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I have uploaded some images of bowler sitting on chests to use for the page. During my run I found bowler on a burning chest (shown in bowler_burning.jpg). I don't know if this is a rare occurrence, or anything else. Found in the Oubliette, btw.

-I found Bowler burning on a chest too. When I pelted it with bullets, it exploded. Don't recall if any of the other chests did, so it could be related to trapped chests.

-I have also fond him on a burning chest twice but it does normaly explode.

Does anyone have confirmation that ser junkan can, in fact, spawn? Even at a 5% spawn rate, I should have received one by now, having spawned roughly 100 junk since I started paying attention. He's the only item I can think of that might spawn from a broken chest and still be removed by Bowler.

-Ser Junkan spawns at a 1% spawn rate now. Not 5%. Not getting him out of 100 junks is not that unreasonable.

Ok, so 1 out of 100 isnt so bad, but I've probably spawned about 500 junk at this point, so where's my mans Junkan?

-I'v never found him.