The Gorgun

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The Gorgun

The Gorgun.png

Health: 975
Location: Gungeon Proper
Ammonomicon Entry

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Vengeful Gunwitch
The Gorgun, Meduzi, has been the end of many novice Gungeoneers.

Her presence can temporarily turn firing mechanisms to stone, and her shrieks call forth bullets from beyond the Curtain.

The Gorgun is a boss found in the Gungeon Proper.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

  • Creates a semi-transparent wave that petrifies the player, preventing the player from firing for a time if hit by it while facing her.
  • Dives underwater, charging at the player and leaving a trail of poison in her wake.
  • Sprays both her guns from her sides simultaneously, starting above her and ending below her. This attack always occurs twice in a row.
  • Spews rings of bullets in all directions with small openings. These openings begin to close as they travel outwards.
  • Sprays volleys of bullets in all directions, with alternating openings.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Some active items, like the Bomb, will disappear under the water when used.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If you can keep Gorgun right against a wall, her bullet spam becomes much easier to manage as long as you stick to the wall at a distance as well.
  • A good way to bring her to the wall is to wait until she submerges, where she will follow you around. Stay close to the wall and she will emerge close to it, limiting her wide range.
  • The transparent wave can be avoided by rolling through it or facing the other way.

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