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Components[edit source]

"Master Rounds can be given to the Tailor before he asks for them, but the other three components must be given to him in order."

The wiki currently says this, but just now I gave the engineer the keys and coins for Black Powder Mine before I gave him the armor. If someone else can confirm giving him the Hegemoney credits before he asks, the page can be amended to: "Components can be given to the Tailor before he asks for them."

Testing with the fourth floor. I have the credits to give him, but he didn't take them - still asking for the keys and coins. (already have given him junk, have NOT yet given him the master round)


Any component other than the Hegemony credits can be given to him, so long as you have them when you talk to him. The order in which he asks you for them is irrelevant.

I can also confirm, the Hegemony credits must be given last

Ravnecks: I can confirm:"All components except Hegemony Credit can be given to the Tailor before he asks for them."

Ferhargo: You don't have to give Hegemony credits last, but he DOES have to request them. I was opening up the Forge shortcut, and gave him the casings/keys first, then came through later and showed him six full heart containers. After that he asked for the Hegemony Credits, but I hadn't given him the Fourth Chamber Master Round yet.

First Appearance[edit source]

"After defeating a boss without taking damage for the first time, the Tailor will begin to appear in elevator shafts." Uh, I got this guy to appear at the beginning of the second chamber after a fight where I got hit. Unless we're talking about literally in the shaft where you can give him components, but I'm not even so sure that's necessary. Addendum: this was before I ever defeated a boss without getting hit. The fight before I first met him I only took an armor hit, but I'm certain that was the first time I ever did that.--Panda s1 (talk) 08:59, 23 May 2016 (UTC)