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Where's the triple gun? There's no info on the gun, so it must be new...

might've been cut, like The Fat Line --gz (talk) 02:09, 31 July 2018 (UTC)

The only reason I know about the gun is because I saw a reddit post of someone saying that they found the triple gun in a run, and started fanboying over it because he knew the game the gun was referencing. Either A, it was retroactively cut from the game after he found it, B, it was a glitch, or C, it's in the game. He also could have been lying, but I don't see why he would've been. I posted a request for someone to investigate the triple gun on it's talk page. -Godlyvex Also, the fat line wasn't cut, I've gotten it in multiple runs. -Godlyvex

Neither the Triple Gun or the Fat Line are in the Ammonomicon. Since that reddit poster said they were in blessed mode, I'm guessing it's a glitch and the Triple Gun is still available in blessed mode despite not being available elsewhere. --Exschwasion (talk) 16:45, 31 July 2018 (UTC)