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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 15
Max Ammo: 300
Reload Time: 1.7s
Damage: 8
Fire Rate: 0.10
Shot Speed: 20
Range: Infinity.png
Force: 10
Spread: 5
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Lightning In A Bullet
One of the first energy weapons created in the Gungeon. When lightning struck an old gunsmith's gun-rack, he decided to sand it down into a gun. The result is crude, as far as energy weapons go, but effective.

Thunderclap is a gun that fires small balls of lightning. Any water that the lightning passes over will become electrified.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This gun's appearance closely resembles the Plasma Gun from the classic first-person shooter DOOM.
  • This gun's subtext is a reference to the idiom "lightning in a bottle".
  • UnusedSynergy.png Diazepam - Prior to the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, this gun was included in Synergy.png Diazepam.

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