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Talk:Finished Gun

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Can someone please list the stats and quality of this?


It's S-Rank from what I can tell. If anyone wants to add this to the main description, bullets bounce and the last shot in every clip converts enemy bullets into friendly bullets that fly back at the enemies. I don't wanna mess with the descriptions since I know nothing about stats anyway

By the way, are we sure it replaces the unfinished gun? Both are in my Ammonomicon.

  • I hit the Unfinished gun during a Blessed run too, despite having the finished gun


I just found it in a brown chest: https://i.redd.it/626ifg7f0cr21.jpg To avoid confusion: It came out the chest like this, it's not just an "unfinished gun" synergy after picking it up. It does have a synergy arrow, though, so there seems to be a synergy.