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For the gun, see Bullet.

The Bullet is a secret unlockable Gungeoneer. The Bullet begins with Blasphemy and Live Ammo.

Killing the High Dragun with the Bullet character will unlock his sword Blasphemy.

How to Unlock[edit | edit source]

Red-Caped Bullet Kin.png

Red-Caped Bullet Kin will rarely appear in random rooms after at least one Past has been defeated (not including the Cultist). These special Bullet Kin wander aimlessly and do not attack - they have guns, but do not use them. If the player stays in a room alone with the special Bullet Kin and does not kill it, it will disappear after a short time. After this occurs five times, The Bullet will be unlocked. Multiple Red-Caped Bullet Kin can be found in a single run, and they are more likely to appear in later chambers.

Story[edit | edit source]

Past Kill[edit | edit source]

If the Bullet That Can Kill The Past is used on The Bullet, he will be brought back to the Gungeon Proper in an unspecified time in the past. He retrieves Blasphemy from a dying elder bullet. He travels forward in the Gungeon and faces two Chain Gunners, followed by Agunim and finally Cannon. After successfully defeating the two and thrusting the wooden Blasphemy into Cannon's head, the true Blasphemy is created in a burst of fire and light. Following this is a final scene where the Bullet is seen resting on a wood stump in some meadow-like area while various Gungeon enemies are seen cheerfully playing about.

Defeating the Bullet's past will unlock the Chicken Flute.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Bullet's past and alternate costume are references to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    • The alternate costume is a reference to how Link turns into a rabbit if he goes into the Dark World without the Moon Pearl. The fact that a mirror is used to switch to this costume may also reference that Rabbit Link can only use one item in the Dark World, that being the Mirror.
  • The Bullet's past is the only past which has more than one boss.
  • The Bullet cannot access the Hall of Knowledge because it is boarded off.
  • When the Bullet dodge-rolls, the movement is similar to when a real bullet "tumbles".
  • The Bullet is the only character that storywise doesn't have a need to kill his past. Since he already has the true Blasphemy at the start of the game, it can be inferred that he has originally killed Cannon in the past, unless it was awakened by some other means.
  • The Bullet is immune to Blobulons, Spents, Tazies, and other contact damage-utilizing enemies due to Live Ammo.
  • The Cultist will get a wooden Blasphemy too in The Bullet's past.

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