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Ser Junkan is a passive item in both Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon. In Enter the Gungeon, before unlocking him, he can appear after destroying chests and has a 20% chance to replace regular Junk. After unlocking him, he can be found as a regular item, and has a 1% chance of replacing regular Junk. In Exit the Gungeon, he is unlocked by reaching a combo of 20, and can appear in both item and powerup forms.

Ser Junkan
Ser Junkan 1.png
Type: Passive
Quality: C Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 21 Money.png
Unlock Method: Upgrade Ser Junkan to Knight or higher and kill a boss.
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Next time... who is he?
Strange, sentient junk. It appears eager to join you on your quest.


  • Ser Junkan follows the player around and targets enemies. Picking up Junk levels him up:
Junk Count Rank Description
0 Peasant Junkan harmlessly pushes enemies around.
1 Squire Junkan gains a helmet and starts slowly attacking enemies by headbutting them, dealing 3 damage per hit.
2 Hedge Knight Junkan gains a shield and attacks more frequently by shield-bashing enemies and deals 5 damage per hit.
3 Knight Junkan gains a sword and attacks more frequently by slicing enemies and deals 7 damage per hit.
4 Knight Lieutenant Junkan gains an adornment on his helmet and starts dealing 9 damage per hit.
5 Knight Commander Junkan gains a cape and starts using a spin attack, which deals 10 damage per hit, hits twice, and can hit multiple enemies at once.
6 Holy Knight Junkan gains a new white colour scheme, a new sword and shield, and deals 13.33 damage per hit.

Additional effects:

  • Occasionally runs towards the player and blanks.
  • If the player dies, Ser Junkan will sacrifice himself, reviving the player at full health but removing Ser Junkan from inventory.
7 Angelic Knight Junkan gains a flaming pink sword and angelic-style armor and wings and rapidly fires pink projectiles that deal 10 damage.

Additional effects:

  • Loses the ability to blank and to save the player.
  • Gains the ability to fly.
Gold Junk Mecha Junkan Junkan gains a high-tech, golden mechsuit and rapidly attacks with a machine gun dealing 2.2 damage per shot, slashes enemies with a laser blade dealing 20 damage, or rapidly fires homing rockets dealing 8 damage each.

Additional effects:

  • Jammed enemies struck by Mecha Junkan's machine gun become normal.
8+ or higher Any additional Junk has no effect on Junkan's level.
  • Junk obtained before Ser Junkan is found counts toward his level. When found his starting level is equivalent to how many pieces of Junk have been picked up.


  • Synergy.png Tea For Two - If the player also has Teapot, while reloading the Teapot, a small red aura will appear around Junkan. Every enemy in this aura will be ignited.
  • If the player defeats the Lich when Ser Junkan is at his final level, the normal win screen image will be overridden with an image of Ser Junkan, with the player in the background giving a thumbs up.
    • This won't occur if you choose to kill your past during the run, as you lose all your items.
    • This could be implying that Ser Junkan reached a point where he is now considered the protagonist instead of the player.
  • Lies also works to upgrade Ser Junkan's level.
  • In co-op, if a player has Ser Junkan at Holy Knight, the player will not be revived if they are not the last player alive. Dying with Ser Junkan while another player is alive will just kill the player normally, and Ser Junkan will be lost.
  • The blanks from Ser Junkan's Holy Knight form are affected by items (for example, Gold Ammolet).
  • The Ammonomicon lists this item as "Junk", instead of Ser Junkan.
  • Ser Junkan will revert forms whenever Junk is lost, such as by dropping it or using it to complete the Hollow shortcut.
  • Unlike regular Junk, Ser Junkan does not synergize with Trashcannon. However, he does have an unused synergy with Trashcannon.
  • When upgraded to Angelic Knight, Ser Junkan's bullets are affected by Chaos Bullets.
  • When upgraded to Angelic Knight, Ser Junkan's bullets are affected by Flak Bullets which may cause lag.
  • Ser Junkan will only drop when breaking normal chests on a rainbow run if the player hasn't unlocked him but he can drop from broken rainbow chests including the one in the first room of a chamber.[1]
  • Battle Standard can be unlocked by upgrading Ser Junkan to Angelic Knight.



Ser Junkan
Ser Junkan 1.png
Type: Passive
Unlock Method: Reach a combo of 20.
Ammonomicon Entry
Next time... who is he?
Strange, sentient junk. It appears eager to join you on your quest.


Ser Junkan follows the player around using a jetpack, retrofitted mechsuit or ascendant powers, depending on combo level, and uses ranged attacks to attack enemies. Earning a higher combo levels him up, and Junkan remains at the highest combo level the player has attained:

  • Combo 1-3: Regular Junkan: Attacks enemies using a weak pistol.
  • Combo 4-7(?): Soda Hat Junkan: Junkan gains a soda hat and attacks using a slightly stronger pistol.
  • Combo 8-10: Crash Helmet Junkan: Junkan gains a Crash Helmet and attacks using a stronger pistol.
  • Combo 11 and 12: Pilot Junkan: Junkan gains a helmet similar to a helicopter pilot's, and attacks using an even stronger pistol.
  • Combo 13 and 14: Jet Fighter Junkan: Junkan gains a fighter pilot's helmet, complete with mask, and attacks using a far stronger pistol.
  • Combo 15-17: Astro Junkan: Junkan gains an astronaut suit and attacks enemies using a shoulder-mounted blaster similar to The Predator.
  • Combo 18 and 19: Mecha Junkan: Junkan gains his mechsuit from EtG, now retrofitted for flight, though at the cost of the suit's limbs. Junkan attacks enemies using homing rockets.
  • Combo 20: Ascendant Junkan: Junkan becomes a shade of blue with white flames surrounding him and gains a third eye. Attacks enemies using red bolts of energy, fired from Junkan's third eye. This is Junkan's strongest form in XtG.


  • Ser Junkan's name may be a reference to Ser Duncan the Tall, the main character from the Tales of Dunk and Egg series set in the world of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Additionally, the name may be a reference to Sir Juncan, a character within the Knights of the Nine expansion to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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