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Sunglasses synergy possibly intended to increase reload time instead?[edit source]


It's possible that the synergy may change to increase reload time in a future update. Spanospy (talk) 15:30, 2 May 2017 (UTC)

Reload Cap on Rad Gun?[edit source]

Was playing Switch version and happened to get both Super Hot Watch and Rad Gun. Decided I'd push the Rad Gun to its absolute limits, and found that on the fifteenth reload the bar doesn't even come up, instead giving an instant "Wack." This leads me to believe that with each level the bar doesn't change in speed so much as it decreases in duration. Thus, once that duration falls below zero seconds, it doesn't appear at all. What I find odd about this is that using the Super Hot Watch I found there to be a few frames where the moving line is completely still, which seems to be for a fixed duration across all levels. One would think this part of the animation would still be intact, but as stated before the bar outright never even appears. I suspect the developers were aware that the Rad Gun eventually reloads too fast and programmed it to outright not do anything on the fifteenth reload. Otherwise the game would try to calculate a negative amount of time, which undoubtedly would lead to problems. So if anyone can confirm that all this is also true on other versions, or at least PC, I'd appreciate it. Also, could someone else please make an edit about the max number of reloads because I don't normally contribute to wikis and don't have the confidence to do so.

Also, one of the bullet points under notes seems to be inaccurate: "Around damage level 9 or 10, the speed of the reload meter under the time slowing effects will match the level 0 time normal reload speed." I found that even on the fourteenth reload Super Hot Watch still kept the bar much slower than first reload without it. Perhaps this user was exploiting the slowdown on the gun select menu in multiplayer and assumed it was the same speed as Super Hot Watch? The quick select menu isn't quite as slow as Super Hot Watch, I've found. In fact, bringing it up while the Super Hot Watch is in use actually speeds up the time to how it normally is for the menu. Again, this is on Switch, so there could be reason for the discrepancy between what that editor found and what I did. --Spiteful Guru (talk) 18:01, 24 May 2018 (UTC)