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Current info on stages from User:Vakthewhat:

  • Stage 1: Regular, blue sponge with low shooting speed and bullet speed (
  • Stage 2: Wavy carpet-like gun that shoots fast projectiles with increased damage. (
  • Stage 3: Resembles a snail, shoots 3 shell-like bullets with moderate speed. (Appears to turn back to stage 2 if you drop antibody) (
  • Stage 4: Claw-like gun that "shoots" a long tounge resembling lazer that latches onto enemies like Abyssal Tentacle. ( resting) ( firing)
  • Stage 5(Last?): I have absolutely no clue what this is. It fires a very high-damage flame with increasing velocity, it's magazine is as big as it gets. (Antibody can't be dropped in this stage.) (

Bug? Or maybe a feature[edit source]

It may be a bug, but the evolver will still change into the next form when killing enemies with other guns. Wolfie208 (talk) 20:01, 13 April 2019 (UTC)