The Membrane

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The Membrane
The Membrane.png
Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: C Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 6
Max Ammo: 120
Reload Time: 1.2s
DPS: 65.5 (excluding split bullets)
Damage: Before split: 4x6 (24)
After split: 3x12 (36)
Fire Rate: 0.20
Shot Speed: 22
Range: 30
Force: 6
Spread: 8
Sell Creep Price: 21 Money.png
Unlock Method: Purchase from Professor Goopton for 10 Hegemony Credit.png.
Ammonomicon Entry
Green Or Yellow?
Fires a splitting burst of mucus.

Brought to the Gungeon by the warlike Blobulonians, its suppressive fire helped King Visc Osbro III win back the province of Goopscone from the rebel forces led by his brother, Gel Osbro.

The Membrane is a gun that fires a shotgun blast of bouncing green bullets that split into more bouncing green bullets.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Synergy.png Absent Minded - If the player also has Bouncy Bullets, The Membrane's shots bounce 4 times and become homing.
  • Due to its overpenetration, high range, and high projectile count, the Membrane works extremely well with Flak Bullets.
  • The bullets after the split will not be connected by Shock Rounds.

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