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Skull Spitter

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Skull Spitter

Skull Spitter.png

Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: C Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 10
Max Ammo: 150
Reload Time: 1.0s
DPS: 25
Damage: 10
Fire Rate: 0.30
Shot Speed: 15
Range: Infinity.png
Force: 10
Spread: 0
Sell Creep Price: 21 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Hard Headed
Even in death, bullets fly. This gun was crafted by Nuign the Cursed, from the skeleton of a Gundead that had become a Spectre.

Nuign's body still remains somewhere deep in the Hollow, and it is from his bones that all Curse arises.

Skull Spitter is a gun that fires homing skulls.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This gun appears similar to Johnson, the talking gun from the 2011 video game Shadows of the Damned.
  • The description of the gun is a reference to the Jake Clover game, Nuign Spectre.

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