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Shrines are statues that the player can interact with to sacrifice something and receive a reward.

List of Shrines[edit | edit source]

Name Description Message on Use Effect
Ammo Shrine.png
A shrine to Shell'tan, ammo elemental. Deal with the Devil
The Shadows Grow Darker
Refills the ammo of all weapons, but increases curse by 3.5.
Angel Shrine.png
A shrine to a prideful bullet angel, now fallen. Sacrifice Accepted
Removes one heart container, increases damage by 25%, and increases curse by 1.5.
Blank Shrine.png
The only legible text is "...offering..."

The rest is blank.

N/A Using a blank near the statue has a 90% chance to spawn a chest. This chest may be locked or unlocked. Repeated use of blanks can spawn more chests, but each chest received decreases the success chance by 45%, down to a minimum of 25%. The chest can be a mimic.
Challenge Shrine.png
Dark energy permeates this shrine.

The statue fills you with a sense of foreboding.

N/A Using the shrine forces the player to fight through three waves of enemies. Surviving the waves rewards the player with a chest. The chest can be a mimic.
Cleanse Shrine.png
Curse is 0-2: The spectres don’t disturb you.

Curse is 3-4 : You are touched by darkness.

Curse is 5-6: You are wreathed in darkness.

Curse is 7-9: Tarry not. They come for you.

Curse is 10+: No one can help you.

Your Spirit Feels Lighter
Sets the player's curse to 0 in exchange for 5 Money.png per point of curse. Cannot be used if the player has 10 curse or more.
Dice Shrine.png
A shrine to Icosahedrax, the great arbiter. Roll of the Dice
Good Effects Bad Effects
Renewed Restores random amount of health. Pained Damages the player for 1-2 hearts.
Bolstered Grants 1-2 heart containers. Enfeebled Removes a heart container.
Hasted Increases movement speed. Robbed Removes 25-100% money.
Paid Grants 20-99 money. Disarmed Removes the currently held weapon.
Shielded Grants 1-3 armor. Limited Decreases ammo capacity by 30%.
Cleansed Removes up to 10 curse. De-Blanked Removes random amount of blanks.
Gift Grants a chest. Cursed Increases curse by 5.
Reloaded Increases ammo capacity by 125%
or refills ammo of all your guns.
Unsteady Increases reload time.
Blanked Grants 1-10 blanks. Priceless No negative effect.
Using this shrine grants one positive and one negative effect.

There is also a small 0.1% chance that the shrine will explode upon use, reducing your heart containers to 1, quadrupling your damage, and pushing you away.

Glass Shrine.png
A shrine of glass. Glass Armor
Pane's Blessing
Grants three Glass Guon Stones which block enemy bullets but break if the player takes damage.

Using the shrine for the first time will unlock the Glass Guon Stone item.

Hero Shrine.png
A shrine to an old gunslinger.

There is an inscription...

"Kill your past; you've already damned your future."

The rest is worn away.

N/A Located in the starting room of the Keep of the Lead Lord, the Hero Shrine can only be activated after killing the character's past. Activating it will set the player's curse to 9.
Junk Shrine.png
A shrine to Ser Junkan, who rose from nothing to become one of the Gungeon's greatest knights. Ser Junkan's Boon
Knight in Shining Armor
Grants a piece of armor in exchange for Junk.
Peace Shrine.png
A shrine to a forgotten bullet who laid down his arms... will you? At Peace
Live To Gun Another Day
Heals the player for one heart in exchange for their currently held weapon.
YV Shrine.png
A shrine to the Gun Godz. Pop
Bullets From Nowhere
Costs 10 Money.png to use the first time, and the cost increases by 10 Money.png per use. Every time the player fires a weapon, there is a chance for it to quickly fire 2 to 4 times at no extra ammo cost. Each use linearly increases the chance to activate the effect by 3.7%.

Repeated use only increases the chance to fire additional bullets. It has no effect on the number of bullets fired - these are always random.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the Supply Drop Update, the Dice Shrine's Limited effect decreased maximum ammo by 50% instead of 30%.
  • Prior to v1.1.3, the Dice Shrine's Unsteady effect decreased reload time instead of increasing it.
  • The Dice shrine can apply two opposite effects at the same time, such as Renewed and Pained, Paid and Robbed, Cleansed and Cursed, or Blanked and De-Blanked.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Y.V. shrine refers to Y.V. (Yung Venuz) from Vlambeer's Gun Godz and Nuclear Throne games. Y.V.'s active ability in Nuclear Throne, called 'Pop Pop', allows him to fire a weapon twice (or 4 times when the ability is upgraded) with one pull of the trigger. Needing to sacrifice coins to the shrine for his blessing (and Y.V. being depicted standing on stacks of paper bills) refers to his love of money, of which he has a great deal.
  • The Hero shrine depicts the Lich with his head missing.
    • The Ammo shrine depicts the Lich in what appears to be his second form, which might be why the shrine's message on use is "Deal with the Devil".
  • The Blank shrine depicts Old Red, who appears in-game as a random shopkeeper.
  • Shell'tan is a reference to the villian Shai'tan in the Wheel of Time series, in addition to referring to the Muslim name for the Devil (Shayṭān).