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Hey i got the unlock without killing an enemy, i never drained anyone before but when i prayed to the blood altar on another run i got the unlock. it is most likely using the altar the second time unlocks it. this would also make sense as it mirrors the turkey's unlock condition from this update. Please let me know if anyone is able to replicate these results before I officially add it as an unlock method.

Hey there. I can guarantee that "Kill an enemy by draining" is not the condition. Just killed like, 50+ enemies with that. No unlock. Was my first time with the shrine.

Reload damage[edit source]

The damage from reload seems to be based on the amount of damage you did before killing an enemy. I watched a streamer kill the Lich phase 1 with the Life Orb, and the reload did about 95% of phase 2, but the reload damage from the phase 2 kill (last 5% damage dealt with the Life Orb's laser) was very small on Lich phase 3.

It appears that damage also requires you to maintain the beam. I did 100% of bullet twin 1 with orb but had to roll a few times which interrupted the drain, reloaded and bullet twin 2 took 10% or so which feels low