's boss room. Its behavior appears identical to ordinary Bullet Kin, though it possesses the added ability to fly. Its bullets have a flaming appearance.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The R&G Department is the only floor that uses the art of what would usually be two separate floors. The first floor tileset resembles an office with desks, windows, and water coolers. The second tileset has a futuristic theme with several lights and electric props.
    • These tilesets had been in the files before A Farewell to Arms and were part of a set of unused extra floors, but were not used until the update.
  • Sense of Direction will not work on this floor, possibly due to the fact this floor is not randomly generated and has the same layout every time and possibly because this floor is not left through an elevator.
  • The R&G Department is the only floor that does not contain common enemies such as Bullet Kin, Red Shotgun Kin, Blue Shotgun Kin, and Pinheads. It contains, instead, reskins of these enemies.
  • The new Agunim boss does not have an Ammonomicon entry, and neither do any of the new enemies.
    • This may be due to the strange nature of the enemies on the floor. They are rather different from the Cult of the Gundead, and therefore the Ammonomicon is unable to describe or list them.
    • Some enemies like the cowboy shotgun kin, snakes, and cactus are references to the Desert Floor mentioned in the Cactus' Ammonomicon entry.
    • None of the enemies that appear in the R&G Department show up anywhere else in the Gungeon.
  • The music featured on the floor was part of the original soundtrack, with "Office Party Massacre" and "Inter Office Annihilation" being the soundtrack to the first half of the level and "Hulk Melting" and "Hulk Destruct Button" being the soundtrack to the latter half.
    • These songs were present in the original soundtrack unlike the music for Resourceful Rat's Lair, which was added later.
  • The name is pronounced RNG, being a pun on "Random Number Generator" referencing the game being a rogue-like and R&D, "Research and Development". It is unconfirmed, however, what the acronym actually stands for.
    • The former is somewhat ironic, as the R&G Dept. is the only floor that is not randomly generated.
  • Most of the enemies and appearance of the floor reference various cut/unused content from the previous update, with tiles from the unused futuristic floor Phobos and cactus enemies that are referencing the unused West floor.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the room where the player finds the giant manager Bullet Kin, we can see a table with 4 small toys which resemble the 4 main Gungeoneers. They can be seen playing with them when the player enters the room and gets mad if they destroy the table.

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