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Shortcuts allow the player to start a run on a later floor.

After defeating a boss without taking damage for the first time, the Tinker will begin to appear in elevator shafts. In order to talk to the Tinker, the player has to step away from the elevator (first room of any floor) until it disappears and then drop down the hole.

After completing a series of quests for the Tinker, the elevator room in The Breach will grant direct access to the corresponding floor.

Talking to the Tinker in The Breach after completing a new shortcut will unlock a new gun or item.

After using a shortcut the Resourceful Rat will give the player a choice of guns that they may take.

List of Shortcuts[edit | edit source]

All materials except Hegemony Credit.png can be given to the Tinker before he asks for them, and the materials can be given over multiple runs.

The corresponding unlocks are unlocked by speaking to the Tinker in the elevator room of The Breach after completing the shortcut.

Floor Materials Unlock
Gungeon Proper Gunboots.png
Black Powder Mine R2G2.png
Hollow Gungine.png
Forge AKEY-47.png
Boss Rush

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When using The Robot, if the player has exactly 6 armor pieces and offers them to The Tinker in the Black Powder Mine, The Tinker will only take 5, leaving the player with 1 armor piece.

Gallery[edit | edit source]