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RECENT DISCOVERY (needs some extensive testing, witch i will be doing)

It seems like the sling does more damage the longer you spin it up before throwing it. I'm not sure what the cap is, but so far i have found that in Gungeon Proper, the sniper bullets and red bullets will take 2 throws if i throw it right away, but only one if i charge it about 5-6 seconds longer. May just be that the damage is a random number from a ration (example something like 8-12 damage). Will need to test this further, ill add all my findings after i get it a few runs in a row. Anyone else's input would also be appreciated. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs)

That explains a lot. I had noticed that my numbers were inconsistent when I tested the sling on both enemies and bosses. I'll be testing this too. Good find! - Soffix