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Infuriating Note Infuriating Note Infuriating Note.png

Statistics Type: Passive Quality: N/A Introduced in: AGD Indicator.png Ammonomicon Entry You've Been Had... Infuriating Note is a passive item. It is found randomly in any type of chest, aside from the sixth one which can only be dropped from a Mimic. Once all six notes have been found, no more notes will appear.

Effects Has six variants, each of which reveals one of the directions necessary to make it through the maze in the Resourceful Rat's Lair. Notes Each note has an unlock condition that must be met before they can appear: First note: Beat Gungeon Proper. Second note: Have an item get stolen by the Resourceful Rat. Third note: Enter the Oubliette. Fourth note: Obtain a Master Round. Fifth note: Kill Fuselier. Sixth note: Kill a Mimic. Each of the notes has a unique Ammonomicon entry: First note: "I've taken your stuff, but you keep pushing through; I'll have to try harder, so rats off to you! -R.R." Second note: "Some chests are red, but more of them blue; no matter what's in 'em, I'll steal it from you! Thanks for the stuff, [random insult]! -R.R." Third note: "What I wouldn't give to see the look on your face. You wished for an item, and found this note in its place! Thanks for your continued patronage. Fufufufufufu... -R.R." Fourth note: "I should just kill you, but that'd be no fun; so just for a laugh, I've stolen your gun! Good luck, [random insult]! -R.R." Fifth note:"If you were to find me, I'd make you bow on your knees. You're just a rodent, and I'm the Big Cheese! -R.R." Sixth note: "Some say I'm a joker, but I'm bottling rage; it's tough getting a Mimic to gobble this page! Mimic bars. -R.R." See also Items