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It might benefit new players to add a basic description of what each character does on this hub-page, maybe even state who has better starter weapon accuracy, better RNG, etc.

My Tier list: (my opinion based on starting weapons and items. (wip)

Best 1  (strongest, might be hard to use)

The bullet. The bullet has a great starting weapon able to kill enemies fast and with some skill you can get close to increase the dmg by alot. because of the swing able to break enemy bullets the starting weapons can by used at any part, even the dragun and lich. if you first take dmg you are in a bat situation if you dont have another weapon to use, as the sword alone is weak and very dangerous to us The robot. This character is one of the hardest to use but has the best starting weapon by dps, as the clip is very large. his shield health makes him very weak if you rely on getting hearths throughout the run. his pasive and active item is decent if you want to take down an enemy without being in danger, or if you just want to increase your dps to bosses(dont work on all bosses) He is very good if he gets a weapon which shoots water or makes pools of water.

Good 2 (good for starters easy to learn no obvious weaknesses)

The hunter. Her crossbow does alot of dmg early game, it can one shot alot of the weak enemies and is decent agianst the first 2 bosses. is very fogiving as dog gives health, ammo, and shells, making taking random dmg less dangerous. the marine. one of the strongest starting weapons, pasive that boosts almost all weapons, an active item that can help but I found weak as it only fills one item, and a helm that is kinda useless.

worth using 3 (can be good, but is strong only in a few situations)

The pilot The pilot is the weakest gungeoneer based on dmg, but his utility can help a bit, he is the best character to use if you want to unlock the shortcuts and you need to keys and shells, ahe can be decent if you are planning to go through the bonus floors, ass he can save some keys from floor one allowing him to open one of the chests in the first floor but still have the two keys that is needed to get to the firest bonus floor.

bad/non rewarding 4 ( does not have good situations, has others that is better in most/all ways)

the convict has two bad starting weapons. The sawed of do low dmg, the hunters crossbow do more dmg even if all pellets of the sawed of hits its target. her pasive is kinda useless as you need to take dmg for it to take effect. the dmg boost from her pasive is not very strong with her starting weapons, making her rely getting another good weapon to be strong and abuse her pasive.