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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: C Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 8
Max Ammo: 200
Reload Time: 1.5s
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 0.60
Shot Speed: 23
Range: 60
Force: 30
Spread: 5
Sell Creep Price: 21 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
300 Dead Count
Can stun enemies at close range.

Alben Smallbore was known for enchanting mundane objects to make them more gun-like. This pillow, which once decorated his guest chambers, is a perfect example of his unique strain of madness.

Silencer is a gun that fires zippers. Hitting an enemy with the swing of the weapon will stun the enemy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • UnusedSynergy.png Unused: Feather Pillow - If the player has Turkey, the gun fires an exploding pillow that shoots feather projectiles each time it reloads.
  • This gun is a reference to the myth of pillows being used as makeshift silencers.
  • 300 Dead Count is a pun on "Thread Count", a term often used to measure the quality of sheets. It is also a reference to an episode of American Dad, where the phrase "300 thread count, 300 dead count" is used
  • The character of Alben Smallbore mentioned in the Ammonomicon entry of this and the Flame Hand is a reference to Headmaster Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series.

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