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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: B Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 8
Max Ammo: 200
Reload Time: 1.2s
DPS: 35.6
Damage: 3x7 (Bullets, 21) + 3 (Beam)
Fire Rate: 0.60
Shot Speed: 23
Range: 60
Force: 30
Spread: 0
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money.png
Unlock Method: Reward from hunting quests.
Ammonomicon Entry
Snakes On A Gun
The Rattler was one of Emmitt Calx's worst, and last, ideas. This is a Winchester shotgun with an extremely venomous snake wrapped around it, adding a poisonous blast to each volley. Requires extreme dexterity to reload.

Rattler is a gun that simultaneously fires a shotgun blast and a beam that has a chance to poison enemies.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Not So Sawed-Off - If the player also has Buzzkill, Buzzkill's saw blades move slower and are linked with lightning.
  • Synergy.png Twin Snakes - If the player also has Snakemaker, the Rattler's shots become beams that have a chance to poison enemies and the Snakemaker's shots gain a homing effect.

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