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Guns[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Quote Reference
Rusty Sidearm.png Rusty Sidearm Still Works. Mostly.
Marine Sidearm.png Marine Sidearm Always With You Marine`s pistol from Doom 3 video game.
Rogue Special.png Rogue Special Underhanded And Efficient
Budget Revolver.png Budget Revolver Affordable Arms
Dart Gun.png Dart Gun Sticky Sprite looks similar to Nerf's Maverick toy dart gun
Robot's Right Hand.png Robot's Right Hand Built To Kill
Blasphemy.png Blasphemy To The Point The ability of the sword being able to send a projectile of a sword is a reference to the classic Legend of Zelda.
Casey.png Casey Batting .50 The most powerful weapon for Ness in Earthbound
Pea Shooter.png Pea Shooter Baby's First Gun The term "pea shooter" is also used derogatively to describe a weak, small-caliber firearm.
38 Special.png 38 Special For The Inquisitive In reference to the actual gun of the same name, commonly used by detectives in films and other media, hence the description.
Derringer.png Derringer One Last Trick In reference to the real-world pistol by the same name as well as some of its most frequent users.
Unfinished Gun.png Unfinished Gun Still Warm The gun that The Blacksmith is working on in The Forge.
rahmenlos Elimentaler Full of Holes the Resourceful Rat's gun
Bullet (Gun).png Bullet Fires Guns
Shell.png Shell Fires Shotguns
Hyper Light Blaster.png Hyper Light Blaster Skill Honed Sharp Hyper Light Drifter
rahmenlos Boxing Glove Pistol Hondo Description is a reference to Piston Hondo from "Punch Out!!"
Makarov.png Makarov The People's Gun Based on the real life Russian firearm Pistolet Makarov (Literally Makarov's Pistol)
M1911.png M1911 Classic Direct reference to the Colt M1911 Pistol. Also looks like main character`s gun from Blade Runner movie. Also .223 Pistol from Fallout video game series.
Magnum.png Magnum 5 Shots Or 6? Dirty Harry movie. Harry Callahan: Uh uh. I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?"
Colt 1851.png Colt 1851 You Dig In reference to a famous line in The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, uttered by the movie's protagonist, who himself carried a Colt 1851.
SAA.png SAA Exhilarating Reload Time SAA refers to the Colt Single Action Army.

Exhilarating Reload Time is a reference to Ocelot's same quote in Metal Gear Solid 3 when he uses this gun. This weapon's ability to bounce bullets off of walls is also a Metal Gear Solid reference, as Ocelot is able to do this in multiple games.

Cold 45.png Cold 45 Shatterday Night Special In reference to the Colt 45, a real world handgun, and the term "Saturday Night Special", a nickname for a cheap, easily disposable handgun normally purchased in a hasty decision to commit a crime or suicide.
Polaris.png Polaris Storied Polar Star gun from Cave Story.
Jolter.png Jolter .95 Caliber Warhammer 40k weapon the Bolter.
Dungeon Eagle.png Dungeon Eagle Caw! Real life Desert Eagle
Grey Mauser (Gun).png Grey Mauser Silent And Deadly
Vorpal Gun.png Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber The vorpal sword in the poem "Jabberwocky".
rahmenlos High Kaliber Soul Reaver
Shellegun.png Shellegun Circle Of Death
Dueling Pistol.png Dueling Pistol Ricochet
AU Gun.png AU Gun Some Assembly Required This gun is a reference to the James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

The 22 ammo count is likely a reference to 22 karat gold known as "Crown Gold". The exception to this is the Pilot whose bonus increases the gun's ammo by 10% to 24, which would reference 24 karat or "Pure Gold".

Big Iron.png Big Iron Heavy Potentially a reference to the Marty Robbins song of the same name.
Composite Gun.png Composite Gun Undetectable The name and design of this gun may be a reference to the fictional gun from the 1993 movie In the Line of Fire.
Flare Gun.png Flare Gun Over Here
Smiley's Revolver.png Smiley's Revolver All Smiles Gun owned by Smiley, the younger one of the Trigger Twins.
Shades's Revolver.png Shades's Revolver Someone Loses An Eye Gun owned by Shades, the older one of the Trigger Twins.
rahmenlos Knight's Gun Plowshare Reference to Shovel Knight and it's Developer Yacht Club Games
rahmenlos GuNNER Backpack not included
Regular Shotgun.png Regular Shotgun Cocked and Loaded
rahmenlos Big Shotgun a Shotgun that's big!
Old Goldie.png Old Goldie For The Discerning
Sawed-Off.png Sawed-Off No Butts About It
Winchester.png Winchester Better Than A Box Of Roses Better Than A Box Of Roses is a reference to a scene in the movie Terminator 2: Judgement day, where the terminator pulls a Winchester out of a box full of roses.
Rattler.png Rattler Snakes On A Gun The quote is in reference to the movie Snakes on a Plane.
Elephant Gun.png Elephant Gun Shoots Elephants The description's first sentence begins with the inverse of a phrase used in the Star Wars universe to describe a lightsaber: "an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." The second sentence alludes to the former usage of guns to hunt elephants for their ivory tusks, which were shaped into piano keys and other objects.
Tangler.png Tangler Get Wrecktangled The Tangler's synergy with the Sponge references the Spongebob Squarepants animation.
Void Shotgun.png Void Shotgun CQC
Mass Shotgun.png Mass Shotgun My Favorite Gun Name and description is likely a reference to the Mass Effect series' collapsible weapons, as is the tagline (referencing the recurring line "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.").
Shotgun Full of Hate.png Shotgun Full of Hate Hate Is Power!
Shotgun Full of Love.png Shotgun Full of Love Kill With Kindness
Shotgrub.png Shotgrub No Worries! "No Worries" a reference to the song Hakuna Matata which is sung by Timon and Pumba from the movie The Lion King who are notorious for eating grubs.
Gilded Hydra.png Gilded Hydra Heads Up! The decreasing health adding to the clip size is an allusion to the Lernean Hydra of Greek mythology, a beast that would sprout two heads in the place of one that was severed.
Blunderbuss.png Blunderbuss Shoots Anything The description in the Ammonomicon is a reference to Farmer Giles of Ham by J.R.R. Tolkien.
Pulse Cannon.png Pulse Cannon Time Of Death… Measuring someone's pulse is a fairly reliable way to discern whether they are alive.
Siren.png Siren Mershotgun The gun is a reference to the main character 'Ariel' from the 1989 disney film 'the little mermaid'.
Zilla Shotgun.png Zilla Shotgun Quadruple the fun! ZICS-C Shotgun from Shadow Warrior (2013) video game.
Ice Breaker.png Ice Breaker Never Let Go "Never Let go" references the final scene in the film Titanic.
The Membrane.png The Membrane Green Or Yellow?
Huntsman.png Huntsman Axes Of Evil The Huntsman may be a reference to the animated series RWBY, where the main characters are known as Huntsmen, and one character, Peter Port, wields a blunderbuss-axe. There are some slight differences, however. Peter Port's axe is double-bladed, and has the axe-heads mounted on the rear of the weapon, on the stock, rather than on the barrel like the Huntsman.
Blooper.png Blooper Close Your Bloop Blooper is a portmanteau of Blunderbuss and Looper. The film Looper features a futuristic shotgun called a Blunderbuss which matches this weapon.
Bow.png Bow Hold Fire To Charge Charge effect is in reference to the game Titan Souls.
Charmed Bow.png Charmed Bow <3-----<<< A reference to Cupid from Roman mythology.
Crossbow.png Crossbow The Original
Sticky Crossbow.png Sticky Crossbow Reload, Explode A reference to Shadow Warrior (2013).
Shotbow.png Shotbow A Teleporter Accident Teleglitch's AGL grenade launcher; a reference to the 1986 film The Fly, in which a telepod experiment merges a human scientist and housefly at the molecular-genetic level.
Triple Crossbow.png Triple Crossbow 3 > 1 Possible reference to Gut's rapid fire Crossbow from Berserk.
Crescent Crossbow.png Crescent Crossbow Moon Shot
Gunbow.png Gunbow Failed Experiment
Klobbe.png Klobbe Everyone's Favorite The Klobb from video game GoldenEye 007.
Machine Pistol.png Machine Pistol Rapid Fire Mini-Uzi, a smaller and improved verson of the famous Uzi.
Thompson Sub-Machinegun.png Thompson Sub-Machinegun Myeah, See! "Myeah, See!" references a line spoken by Edward G. Robinson's gangster character in the 1931 film Little Caesar.
AK-47.png AK-47 Accept No Substitutes "When you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother****er in the room... accept no substitutes" - Samuel L. Jackson's assessment of the AK-47 in the film 'Jackie Brown'
Strafe Gun.png Strafe Gun Bleeding Edge Gameplay Strafe (video game)
AKEY-47.png AKEY-47 Unlocked And Loaded! The inscription "EX ARCHA, LIBERTAS." is a reference to the Latin phrase "ex gladio libertas", meaning "the sword of freedom", with the inscription meaning "the chest of freedom".
Crown of Guns.png Crown of Guns All Hail Possibly a reference the the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus Christ as he was crucified.
M16.png M16 Underslung In reference to the real-world gun of the same name.
Zorgun.png Zorgun Don't Push The Red Button In reference to Zorg and the weapons he sells in The Fifth Element.
VertebraeK-47.png VertebraeK-47 Nervous Yet? Possibly a reference to the film Existenz, where a character forms a weapon out of several bones.
Balloon Gun.png Balloon Gun Hot Air Balloon animals - not only the appearance, but also the tying of them (see the reload animation).
MAC10.png MAC10 $#!^@ Never End In reference to the real-world gun of the same name, and its subtext is a reference to the Biggie Smalls song 'Come On'.
Triple Gun.png Triple Gun Bullet the Stampede References Trigun with the main character having the name "Vash The Stampede".
Heck Blaster.png Heck Blaster Whoa, Nelly In reference to Earthworm Jim and his catchphrase "Whoa, Nelly".
Patriot.png Patriot Gun Eater In reference to the gun wielded by The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
Vulcan Cannon.png Vulcan Cannon Boundless Slaughter In reference to the real life M134 Mini Gun, and Vulcan Raven from the Metal Gear series.
Plague Pistol.png Plague Pistol Chemical Warfare
Gungine.png Gungine 12 Cylinder This gun is a reference to the Vlambeer game Luftrausers, which features a bullet-firing engine of the same name.
Dragunfire.png Dragunfire Roar The design of Dragunfire is that of the Bolter from the dystopian science-fantasy universe of Warhammer 40,000, its name is derived from the Dragonfire round which the Bolter can fire, and the tagline "Roar" is a reference to the Bolter's unique roaring sound when fired.
Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle Scope Creep A possible reference to the Sniper's stock primary from Team Fortress 2.
A.W.P..png A.W.P. Noob Cannon In reference to Counter-Strike's AWP and its allowance of inexperienced players to one-shot opponents.
M1.png M1 Bolt Action In reference to the real-world gun of the same name.
Winchester Rifle.png Winchester Rifle Guns and Deviltry. The mentioning of "deviltry" in the Ammonomicon may be a reference to the TV series Supernatural, in which the protagonists, Sam and Dean Winchester, often confront demons. It may also be in reference to the widow to the gun magnate Winchester Repeating Arms, who feared that the ghosts of the people killed by her late husband's weapons would haunt her, so she built her house to ward off the evil spirits (or devils).
Corsair.png Corsair Plot A Course Corsairs were ships that were used for exploration before the advent of steam-powered ships.
Railgun.png Railgun Calibrating Calibrating refers to a phrase of the character Garrus Vakarian of the Mass Effect franchise.
Prototype Railgun.png Prototype Railgun DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE This weapon is near identical in appearance and function to the Asymmetric Recoiless Carbine-920 of the Halo franchise, and the description is a reference to the MAC cannon. The pick-up text may also be a reference to the Electric Six Song "Danger! High Voltage".
Void Marshal.png Void Marshal Acquired Under The Table Likely a reference to Han Solo's gun from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.
Deck4rd.png Deck4rd Unicorn Of Handguns Deckard's gun from Blade Runner.
The Judge.png The Judge Hot Shot Dredd's gun from Judge Dredd.
Mourning Star.png Mourning Star Satellite Rain The Gears of War series's Hammer of Dawn
Alien Sidearm.png Alien Sidearm Shield Breaker The description is most likely to the Halo plasma pistol, a charged shot from which will break an enemy's shield
RUBE-ADYNE Prototype.png RUBE-ADYNE Prototype It Never Quits
Rubenstein's Monster.png Rubenstein's Monster Unit 00 a gun made out of the RUBE-ANDYNE Prototype and the RUBE-ANDYNE MK.II

this gun was used in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns trailer

Mine Cutter.png Mine Cutter Safety First The sprite is most likely a reference to the Dead Space plasma cutter.
Void Core Assault Rifle.png Void Core Assault Rifle Rapid Fire
Flash Ray.png Flash Ray Ah Ahhh! A reference to the Flash Gordon theme song by Queen
Wind Up Gun.png Wind Up Gun Charge It In Reference to the gun featured in the Futurama episode "War is the H word".
H4mmer.png H4mmer Many Bullets
Snakemaker.png Snakemaker SSSSSSSSSSS Rick's laser pistol in the Rick and Morty animation.
Hegemony Carbine.png Hegemony Carbine All The Same
Screecher.png Screecher Cover Your Ears! A reference to the ear piercing screech created by the mythical creature "The Banshee"
Laser Lotus.png Laser Lotus Level 5 In reference to Pierce Hawthorne's cult from Community.
Hegemony Rifle.png Hegemony Rifle So Precise
Fightsabre.png Fightsabre Heresy In reference to the lightsaber from Star Wars.
Helix.png Helix Splice 'n' Dice DNA and gene splicing
Laser Rifle.png Laser Rifle Blast Off!
Crestfaller.png Crestfaller Cold Reality Reference to the Crestfallen Warrior from Dark Souls.
Rad Gun.png Rad Gun Totally Rad 80s youth culture in the United states. The description pays homage to the introduction of Bad Dudes.
Thunderclap.png Thunderclap Lightning In A Bullet Reference to the Plasma Gun from the Doom series.
Charge Shot.png Charge Shot Hold To Fire Charge Shot (video game)
Dark Marker.png Dark Marker Big Bang
Particulator.png Particulator Strange Matter Particle accelerators and particle showers. The description parodies one of the first lines of the book of Genesis.
The Emperor.png The Emperor Electric Terror Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars
RPG.png RPG Leveled Up Description is a reference to RPG games, in which characters can level up.
Grenade Launcher.png Grenade Launcher Fwomp! Reference to the M79 grenade launcher, which is also known for it's distinctive report when firing.
Stinger.png Stinger Drone Warfare Pays homage to the real-life rocket launcher of the same name.
Com4nd0.png Com4nd0 You're Fired A reference to the 1985 movie "Commando".
RC Rocket.png RC Rocket Avoid User Error A reference to the Nikita remote-controlled missile launcher in Metal Gear Solid. The description references the level where the player must use such a missile to bypass a corridor with an electrified floor.
Yari Launcher.png Yari Launcher Hell. Yes. In reference to the rocket launcher from Shadow Warrior's 2013 reboot.
Lil' Bomber.png Lil' Bomber ReFuse To Lose! The gun and its bullets are suspiciously similar to the bombs laid by Bomberman.
Grasschopper.png Grasschopper Noisy A reference to the Noisy Cricket - the miniature gun used by Agent J in the original "Men in Black".
Bundle of Wands.png Bundle of Wands Dark Arts Wands in many traditional roguelikes are limited-use items which can be used to cast specific spells but have a chance of failing or backfiring on use. The synergy with Owl is a reference to the Harry Potter series, which also has wands.
Staff of Firepower.png Staff of Firepower Missing Link A reference to the Fire Rod from the Legend of Zelda series.
Witch Pistol.png Witch Pistol Spells Your Doom A reference to Bayonetta's signature weapon, Scarborough Fair.
Hexagun.png Hexagun Light Fantastic The phrase "light fantastic" a possible reference to Terry Pratchett's 1986 fantasy novel bearing the same name
Phoenix.png Phoenix Reborn In Flame The mythical flying creature of the same name
Magic Lamp.png Magic Lamp One Wish, Three Times Refers to having 3 wishes from genies found in magic lamps
Gunslinger's Ashes.png Gunslinger's Ashes Spirit, Willing
Luxin Cannon.png Luxin Cannon Omnichrome In reference to the Light Bringer series by Brent Weeks.
Gunther.png Gunther Jealous Weapon
Unicorn Horn.png Unicorn Horn Fires Friendship The rainbow shot and music reference Nyan Cat. The curse effect references the curse levied upon killers of unicorns in the Harry Potter series.
Cobalt Hammer.png Cobalt Hammer Break Stuff A reference to Twitch streamers CobaltStreak and RichardHammer. Somewhat similar to Mjolnir, the hammer wielded by the Norse god of thunder.
Frost Giant.png Frost Giant Icy Grasp The synergy effect likely references the boulder-throwing frost giants of Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Bullet Bore.png Bullet Bore Mind Muncher The Cerebral Bore from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Cat Claw.png Cat Claw Kneadle Your Foes! The Needler from the Halo franchise. Also, the tendency of cats to knead certain objects, repeatedly extending and then retracting their claws.
Megahand.png Megahand -P- Mega Man video game series. Main character`s weapon.
Demon Head.png Demon Head Wanged Most likely a reference to the game Shadow Warrior in which the protagonist's name is Lo Wang and can use a demon head as a weapon.
Heroine.png Heroine Charge Beam Active In reference to Samus' arm cannon from Metroid.
Mutation.png Mutation Didn't Need Two Anyway The appearance of the beam is potentially a reference to the Oroboros infection from Resident Evil 5.
Flame Hand.png Flame Hand 2D6 + Int Mod Most likely a reference to the Dungeons and Dragons' spell Burning Hands, 2D6 + Int Mod referring to a generic method for calculating the damage of a spell.
Machine Fist.png Machine Fist Avalanche Of Bullets A reference to Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy 7, who famously replaced his prosthetic hand with a minigun mounted directly to his arm. "Avalanche" is the name of the group he leads at the start of the game. Also a reference to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, in which Big Boss can gain a RC Rocket Fist.
Robot's Left Hand.png Robot's Left Hand See You Later The Terminator universe
Snowballer.png Snowballer May Contain Rocks Refers to putting a rock into a snowball to make it hurt more when thrown.
Super Meat Gun.png Super Meat Gun Very Fast Fires saw-blade traps similar to those from Super Meat Boy, the gun being a red cube with a small bandage alludes to the main character who shares the same name.
Anvillain.png Anvillain Practical And Safe Partial resemblance to certain ACME brand goods utilized by Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runner. cartoon
Fossilized Gun.png Fossilized Gun Proof That Guns Once Existed The oil shot references the process by which crude oil formed out of buried prehistoric plant matter.
Gamma Ray.png Gamma Ray Mean Green A reference to the Laser Pistol from Fallout
Freeze Ray.png Freeze Ray Ice To Meet You Mr. Freeze's ice pun from Batman & Robin
Science Cannon.png Science Cannon Charged Particles
Disintegrator.png Disintegrator Return To Dust The fourth and fifth iterations of the RYNO gun series in Ratchet & Clank.
Proton Backpack.png Proton Backpack Crossing Streams Ghostbusters movie. Don't cross the streams.
Mega Douser.png Mega Douser Contents Under Pressure Based on the real life Super Soaker 50 model. The description references the Constant Pressure System utilized by it's real-life counterpart.
Plunger.png Plunger Take Your Best Shot! a shot is a gulping down a small glass of Pure Alcohol, which can be dangerous and can cause sickness or even death
Raiden Coil.png Raiden Coil Shoot Em' Up In reference to the Raiden shooter series' purple "toothpaste" laser.
Moonscraper.png Moonscraper Beeeeoooowwww! The sprite is most likely a reference to the Moonraker Laser found in Goldeneye 007
Barrel.png Barrel Nothin' Easier A play on the idiom "Like shooting fish in a barrel", typically used when firing against easy targets at close range.
Trick Gun.png Trick Gun Reload To Transform This gun is a reference to the transforming trick weapons from Bloodborne.
Mailbox.png Mailbox Special Delivery
Nail Gun.png Nail Gun Pest Control The description references the film Arachnophobia.
Light Gun.png Light Gun Third-Party Reference to the NES Zapper. The gun shooting out ducks is a reference to Duck Hunt.
Mahoguny.png Mahoguny 100% Organic The name alludes to mahogany, a valuable kind of wood often used to make furniture.
The Scrambler.png The Scrambler Bullet Or The Gun? The quote alludes to the famous the-chicken-or-the-egg debate
Trashcannon.png Trashcannon Take It Out! Taking out the trash
Glacier.png Glacier Refill Your Trays
Origuni.png Origuni Thousand Cuts Origami, an art form involving the folding of paper into aesthetically pleasing shapes. A reference to the ancient torture method “Death by a thousand cuts"
The Kiln.png The Kiln Fires Pots Reference to Legend of Zelda, in which you can find Rupees in pots.
Skull Spitter.png Skull Spitter Hard Headed A possible reference to Shadows of The Damned, being similar to Johnson, the talking gun.
Buzzkill.png Buzzkill Sawed On! The term "Buzzkill" may be a reference to the Call of Duty games.
Tear Jerker.png Tear Jerker Q_Q Main method of attack from The Binding of Isaac.
Starpew.png Starpew Reap And Sow Stardew Valley's watering can, which, as it is upgraded with superior metals, allows the user to charge the can and water multiple tiles of land at once. The final upgrade, the Iridium Watering Can, waters a 6x3 rectangle when fully charged.
Eye of the Beholster.png Eye of the Beholster What A Beauty! References the famous line, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
Molotov Launcher.png Molotov Launcher Exactly What You Think
Shock Rifle.png Shock Rifle Zap Duracell battery.
Bait Launcher.png Bait Launcher Meat Your Maker In Dead Rising 2, a tiger is tamed using steaks and fights alongside the player character.
Brick Breaker.png Brick Breaker Wrong Kind Of Mortar In reference to the bricks and shells from Super Mario.
Betrayer's Shield.png Betrayer's Shield Actually A Gun Blockner's own gun.
Lower Case r.png Lower Case r Alphabetical! Possible reference to ASCII graphics in traditional roguelikes.
Excaliber.png Excaliber Once And Future Reference to King Arthur and the mythical sword Excalibur.
Face Melter.png Face Melter Squiddley-squiddley-wheeyooo! References Brütal Legend.
Trident.png Trident Under The Sea The Little Mermaid (Disney franchise). "Under the sea" is a quote from Sebastian's song.
Abyssal Tentacle.png Abyssal Tentacle Look Away In reference to Day of the Tentacle.
Quad Laser.png Quad Laser No One Can Defeat It Weapon of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Mooninites.
Pitchfork.png Pitchfork Get Forked! A play on words, real thing being "Get F****d!"
Gungeon Ant.png Gungeon Ant What Army? The bullet ant has a sting so painful that victims feel like they were shot.
Alien Engine.png Alien Engine The Dangerzone
Microtransaction Gun.png Microtransaction Gun Pay To Win The phrase "Pay to Win" refers to the ability for a player to pay with ingame or real money to get an advantage in a game.
Poxcannon.png Poxcannon Lousy T-Shirt The term "pax pox" is a catch-all term used to describe diseases, such as smallpox(?), which are commonly contracted at conventions.
T-Shirt Cannon.png T-Shirt Cannon Machine Gun Wash Only! The quote makes fun of a common phrase found on the labels of T-shirts fired out of pneumatic cannons at big events: "Machine wash only".
Banana.png Banana Planpain A reference to the Banana Bomb from the "Worms" series of video games.
Bee Hive.png Bee Hive Bzzzzzzz!
Silencer.png Silencer 300 Dead Count A reference to the common use of pillows as a quiet murder weapon by smothering the victim.
The quote makes fun of a common phrase on labels found on textile products stating how many threads were used to create the fabric.
Camera.png Camera Say Cheese A reference to the Tourist enemy from Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron who attacks you by taking pictures of you with a bright flash. He says 'Say Cheese' to telegraph the attack.
Directional Pad.png Directional Pad Input Output Several video games. The fireball special references Ryu's Hadouken attack in the Street Fighter series; the grappling special references Scorpion's rope-spear attack in the Mortal Kombat series; the reload animation references the Konami Code; and the destruction of the weapon upon expenditure of all its ammo alludes to the rapid wear and tear experienced by controllers used to play fighting games.
Gunzheng.png Gunzheng Hustle The Chinese instrument called a guzheng. More specifically, the spear-shooting guzheng in Kung Fu Hustle.
Sling.png Sling Outrageous! In reference to the biblical tale of David and Goliath, in which David takes down the hulking Goliath with a single stone launched by a sling. The quote references Hamlet's famous soliloquy in the namesake play.
Cactus.png Cactus 1000 Needles! 1000 Needles is a reference to the Cactaur enemies from the Final Fantasy series, which is an ability the enemy possesses.
Black Hole Gun.png Black Hole Gun Won't You Come Reference to a song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden.
BSG.png BSG Big Shooty Gun Reference to the BFG 9000 weapon from the Doom series.
Compressed Air Tank.png Compressed Air Tank You Know My Work In reference to the 1975 movie Jaws.
Serious Cannon.png Serious Cannon Seriously MENTAL In reference to the Serious Sam video game series.
Makeshift Cannon.png Makeshift Cannon You Only Get One Shot The improvised cannon in the "Arena" episode of Star Trek
Devolver.png Devolver Degenerates References the publisher of Enter the Gungeon, Devolver Digital
rahmenlos High Dragunfire Pre-Rendered

Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Quote Reference
Master Round I.png Master Round First Chamber
Master Round II.png Master Round Second Chamber
Master Round III.png Master Round Third Chamber
Master Round IV.png Master Round Fourth Chamber
Master Round V.png Master Round Fifth Chamber
Prime Primer.png Prime Primer Old Magic
Arcane Gunpowder.png Arcane Gunpowder From The Deep
Planar Lead.png Planar Lead Astral Slug
Obsidian Shell Casing.png Obsidian Shell Casing Indestructible
Meatbun.png Meatbun On A Roll
Medkit.png Medkit Heals
Ration.png Ration Calories, Mate References the Calorie Mate from the Metal Gear Solid Series
Orange.png Orange You're Not Alexander The quote "You're Not Alexander" and the orange being a 3D model is a straight reference to the orange from God Hand
Friendship Cookie.png Friendship Cookie It's Delicious
Bottle.png Bottle Heart Container A reference to the recurring item in the Legend of Zelda franchise of the same name.
Bomb.png Bomb Use For Boom A reference to the recurring item in the Legend of Zelda franchise.
Ice Bomb.png Ice Bomb Cool It!
Chaff Grenade.png Chaff Grenade Dazed And Confused Reference to Chaff Grenades from the Metal Gear Solid series
Proximity Mine.png Proximity Mine Use To Place Same design as the proximity Mines from Goldeneye 007
Cluster Mine.png Cluster Mine Area Hazard
C4 (Item).png C4 Stick Boom
Molotov.png Molotov Feel The Burn
Air Strike.png Air Strike Superior!
Napalm Strike.png Napalm Strike Smells Great! References the famous line from the film Apocalypse Now
Roll Bomb.png Roll Bomb Power Charge In reference to the Metroid Series, in which Samus's upgrade where she rolls into a ball and a bomb appears.
Big Boy.png Big Boy Set The World On Fire In reference to the Fallout series. I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots is a song famously used in the series.
IBomb Companion App.png iBomb Companion App One For That In reference to the saying that there's a mobile application for "everything".
Supply Drop.png Supply Drop I Need Mags!
Ammo Synthesizer.png Ammo Synthesizer Ammo Chance On Kills
Armor Synthesizer.png Armor Synthesizer Play Well, Get Armor
Heart Synthesizer.png Heart Synthesizer Play Well, Get Hearts
Master of Unlocking.png Master of Unlocking Play Well, Get Keys A reference to Jill Valentine from the original Resident Evil (Biohazard), who is entrusted with a lockpick at the start of the game because she is, "the master of unlocking".
Utility Belt.png Utility Belt All Capacity Up! Reference to Batman's trusty utility belt.
Macho Brace.png Macho Brace Value for Effort Reference to the item of the same name in the Pokemon franchise.
Hidden Compartment.png Hidden Compartment Extra Space
Backpack.png Backpack Item Capacity Up!
Scope.png Scope Steady Aim
Laser Sight.png Laser Sight King Of The Dot
Ammo Belt.png Ammo Belt Ammo Capacity Up!
Bullet Time.png Bullet Time Dodge This A reference to "The Matrix", famous for its "Bullet Time" scenes, where time is slowed down so much one can see individual bullets flying through the air. "Dodge this" is a quote by the character Trinity spoken immediately after such a scene.
Aged Bell.png Aged Bell Lacuna
Singularity.png Singularity Sucks
Decoy.png Decoy Get Him!
Explosive Decoy.png Explosive Decoy KABOOM!
Melted Rock.png Melted Rock Corpses Explode Reference to Melting from Nuclear Throne, whose active ability is making corpses explode.
Trusty Lockpicks.png Trusty Lockpicks Who Needs Keys? commonly a hairclip or Paperclip (though mostly hairclips) are used to break into locked rooms without the use of a key
Smoke Bomb.png Smoke Bomb Vanish! "Ninja vanish!" from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
Box.png Box Just A Box In reference to Metal Gear's box disguise.
Fortune's Favor.png Fortune's Favor Use For Luck Additional reference to Metal Gear, where the character, Fortune, possessed the ability to make bullets curve around her.
Jar of Bees.png Jar of Bees The Pain! Reference to The Pain from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Potion of Lead Skin.png Potion of Lead Skin I'm Invincible!
Double Vision.png Double Vision One For Each Of You Likely a reference to the movie Tombstone. The character Doc Holiday, upon being told he was drunk enough to be seeing double, replies, "I've got two guns. One for each of you."
Relodestone.png Relodestone Magunetic North Lodestones, rocks which were magnetized by natural processes
Poison Vial.png Poison Vial For External Use Only A reference to the common notice on poisonous cleaning products
Potion of Gun Friendship.png Potion of Gun Friendship Temporary +1 To Gun A reference to how a lot of RPG games describe incremental upgrades to gear by appending "+number" to their name (f.e. "Iron Sword +2").
Portable Turret.png Portable Turret Some Assembly Required
Resembles Portal's Sentry Turret. "Some Assembly Required" is possibly a reference to IKEA products, commonly requiring assembly.
Knife Shield.png Knife Shield Use Again To Launch!
Grappling Hook.png Grappling Hook Rapid Transit Possibly a reference to the recurring Legend of Zelda item the hook shot, though it has gone by other names
Stuffed Star.png Stuffed Star Protective Plush Reference to the "Star" pickup item in the Mario series, which grants invulnerability.
Boomerang.png Boomerang Usually Comes Back References the boomerang item from the Legend of Zelda series.
Shield of the Maiden.png Shield of the Maiden Block And Load A play on words on the saying "Lock and Load"
-1 Bullets.png +1 Bullets +1 To Bullet A reference to how a lot of RPG games describe incremental upgrades to gear by appending "+number" to their name (f.e. "Iron Sword +2").
Rocket-Powered Bullets.png Rocket-Powered Bullets Faster Bullets
Heavy Bullets.png Heavy Bullets Thunk! A reference to the game Heavy Bullets.
Shock Rounds.png Shock Rounds Electrified!
Bouncy Bullets.png Bouncy Bullets Boiyoiyoing!
Explosive Rounds.png Explosive Rounds Mega Blast
Ghost Bullets.png Ghost Bullets Shoot Through
Alpha Bullet.png Alpha Bullets First! The first letter of the Greek Alphabet
Omega Bullets.png Omega Bullets Last! The last letter of the Greek Alphabet
Scattershot.png Scattershot Quantity Over Quality
Irradiated Lead.png Irradiated Lead Poison Shot
Hot Lead.png Hot Lead Chance To Ignite
Frost Bullets.png Frost Bullets Icy Fire
Charming Rounds.png Charming Rounds Made With Love
Magic Bullets.png Magic Bullets Sufficiently Advanced "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Fat Bullets.png Fat Bullets Fatter = Stronger
Angry Bullets.png Angry Bullets Hungry For More Not a reference to the mobile game Angry Birds despite the word "Angry" in the name.
Battery Bullets.png Battery Bullets Zap!
Homing Bullets.png Homing Bullets Fire And Forget A reference to the description of homing missiles fired by drones in the military.
Shadow Bullets.png Shadow Bullets Double Tap Possibly a reference to the movie Zombieland, where one of the rules of survival is "The Double Tap"
Easy Reload Bullets.png Easy Reload Bullets Rolling Reload
Stout Bullets.png Stout Bullets Up Close and Personal
Remote Bullets.png Remote Bullets The Unseen Hand The image roughly resembles a remote-controlled toy vehicle's controller
Zombie Bullets.png Zombie Bullets Unfinished Business
Flak Bullets.png Flak Bullets Catch Some!
Silver Bullets.png Silver Bullets Blessed Metal A reference to folklore that states that a bullet cast in silver is the only way to kill certain monsters, like werewolves.
Gilded Bullets.png Gilded Bullets The Gun Percent
Chaos Bullets.png Chaos Bullets Taste The Painbow
  • Flavor text references the famous Skittles slogan, Taste the Rainbow.
  • Item appearance references the Smashing Pumpkins song, "The Bullet with Butterfly Wings."
Cursed Bullets.png Cursed Bullets Too Spooky
Chance Bullets.png Chance Bullets Good RNG
Helix Bullets.png Helix Bullets Praise Be A reference to the item from the Pokémon series. Flavor text references the near godlike praise of the item from a famous livestream called "Twitch Plays Pokémon."
Bloody 9mm.png Bloody 9mm Be Realistic This item references the character Logen Ninefingers, also known as "The Bloody Nine", from "The First Law", a series of books by Joe Abercrombie.
Bionic Leg.png Bionic Leg More Machine Than Man Reference to Return of the Jedi "He's more machine now, than man."
Shotgun Coffee.png Shotgun Coffee Speed Up Description is a reference to an episode of Futurama, where Fry drank 100 cups of coffee and in turn became incredibly fast.
Shotga Cola.png Shotga Cola Speed Up References Nuka Cola from the Fallout franchise
Ballistic Boots.png Ballistic Boots Speedier Than A Bullet
Magic Sweet.png Magic Sweet Free Stats Reference to the Rare Candy item from the Pokémon series.
Disarming Personality.png Disarming Personality For You?
Mustache.png Mustache A Familiar Face References how Bello also has a Mustache.
Lichy Trigger Finger.png Lichy Trigger Finger Rate of Fire Up A parody of the phrase "itchy trigger finger", usually attributed to soldiers which are anxious to shoot something
Enraging Photo.png Enraging Photo Don't Believe His Lies The description is a reference to Memento, in which the protagonist has a polaroid with the words "Don't Believe His Lies" written on it.
Ballot.png Ballot Vote Of Confidence!
Live Ammo.png Live Ammo I'm A Bullet Too!
Eyepatch.png Eyepatch Hit Harder Less Often
Military Training.png Military Training Hold Facing Enemy
Cartographer's Ring.png Cartographer's Ring Some Floors Are Familiar
Ring of Fire Resistance.png Ring of Fire Resistance No Burns In reference to RPGs. Such items are usually seen as a trope of the genre.
Ring of Miserly Protection.png Ring of Miserly Protection Aids The Fiscally Responsible
Unity.png Unity Our Powers Combined A reference to Captain Planet, summoned by combining the power of five elemental rings.
Ring of Chest Vampirism.png Ring of Chest Vampirism Blood From Wood
Cloranthy Ring.png Cloranthy Ring Dodge Power Up A reference to the ring of the same name in the Dark Souls series
Ring of Chest Friendship.png Ring of Chest Friendship Chest Friends Forever A parody of the phrase "Best Friends Forever", often abbreviated as BFF
Ring of Mimic Friendship.png Ring of Mimic Friendship Unlikely Allies
Ring of Triggers.png Ring of Triggers Items == Guns
Ring of Ethereal Form.png Ring of Ethereal Form Get Ethereal!
Gundromeda Strain.png Gundromeda Strain All Enemies Weaker! Likely a refrence to the book The Andromeda Strain. The in-game sprite also seems to reference bacteriophages.

Also a reference to the Vlambeer game Nuclear throne, as one mutation with a purple crystal in it, makes enemies weaker.

Broccoli.png Broccoli Makes You Strong Potential reference to a typo in nutrition facts published by the United States government in the 1930s(?) which made spinach appear to have 10 times the iron content of any other vegetable. The quote is a common line which parents tell their kids in an attempt to convince them to eat vegetables at meals.
Crutch.png Crutch You Need It Most Likely a reference to crutch items, a term usually used to describe things in games that are either easy to win with, or required to win with.
Spice.png Spice A tantalizing cube of power. Melange, a drug in the Dune universe which grants greatly enhanced mental powers but is highly addictive.
Liquid Valkyrie.png Liquid Valkyrie Maximum Pain Likely reference to the drug 'Valkyr' from the game 'Max Payne'
Bloody Eye.png Bloody Eye Slower Enemy Bullets Reference to the drug of the same name from Cowboy Bebop.
Gunknight Helmet.png Gunknight Helmet Armor Every Floor
Gunknight Greaves.png Gunknight Greaves Armor Every Floor
Gunknight Armor.png Gunknight Armor Armor Every Floor
Gunknight Gauntlet.png Gunknight Gauntlet Armor Every Floor
Amulet of the Pit Lord.png Amulet of the Pit Lord No Fall Damage
Old Knight's Shield.png Old Knight's Shield Heavy With Experience Ser Manuel's old Shield
Old Knight's Helm.png Old Knight's Helm Protects Knowledge Ser Manual's Helmet
Old Knight's Flask.png Old Knight's Flask Heals Per Floor Reference to the Estus Flask, the primary healing item in the Dark Souls series.
Old Crest.png Old Crest Armor Up
Armor of Thorns.png Armor of Thorns Your Body Is A Weapon Reference to the armor worn by Kirk, Knight of Thorns of Dark Souls
Full Metal Jacket.png Full Metal Jacket Automated Defenses
Heavy Boots.png Heavy Boots Low Center Of Mass
Bug Boots.png Bug Boots Yikes!
Gunboots.png Gunboots They Go Down Well Reference to the Gunboots worn by the protagonist in Downwell
Springheel Boots.png Springheel Boots Double Jump A reference to Spring-heeled Jack, an English urban legend from the Victorian era.
Coin Crown.png Coin Crown Play Well, Get Money
Oiled Cylinder.png Oiled Cylinder Reload Faster
Ice Cube.png Ice Cube Items Recharge While Active
Rolling Eye.png Rolling Eye Back At You
Cigarettes.png Cigarettes Hazardous To Health A reference to Metal Gear Solid (and its sequels), in which the protagonist manages to sneak a pack of cigarettes past thorough inspection before his mission - an item whose usefulness is questioned by the other characters.
Charm Horn.png Charm Horn The Call Of Duty
Cog of Battle.png Cog of Battle Active Reload A reference to Gears of War and its Active Reload mechanic.
Metronome.png Metronome Better And Better References the item of the same name from the Pokémon series.
Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Bee Prepared References the item of the same name from Terraria.
Map.png Map Floor Revealed
Gungeon Blueprint.png Gungeon Blueprint Procedurally Updates References the fact that each chamber you go to is procedurally generated.
Sense of Direction.png Sense of Direction Surprisingly Rare. An item referencing the Compass from the Legend of Zelda series
Duct Tape.png Duct Tape Friend Of Gunsmiths Reference to how people think that duct tape can fix anything.
Gungeon Pepper.png Gungeon Pepper The Heat Is On! A reference to the 1984 song "The Heat Is On" by Glenn Frey
Antibody.png Antibody Heals Up
Pink Guon Stone.png Pink Guon Stone Increased Health The Guon Stone series are in reference to Ioun Stones from Dungeons and Dragons, magical stones that floats around the user's head, grants minor buffs, and comes in different colors and shapes.
White Guon Stone.png White Guon Stone Kindles Blanks
Orange Guon Stone.png Orange Guon Stone Hot Rock
Clear Guon Stone.png Clear Guon Stone Pure
Green Guon Stone.png Green Guon Stone Chance To Heal
Red Guon Stone.png Red Guon Stone Dodge Up
Blue Guon Stone.png Blue Guon Stone On My Side
Glass Guon Stone.png Glass Guon Stone Fleeting Defense
Iron Coin.png Iron Coin Valar Morgunis This item is a reference to Game of Thrones,"Valar Morgunis" is a play on "Valar Morghulis", meaning "All men must die".
Super Hot Watch.png Super Hot Watch Suuuuuuper SuperHOT, a game in which time only progresses when you move.
Drum Clip.png Drum Clip One Size Fits All
Blood Brooch.png Blood Brooch What Music They Make! Quote from Dracula (1931) "Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!"
Backup Gun.png Backup Gun Watch Your Back Reference to the 1988 movie "Die Hard", in which the protagonist tapes a gun to their back to surprise an enemy when he pretends to surrender.
Sunglasses.png Sunglasses Bright Future Lyrics from Timbuk 3's "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"
Mimic Tooth Necklace.png Mimic Tooth Necklace Chomp
Escape Rope.png Escape Rope Works Anywhere! A reference to the item of the same name from the Pokemon series of games, where the item could return you to the entrance of a dungeon, cave, etc.
Jetpack.png Jetpack To Fly
Wax Wings.png Wax Wings Too Close To The Gun In reference to Icarus who flew too close to the sun on wax wings.
Blast Helmet.png Blast Helmet Duck And Cover In-game sprite references the appearance of Megaman's helmet from the cartoon show: Captain N: The Game Master
Lament Configurum.png Lament Configurum Shellraiser A reference to the Lament Configuration from Hellraiser.
Monster Blood.png Monster Blood Twist To Open A reference to the Goosebumps book of the same name.
Nanomachines.png Nanomachines Son A reference to Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.
Seven-Leaf Clover.png Seven-Leaf Clover Lucky! The Seven Leaf Clover was an extremely lucky item from Futurama.
Number 2.png Number 2 Sidekick No More A reference to the anime, Afro Samurai.
Gold Ammolet.png Gold Ammolet Blank Damage Up
Chaos Ammolet.png Chaos Ammolet What Can Will "What can happen, will happen." -Murphy's Law (a variant on Finagle's Law)
Lodestone Ammolet.png Lodestone Ammolet Blank Knockback Up
Uranium Ammolet.png Uranium Ammolet Blanks Poison
Copper Ammolet.png Copper Ammolet Blanks Ignite
Frost Ammolet.png Frost Ammolet Chance To Freeze
Table Tech Sight.png Table Tech Sight Flip Multiplier it's Ammonimocon Desciption mentions a TableSutra. this is a reference to the Kamasutra. an indian book about Sexual acts.

(this reference goes for all Table Tech items)

Table Tech Money.png Table Tech Money Flip Prosperity
Table Tech Rocket.png Table Tech Rocket End Table
Table Tech Rage.png Table Tech Rage Flips Of Fury
Table Tech Blanks.png Table Tech Blanks Flip Clarity
Table Tech Stun.png Table Tech Stun Flip Showmanship
Heart Holster.png Heart Holster On Your Sleeve A reference to the proverb "Wear your heart on your sleeve".
Heart Lunchbox.png Heart Lunchbox Healthy Meal
Heart Locket.png Heart Locket Memento Mori Memento mori (Latin for "remember death") references the Latin Christian theory of reflection on mortality.
Heart Bottle.png Heart Bottle Liquid Life
Heart Purse.png Heart Purse Form Begets Function A reference to an architecture and industrial design phrase, meaning that the shape of something should primarily relate to its intended function.
Ruby Bracelet.png Ruby Bracelet Thrown Guns Explode
Sixth Chamber.png Sixth Chamber Blessing Of Kaliber
Busted Television.png Busted Television Broken And Heavy
Coolant Leak.png Coolant Leak Don't Overheat!
Heart of Ice.png Heart of Ice That's Cold
Ancient Hero's Bandana.png Ancient Hero's Bandana Limitless This item is a reference to the Infinity Bandana from Metal Gear Solid.
Bloodied Scarf.png Bloodied Scarf Blink Away Appearance and function references the PS2 game Shinobi.
Muscle Relaxant.png Muscle Relaxant Loosen Up
Hip Holster.png Hip Holster Quickdraw A reference to the classic cowboy standoff, with the fastest person to draw winning
Clone.png Clone The Real Me
Sponge.png Sponge Godliness References the notable idiom, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness."
Gas Mask.png Gas Mask Breathe Deep
Hazmat Suit.png Hazmat Suit Safety Protocol
Book of Chest Anatomy.png Book of Chest Anatomy Controlled Demolition
Gun Soul.png Gun Soul YOU DEFEATED References the death mechanic from the Dark Souls series.
Shelleton Key.png Shelleton Key Locks Are Dead To You Reference to the Skeleton Key, a type of master key reduced to its essential parts.
Brick of Cash.png Brick of Cash Secrets Of The Masons The top of the brick roughly resembles the United States Dollar. Several of the founding members of the United States were Masons, members of Masonry (an ancient fraternity, sometimes called Freemasonry, which is likely descended from medieval stonemasonry guilds).
Battle Standard.png Battle Standard Set Your Own!
Wingman.png Wingman Got Your Back
Wolf.png Wolf Junior The item sprite references Sniper Wolf from the Metal Gear franchise.

it's Ammonomicon Description is a Reference to the Japanese Dog Hachiko, though with a happier ending to it...

Dog.png Dog Junior II Tennis balls are common playthings for dogs kept as pets.
Owl.png Owl Hoots And More References Harry's owl companion, Hedwig from the Harry Potter series. Functionally references the OWL Drone from Killzone: Shadowfall.
Super Space Turtle.png Super Space Turtle Hero From Space
R2G2.png R2G2 Gunmech Robot Reference to R2-D2 from Star Wars.
Badge.png Badge By The Book References many different buddy cop action films, along with their many tropes and notable lines.
Ser Junkan 1.png Ser Junkan Next time... who is he?
Chicken Flute.png Chicken Flute Fowl Play Chickens in certain games of The Legend of Zelda series become aggressive if they are attacked too much. The image resembles the signature instrument of the N64-era installments, the ocarina.
Space Friend.png Space Friend A Friend From The Space A reference to the player ship in the shoot 'em up series Raiden.
Pig.png Pig Shifty The image resembles ribbons awarded to award-winning animals at county fairs
Blank Companion's Ring.png Blank Companion's Ring He Tries
Briefcase of Cash.png Briefcase of Cash Avarice
Galactic Medal of Valor.png Galactic Medal of Valor Courage Increased
Bullet Idol.png Bullet Idol Vengeful Spirit
Riddle of Lead.png Riddle of Lead This You Can Trust Reference to the central plot of the 1981 film 'Conan the Barbarian'
Bracket Key.png Bracket Key `debugkill Reference to how certain games can have a debug menu to quickly kill every enemy in a room.
Elder Blank.png Elder Blank Excommunicate Bullets The Elder Scrolls series
Teleporter Prototype.png Teleporter Prototype Teleport?!
Yellow Chamber.png Yellow Chamber "the jammed thing" This item is reference to Robert W. Chambers's book of short stories titled The King in Yellow.
Chest Teleporter.png Chest Teleporter Zap
Loot Bag.png Loot Bag Doesn't Float Reference to achievement in PayDay, "Fish AI," in which you must fail the Watchdogs Day 2 mission by throwing the loot bag into the water.
Drill.png Drill Sawgeant A particular skill in PAYDAY 2, Drill Sawgeant, improves drills, devices which are usually noisy and take a while to break into safes.
Clown Mask.png Clown Mask Anonymity Aid The mask of Dallas, one of the important characters in the PAYDAY series
Junk.png Junk Next Time Use A Key
Junk.png Lies Next Time Tell The Truth