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This page is for listing cut and/or unused stuff in Enter the Gungeon. For content from earlier Pre-Alpha versions of the game, see Pre-Alpha Content.

Super Boss Rush[edit | edit source]

This is an unused version of Boss Rush that most likely included secret bosses such as the Lich and the Old King.

Developer comments in the code state it should be unlocked after beating normal Boss Rush, Blobulord, Resourceful Rat, Blockner, Old King, Lich, and a boss referred to as “shopkeep” who is likely the unused Shopkeeper Boss.

This is further supported by the presence of assets for Boss Rush levels of the Abbey of the True Gun, Oubliette, and Bullet Hell.

The Tailor has dialogue referring to it: Unlock dialogue:

  • “Hey, I have a new elevator for you, past-killer. You should check it out.”

Selection dialogue:

  • “Very Special Challenge! Super Boss Rush!”

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This mode is likely a response to the many requests by players of a way to practice secret bosses.
  • This mode may also be a reference to the special true arenas found at the end of most Kirby games.

Guns[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Quote Type Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread
Black Revolver.png Black Revolver Reap What You Sow Semiautomatic 6 500 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Seems to be a high firerate Magnum. A portent of things to come.

This revolver, once carried by the bearer of a terrible curse, remains cold to the touch.

Portaler.png Portaler Testing Semiautomatic 12 250 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Spawns portals that the player, bullets, and enemies can go through. Reloading alternates between a blue and orange portal. While not intended for combat, crafty Gungeoneers have been known to use the portals it creates to end gunfights from relative safety.
Megaphone.png Megaphone Vocal Opposition Automatic 700 700 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Bullets reach their target instantly, high rate of fire. This megaphone has been turned up to eleven, and has the power to annoy even the hardiest Gundead.
Wristbow.png Wristbow Handy! Semiautomatic 1 150 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. The weapon used by Skullets. Practically no reload time. A rudimentary wooden hand crossbow. Used commonly by Skullets in the Hollow.
Ice Ogre Head.png Ice Ogre Head Cold Shoulder Automatic ? 500 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Fires an expanding stream of white ice breath that freezes enemies. Freezes enemies.

Ice Ogre Head still produces a bitterly cold breath. A favorite of the adventurer Frifle.

Ser Manuel's Revolver.png Ser Manuel's Revolver Lost Soul Automatic 6 120 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. This revolver was brought to the Gungeon by a fearless adventurer whose true quest is still unknown.
El Tigre.png El Tigre Tooth and Claw Semiautomatic 12 200 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Shoots homing teeth. Emmitt Calx was renowned for his hunting prowess and his creative guncraft. El Tigre’s fangs seek prey relentlessly, with each bite more painful to the victim.
SuperSpaceTurtleGun.png Super Space Turtle (Gun) Hero from Space Semiautomatic ? 350 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Very small with a high firerate. This is NOT the passive item Super Space Turtle. This miniscule weapon was wielded by the famous Super Space Turtle, a hero from beyond the stars. It is difficult for a normal human hand to wield, but can still function as a normal gun.

It is best used in the hands of the Super Space Turtle, wherever they may be.

32px Mjolnir Hammer of the Gods ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. Charge to ride the lightning.

Can only be lifted by the most regretful of Gungeoneers.

Katana.png Katana Sword of Doom ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. Swordplay is forbidden, and only the most powerful or most ignorant individuals can get away with using any melee weaponry.

Angers the Jammed.

Chromesteel Assault Rifle.png Chromesteel Assault Rifle Heavy Metal ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. The Chromesteel Assault Rifle was used as the last line of defense against a viscous Blobulonian incursion. Despite such a mighty weapon, greater numbers prevailed.
Gundertale.png Gundertale Filled With Determination ? 7 7 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. Doesn't shoot. Slowly befriends your enemies.

An antique revolver. It has no ammo. On days like these...

Black Revolver.png Black Revolver (Alternate Form) Six Deep ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. Variant of the gun of the same name. This revolver was once carried by the bearer of a terrible curse. The final shot in the chamber grants limited dominion over enemy bullets.

It is cold to the touch. A dark wind blows.

32px Encircler Round 'Em Up ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unknown. A last resort of sustinence.

A favorite of the resourceful rat. He doesn't typically favor any one gun in particular, as he usually collects only to grow his horde, but he finds this one particularly appetizing.

Paint Gun ? ? Unknown. ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? NA

Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Type Quote Effect Ammonomicon Entry
40px Master Round Passive Final Chamber Probably grants an extra heart container like the other five Master Rounds. This impossible artifact indicates mastery of the final chamber.

A holy shell. Simply looking upon it bestows a great peace upon your soul. The Gungeon is at rest.

Emerald Bracelet.png Emerald Bracelet Passive Thrown Guns Return Thrown guns return to the player. Unused since V1.0.0. The emeralds in this bracelet are extremely jealous. They will force any thrown gun to return, just so no other hand can hold them.
Sapphire Bracelet.png Sapphire Bracelet Passive ? Unknown effect. Unused since V1.0.0. ?
Amethyst Bracelet.png Amethyst Bracelet Passive ? Unknown effect. Unused since V1.0.0. ?
Cue Bullets.png Cue Bullets Passive Bullet Kin, Corner Pocket Enemy corpses gain significant knockback and can damage other enemies. Cut item from the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update. Substantially increases knockback on kills; enemies hit by corpses take damage.

Having given up on ever killing their pasts, many failed Gungeoneers pass the time by playing dumb games. Maybe one such adventurer missed playing billiards?

Ring of Giant Strength.png Ring of Giant Strength Passive Throw Harder Increases the damage dealt by thrown guns. Unused since V1.0.0. Increases thrown weapon damage.

This ring bestows incredible physical strength. Unfortunately, there are few benefits to physical strength in the Gungeon.

Ring of Lightning Resistance.png Ring of Lightning Resistance Passive Grounded Prevents electricity damage. Unused since V1.0.0. Prevents damage from electricity.

A ring originally worn by Alistair, the Thunderbolt. The gemstone set in the golden band is cracked down the middle.

Hungry Caterpillar.png Hungry Caterpillar Passive Hungry For Hearts If given enough Hearts, it gives the player Fairy Wings. Unused since V1.0.0. There is a caterpillar following you.

It appears to be hungry for hearts.

Fairy Wings.png Fairy Wings Passive Enchantment? Grants flight. Dodge rolling leaves pink slime that charms enemies. Unused since V1.0.0. A pair of enchanted wings, which grant flight.

Your caterpillar friend has metamorphosed into a wondrous creature! And that wondrous creature is a spine fly, which burrows into the spinal column of vertebrates. The survivors of this parasite sprout wings.

Hunter's Journal.png Hunter's Journal Passive Luck Or Skill? Slightly increased drop chance on room clear. A cut starting item for The Hunter. Unused since V1.0.0. Slightly increases drop rate.

Filled with maps and the answers to half-forgotten riddles. Ever since the Hunter was a child, she had a knack for finding things.

Ceremonial Sword.png Ceremonial Sword Passive The S Word Unknown. Unused since V1.0.0. A ceremonial sword. Not for combat.

Bladed weaponry would normally incite the wrath of the Jammed, but this ceremonial sword is blunted and not for combat.

Thirst For Vengeance.png Thirst For Vengeance Passive Taking You With Me Killing an enemy right before death brings the player back to life. Unused since V1.0.0. Slaying an enemy just before dying prevents death.

Sometimes getting even is all you’ve got left.

Magic Sweet.png Bubble Shield Passive ? Deflect bullets for a few seconds, similar to Potion of Lead Skin. Recharges once every two rooms, unlike other active items. Strangely, it uses the sprite for Magic Sweet. Unused since V1.0.0. ?
Old Infuriating Note.png Old Infuriating Note 2.png Old Infuriating Note 3.png Old Infuriating Note 4.png Old Infuriating Note Passive You’ve been had. . . The cheese showing the direction to go in the maze is on the icon instead of in the Ammonomicon entry. Pre-AG&D version of the Infuriating Note. You have been had. . . by the Resourceful Rat! Whatever was in that chest has already been taken by Gungeon’s Most Wanted.
Stone Bullets.png Rock Bullets Passive ? Unknown. Possibly related to the Black Skusket (similar sprites) or the undiscovered desert chamber mentioned in the Cactus’s Ammonomicon description. Unused since the Supply Drop Update. ?
Table Tech Time.png Table Tech Time Passive ? Possibly slows time, similar to Table Tech Sight. Likely replaced with the Synergy.png Hidden Tech Time synergy. Unused since V1.0.0. ?
Table Tech Table Flip.png Table Tech Table Flip Passive ? Possibly a Table Tech that would originally allow the player to flip tables, with Gungeoneers starting without this ability. Unused since V1.0.0. ?
Table Tech Shock.png Unknown Table Tech Passive ? Possibly a Table Tech that would allow the player to electrify the nearby area. Unused since the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update. ?
Table Tech IDK.png Table Tech Hole Passive Flip Oblivion Possibly a Table Tech that created black holes like those made with Singularity. Unused since the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update. This forbidden technique causes flipped tables to increase exponentially in mass, collapsing almost immediately.

An apocryphal text of the "Tabla Sutra." Of that which we cannot flip, we must pass over in silence.

Table Tech Slow.png Table Tech Life Passive Children of the Flip Possibly a Table Tech that turned tables into temporary familiars. Unused since the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update. This forgotten technique causes flipped tables to gain sentience, however briefly.

An apocryphal text of the "Tabla Sutra." This ancient scroll invokes the tablegrammaton, the four letter name of table.

Monster Ball.png Monster Ball Active 100% Catch Rate Caught enemies when used and then released them as charmed enemies when used again. Captures enemies and charms them upon release.

Ancient monster trainers tried to use these balls to domesticate inhabitants of the Gungeon.

According to local legend, Emmitt Calx threw one of these at a Beholster. It didn't work. However, it did force the beast to blink, which allowed Calx to escape.

Magic scroll 004.png Scroll of Wonder Active Wondawondawonder! Unknown. A transformative spell of incredible power.

The wizard Alben Smallbore theorized that the more power was put into a spell, the less could be known about its outcome. This spell is immensely powerful.

ThunderBolt.png ThunderBolt Active Shrinks And Dazes Likely makes enemies smaller and stuns them. Shrinks and dazes enemies for a brief period of time.

Said to contain the soul of a famous Gungeoneer.

40px Fairweather Friend ? While The Going Is Good Unknown. A hanger-on to the healthy and prosperous.
RaccoonComp.png Raccoon Passive Sly Scooper Unknown. Helps to navigate dangerous areas.

In another era, this Raccoon was a very successful thief. However, after dabbling in time travel, he became obsessed and put an end to his thieving career in favor of the infinite treasure of the Gungeon.

40px Brittle Bullets Passive Risk/Reward Ammo is lost upon receiving damage. Likely the same effect as Balloon Gun. Greatly increases firepower. All equipped ammunition will shatter upon receiving damage.

It takes an idiot to do cool things. That's why it's cool!

Hero Sword.png Hero Sword Active Enter the Swordgeon Upon use, spawns a sword facing the direction the player is aiming. Automatically recharges over one second. An elegant weapon... though perhaps obsolete.
Alien Genes.png Alien Genes ? ? Unknown effect. N/A
BandAid.png Band-Aid ? ? Unknown effect. N/A
Baret.png Beret ? ? Unknown effect. N/A
BeltFeeder.png Belt Feeder ? ? Unknown. N/A
CarBattery.png Car Battery ? ? Unknown. N/A
Chamber Hammer.png Chamber Hammer ? ? Unknown. N/A
Cleets.png Cleets ? ? Unknown. N/A
Climbing Glove.png Climbing Glove ? ? Unknown. N/A
CloneOld.png Clone (Old) ? ? Unknown. N/A
MetaCoin.png Meta Coin ? ? Unknown. N/A
Crown1.png Crown 1 ? ? Unknown. N/A
Crown2.png Crown 2 ? ? Unknown. N/A
CursedBulletsOld.png Cursed Bullets (Old) ? ? Unknown. N/A
LichBullet.png Lich Bullet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Daruma2.png Daruma (Unused Form) ? ? Unknown. N/A
DejaVuRing.png Ring of Deja Vu ? ? Unknown. N/A
DemonsSoul.png Demon's Soul ? ? Unknown. N/A
Deposit Key.png Deposit Key ? ? Unknown. N/A
Dragun Heart.png Dragun Heart ? ? Unknown. N/A
Egg Salad.png Egg Salad ? ? Unknown. N/A
Elite Badge.png Elite Badge ? ? Unknown. N/A
Fat Bullet.png Fat Bullet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Fatman.png Fat Man ? ? Unknown. N/A
Firx.png Firx ? ? Unknown. N/A
Flexing Arm.png Flexing Arm ? ? Unknown. N/A
FloppyDisk.png Floppy Disk ? ? Unknown. N/A
FlubberBullet.png Flubber Bullets ? ? Unknown. N/A
Gold Bracelet.png Gold Bracelet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Group photo.png Group Photo ? ? Unknown. N/A
Gun Soul Old.png Gun Soul (Old) ? ? Unknown. N/A
Hand mirror.png Hand Mirror ? ? Unknown. N/A
Hankerchief.png Handkerchief ? ? Unknown. N/A
Ice pack.png Ice Pack ? ? Unknown. N/A
Item bullets 001.png Item Bullets ? ? Unknown. N/A
Jeans 001.png Jeans ? ? Unknown. N/A
Key bullet bullets 001.png Key Bullet Bullets ? ? Unknown. N/A
Killamajig machine friendship 001.png Killamajig Machine Friendship ? ? Unknown. N/A
Lump of space metal 010.png Lump of Space Metal ? ? Unknown. N/A
Magic bullet 001.png Magic Bullet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Magnet helmet 001.png Magnet Helmet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Metronnome 001.png Metronome (Old) ? ? Unknown. N/A
Mortar 001.png Mortar ? ? Unknown. N/A
Nerves of steel 001.png Nerves Of Steel ? ? Unknown. N/A
Next quarter 001.png Next Quarter ? ? Unknown. N/A
Old man bullet 001.png Old Man Bullet ? ? Unknown. N/A
Ooze 001.png Ooze 1 ? ? Unknown. N/A
Ooze 002.png Ooze 2 ? ? Unknown. N/A
Ooze 003.png Ooze 3 ? ? Unknown. N/A
Purple ring.png Purple Ring ? ? Unknown. N/A
Radar 001.png Radar ? ? Unknown. N/A
Ring of boomerang mastery 001.png Ring of Boomerang Mastery ? ? Unknown. N/A

Synergies[edit | edit source]

Effects that are in italics indicate that the effect is listed as the game's name for the effect, which is generally just a reminder.

Removed/Altered[edit | edit source]

Name Items Effect
Diazepam Muscle Relaxant.png
Muscle Relaxant
Any of the following:
Hegemony Rifle.png
Hegemony Rifle
Laser Lotus.png
Laser Lotus
Shock Rifle.png
Shock Rifle
Sniper Rifle.png
Sniper Rifle
Winchester Rifle.png
Winchester Rifle
Damage of the guns is tripled.

Nerfed in the Supply Drop Update to only grant a 50% damage bonus.

Altered in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update to affect fewer and different guns. The Crossbow's removal from this synergy was likely due to it being a starting weapon.

Hell Singing
Silver Bullets.png
Silver Bullets
Increases the damage of Crossbow against jammed enemies by 50%. This bonus stacks with the damage from Silver Bullets, for a total of 487.5% damage to jammed enemies.

This synergy is still in the game, but the capability for Crossbow to synergize with Silver Bullets has been removed, likely because it is a starting weapon.

King Bomber
Master Round I.png
Master Round I
Lil' Bomber.png
Lil' Bomber
Lil' Bomber's bombs become gold and spawn Money.png every time they hit an enemy.

The synergy is still in the game, but the capability for Master Round I to synergize with Lil' Bomber was removed in the first patch after 2.0 due to being too easy to obtain.

Like Shooting Fish Barrel.png
Any of the following:
38 Special.png
38 Special
A fish pops out of the barrel and fires bullets. The last shot of each magazine fires a fish that flops around on the ground and fires at enemies.

The synergy is still in the game, but the capability for the guns to synergize with Barrel has been removed.

Napalm B
Mega Douser.png
Mega Douser
Napalm Strike.png
Napalm Strike
Mega Douser's water spreads Napalm Strike's fire instead of extinguishing it.

The synergy in the current game has been altered to spread all fire instead of just the Napalm Strike's.

Dart Gun.png
Dart Gun
Mega Douser.png
Mega Douser
Damage is increased by 25%.

Removed in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, likely because it contains a starting weapon.

Shock Rifle.png
Shock Rifle
Battery Bullets.png
Battery Bullets
Shot speed is doubled.

Removed in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, likely because it contains a starting item.

Bionic Leg.png
Bionic Leg
Any of the following:
25% damage boost for Siren/Trident.

Replaced in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update with Synergy.png Brave New World.

AU Gun.png
AU Gun
The accuracy of the two guns is doubled.

Replaced in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update with Synergy.png Klobbering Time.

Unused[edit | edit source]

Name Items Effect
Fairy Bow

20% more boss damage.

The synergy exists in the game, but does not increase damage dealt to bosses.

The Fat Line.png
The Fat Line
Combined Rifle.png
Combined Rifle
If an enemy is killed by the Combined Rifle's energy ball, any bullets that the enemy had fired will slow down significantly. Additionally, the energy ball will release a burst of The Fat Line's shots upon dissipating.
Blastin' Heck
Heck Blaster.png
Heck Blaster
Sixth Chamber.png
Sixth Chamber
Chicken Sword
Chicken Flute.png
Chicken Flute
Hero of Chicken

This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting weapon.

Coffee & Cigarettes
Shotgun Coffee.png
Shotgun Coffee
College Ball
Nanomachines, son
Constitution Check
Gunknight Armor.png
Gunknight Armor
Armored Gunknight
Double Chest Friends
Ring of Chest Friendship.png
Ring of Chest Friendship
Ring of Mimic Friendship.png
Ring of Mimic Friendship
Double Moon 7 Moonscraper.png
Any of the following:
AU Gun.png
AU Gun
Moonraking it in
Easy Enough
Easy Reload Bullets.png
Easy Reload Bullets
Dart Gun.png
Dart Gun
So Easy

This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting weapon.

Feather Pillow
On Reload, Throws an exploding pillow that throws feather projectiles, similar to the leaves fired by Mahoguny. Likely unused due to the Turkey's Buffs, As if stacked with the "Pillow Bomb" it could cause either a softlock, a crash, or the ability to one-shot bosses.
Fruits & Vegetables
Galaxy Defender
Men in Black
Glorious Chest Ahead
Book of Chest Anatomy.png
Book of Chest Anatomy
Ring of Chest Vampirism.png
Ring of Chest Vampirism
The Chestmaster
The Great War
Grey Mauser (Gun).png
Grey Mauser
World War One
Gunship Sinker
RC Rocket.png
RC Rocket
Combined Rifle.png
Combined Rifle
That HL2 level with the helicopter
Heart Unlocket
Heart Locket.png
Heart Locket
Shelleton Key.png
Shelleton Key
HP increased by one heart.
Spawns smaller versions of the Wolf and Dog that follow the player, other effects unknown.

This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting item.

Serious Cannon.png
Serious Cannon
Get it it's bowling
Look, No Hands
Robot's Right Hand.png
Robot's Right Hand
Robot's Left Hand.png
Robot's Left Hand
Unknown. This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting weapon.
Open Bar
Molotov Launcher.png
Molotov Launcher
Double Molotov

This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting item.

Precious Metals
Platinum Bullets.png
Platinum Bullets
Gold Junk.png
Gold Junk
Platinum & Gold
Recessive Hero
Ancient Hero's Bandana.png
Ancient Hero's Bandana
Number 2.png
Number 2
Unknown effect. This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting item.
Reinforced Lockpicks
Trusty Lockpicks.png
Trusty Lockpicks
Master of Unlocking.png
Master of Unlocking
Success rate with Trusty Lockpicks is increased to 80%. This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting item.
Riot Gear
Unknown Gun
Unknown Item
Cop Vest
Roll Shot Rolling Eye.png
Rolling Eye
Any of the following:
Lil' Bomber.png
Lil' Bomber
Eye of the Beholster.png
Eye of the Beholster
Serious Cannon.png
Serious Cannon
Rad Gun.png
Rad Gun
The Star War
Void Marshal.png
Void Marshal
The Emperor.png
The Emperor
Supply Drop Update
Supply Drop.png
Supply Drop
Galactic Medal of Valor.png
Galactic Medal of Valor
Supplier Drop

This synergy is likely unused because it contains a starting item.

Robot's Left Hand.png
Robot's Left Hand
The Terminator
Ser Junkan
Wonderful Toys
Utility Belt.png
Utility Belt
Escape Rope.png
Escape Rope
Useful Tools
Glass Cannon.png
Glass Cannon
Unknown Item
Double Glass Cannon
Face Melter.png
Face Melter
Unknown Item
Full Swing
Super Hot Watch.png
Super Hot Watch
The Fat Line.png
The Fat Line

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Shopkeeper Mimic[edit | edit source]


  • "Purchase. . . my wares."
  • "Special price today only."

After being rescued (or possibly some other character being rescued from the Shopkeeper Mimic):

  • "Wow, I thought I was done for. You gotta watch out for mimics. They could be anything... Even you... You should go."

Green Hill[edit | edit source]

A strange-looking NPC only present as sprites since the Supply Drop Update.

Witch[edit | edit source]

A witch-like NPC only present as sprites since the Supply Drop Update.

Shrines[edit | edit source]

Loadin Shrine[edit | edit source]

LoadinShrine1.png LoadinShrine2.png

This is likely a reference to Odin, the king of Asgard in Norse mythology. Odin is often depicted as having one eye missing because he plucked it out and added it to the Well of Urd at the roots of Yggdrasil in exchange for a drink of its wisdom-granting water. He is also often depicted as having two wolves and two ravens as companions.

Artemissile Shrine[edit | edit source]


Called “Artemissile" after the Greek goddess of the hunt and wilderness, Artemis.

Might have been a reference to FTL:Faster than Light, in which a starting weapon for some ships was the Artemis Missile.

Dagun Shrine[edit | edit source]


Called “Dagun” as it resembles the Mesopotamian god Dagon.

??? Shrine[edit | edit source]


Likely related to the unused Armored Heart pickup.

??? Shrine[edit | edit source]


Resembles a tornado.

Reverse Blood Shrine[edit | edit source]



  • "An ominous fountain, filled with blood. You're so thirsty..."

Interaction text:

  • "Drink. <Regain health>"

Lord of the Jammed Shrine[edit | edit source]


Companions[edit | edit source]

There are several unused companions present in the game. Only one of them has been seen in game footage.

Raccoon[edit | edit source]


  • Summoned by the unused item Raccoon.
  • This companion likely could do the same thing as the dog. It has only been seen in a screenshot in the AG&D Steam Announcement.


Rat[edit | edit source]


  • This companion has an unknown effect and may be related to the Resourceful Rat.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

There are remnants of a simple tutorial that seems to have been scrapped in favor of Ser Manuel's tutorial.


There are also variations of these with keyboard controls instead of controller.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Base Health Description Ammonomicon Entry
Spectre.png Spectre ? Slowly floats towards the player, rapidly firing bullets. Periodically disappears and reappears. Periodically appears as three of itself moving with the player and firing rotating bullets at them. The developers have stated that this enemy was removed because it wasn’t fun to fight against when paired with other enemies. Drifter

This vengeful Hollowpoint locks on to foes and launches a fearful barrage.

Human1.png Human2.png Human3.png Human4.png Robot's Past Humans ? When one is killed, more spawn in waves. There are four types: pistol, shotgun, sniper, and rapid-fire. N/A
Black Skusket.png Black Skusket 45 A normal Skusket, but it doesn't shoot bullet skulls - it instead shoots a normal bullet at the player every few seconds. Possibly related to the undiscovered desert chamber mentioned in the Cactus’s Ammonomicon description. N/A
Bandana Bullet Kin.png Bullet Kin Fakery 1 A Bullet Kin that does nothing. Only killable with dodge rolls. N/A
Veteran Bullet Kin.png Veteran Bullet Kin Fakery 1 A Veteran Bullet Kin that does nothing. Only killable with dodge rolls. Corpses turn red. N/A
Bullet Kin.png Test Dummy Infinity.png A Bullet Kin with very high health that does nothing. Likely used by the developers for testing. N/A
Muzzle Flare.png Unused Muzzle Flare 15.9 A Muzzle Flare that just repeats its attack animation over and over. N/A
Skusket Head.png Skusket Head ? A tiny, fast skull that chases players, attempting to deal contact damage. N/A
Gatling Gull.png Friendly Gatling Gull ? A Gatling Gull that attacks enemies. Summoned with the Ticket active item. N/A
Bullet Kin.png Friendly Bullet Kin ? A Bullet Kin that attacks enemies. N/A
40px Dread Book ? A Bookllet-type enemy with unknown attacks. Klaatu Beretta Nikto

Once the Ammonomicon of a fallen Gungeoneer, this tome has been inked in gun grease and rebound in Gundead flesh.

40px Bullet Hornet ? An enemy with unknown attacks. Sting of Defeat

A gargantuan insect that has evolved a projectile sting.

Unfortunately, it can sting more than once before dying.

40px Snake Shooter ? Am enemy with unknown attack. based on the ammonomicon entry it might be the enemy that appears in the Ammoconda bossfight, however there is no proof to that. Sheds Shells

The spawn of the great Ammoconda, each Snakeshooter will shed its shells thousands of times before maturing.

Very few survive to adulthood.

Gurpy.png Gurpy ? Harpy-like enemy that looks like the player. Familiar Face

A guardian of Bullet Hell. Will viciously attack any mortal being that passes to the Sixth Chamber.

Though few witnesses survive, it is known to wear the face of its prey.

Strike it when it alights!

40px Leadbulon (Old) ? Early version of the Leadbulon. Its features only appear on its upward face, and it is seen as a small sprite on the Leadbulon’s Ammonomicon image. N/A
40px Mine ? Unused enemy related to the Mine Flayer. Possibly an early version of the Mine Flayer’s claymores. N/A

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Health Description Ammonomicon Entry
Bunker.png Bunker ? Unused boss that is fully complete (has bosscard, attacks, etc.)

There is another version of this boss which is a giant mimic. The developers stated that this boss was cut because it simply wasn’t fun to fight against in-game.

Forward Operating Base

This bunker's walls are several feet thick, and it is too dark to make out what is operating its turrets.

It seems like something is moving inside.

High Priest.png Shopkeeper Boss ? Unused boss that uses the default sprite (High Priest) and default attack (ring of bullets). N/A
High Priest.png Tsar Bomba ? Exactly the same as Shopkeeper Boss. The basis for Fuselier. N/A
Psycho Mantis.png Vampire Mantis ? Unused boss with animations and a bosscard, but only uses the default attack. Psychokinetic Soldier


Bullet Bishop.png Bullet Bishop ? Unused boss with animations but no boss card. Only uses the default attack. Ex Cathedra

This blessed bullet speaks with the voice of Kaliber herself.

His aim is infallible, at least when firing from the pulpit.

Old Resourceful Rat Portrait.png Old Resourceful Rat ? An unused old version of the Resourceful Rat boss that would fire small yellow shots rapidly, run towards the player, and dash away from bullets. N/A

Drunkard Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Bunker: "The Gundead have grown quite industrious. To be organized enough to occupy that bunker... Well, it's interesting, don't you think? Hah..."

Gungeoneers[edit | edit source]

The Cosmonaut[edit | edit source]

Cosmonaut Profile.png
  • Starts with the Makarov.
  • Has a custom facecard.
  • Boss intros are bugged.
  • Has no animation for walking with no gun.
  • Has no past.
  • Referred to as "comrade" and "spaceman" by NPCs.

The Ninja[edit | edit source]

Ninja Profile.png
  • Starts with the Magnum, AK-47, and 38 Special.
  • Has a custom facecard but uses the Cosmonaut's in-game.
  • Boss intros are bugged.
  • Has no animation for walking with no gun.
  • The Bloodied Scarf may be connected to the Ninja, as the sprites call it the ‘Ninja Headband’.
  • Has no past.
  • Rolling makes the Ninja 'blink' in the direction they rolled.
    • This effect is purely cosmetic.
  • Rolling into a pit does not damage the Ninja. Walking in normally does, however.
  • The Ninja is the only Gungeoneer who starts with a synergy.
  • Referred to as "Plateface" by NPCs.

Lamey[edit | edit source]

  • Lamey was created on the side as art by Joe of Dodge Roll while the other developers worked on the main game.
  • Starts with the Blood Brooch and Lichy Trigger Finger.
  • Lamey has an alternate skin with light blue hair: LameyAlt.png
  • Starts with gun ID 603, called Lamey Gun internally. This item's quality is set to EXCLUDED, and therefore will not be visible in the inventory unless the quality is changed (e.g. through mods).
  • First appeared in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update.
  • Trying to take the elevator to Boss Rush with Lamey softlocks the game.
  • If shot with the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, she will go to The Pilot's past.
  • Referred to by the same nicknames as the Pilot by NPCs.
  • The minimap will be locked in place and will not move with the player if they are Lamey.
    • However, if the player ever opens the map, the minimap will disappear and the normal map will simply have a dark green rectangle covering it.
    • This gives Lamey a severe disadvantage - she cannot see the map and therefore cannot teleport.

Eevee[edit | edit source]

  • It is extremely likely that this is the early version of The Paradox.
  • Eevee herself is only a sprite set - her character in game is utilizing an unused modifier that randomizes the character’s sprite every time they interact or roll. This modifier costs 5 Hegemony Credits (as shown by the “Keep Modifiers?” prompt upon death while playing as Eevee) and if it is not reapplied upon death, the player becomes the Convict.
  • Starts with no items.
  • When the character is facing right, a rectangular pink visual artifact appears behind the character.
  • When changed into through the use of cheats, takes the appearance of one of the main 6 Gungeoneers (including alternate costumes).
  • At the end of every dodge roll animation, her appearance changes to a different Gungeoneer (including alternate costumes).
    • Her appearance also changes this way if she uses the elevator, falls into a pit, flips a table or rolls a barrel.
  • She also changes if she interacts with an item.
  • Her bosscard, facecard, and map icon are of The Hunter.
  • Trying to take the elevator to Boss Rush with Eevee will softlock the game.
  • First appeared in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update.
  • Referred to as "STRING_NOT_FOUND" by NPCs.

Tilesets[edit | edit source]

There are several unused tilesets for chambers in the game, ranging from the belly of a great beast to a spaceship. These do not exist as actual chambers that you can change to (even using mods), but it is possible to force a particular tileset to be displayed on any chamber.

Jungle[edit | edit source]

Unused Jungle Tileset.jpgAnother screenshot of Jungle..jpg

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqCJr39TjbE)

  • This tile set stands out in that it has an added rain and storm effect making this one look like a floor taking place outside the Gungeon. Not much is known on what this tile set was planned to be used for. More info may be added if any new information comes to light.
  • A video has been posted showing this tile set in action on a test floor (above image has a link to it). It was loaded via an unused test flow called "test_west_floor_03a_flow" which is a test floor that appears meant for the West tile set. That floor appears to have rooms mostly from the Hollow but ends with the Old King. This suggests that West was a beta version of the Abbey of the True Gun secret floor. A few unused destructible objects like a couple Cacti in the starting room can be seen in the test video showing the Jungle tile set.

Belly[edit | edit source]

Unused Belly.pngScreenshot of -Belly- unused Tileset.jpg

(Info here soon)

Phobos[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of Phobos. An unused tile set in ETG..jpgAnother screenshot of Phobos..jpg

(Info here soon)

  • This tile set appears to be a "past" version of the Future tile set. Does not have it's own music track but does reuse the door open/close sound FX from Future. It also is not missing detail around areas with pits like with most of the other unused tilesets.
  • bears a striking resemblance to the tile set found in the R&G department

Old West[edit | edit source]

Fragment of what remains of Old West tileset..jpg

(Info and images here soon)

  • Possibly the “undiscovered chamber” from the Cactus’s Ammonomicon description.
  • A test Gungeon flow still exists for this tile set. Though 1.1.4 version of the game doesn't appear to have the tileset working anymore. A video in the section regarding the Jungle tileset shows what the floor layout looks like and a couple unused objects that are still in the 1.1.4 build of the game.
  • The unused test Gungeon Flow spawns two Cacti objects in the starting chamber. They take about 2 shots from a gun to destroy and can't be destroyed by walking/rolling into them like most other scenery objects.

Derelict Hulk[edit | edit source]

(Info and images here soon)

  • Called "Spaceship" in the files.
  • This may be a reference to The Cosmonaut, and was originally supposed to be their past.

Charon[edit | edit source]

  • This floor may or may not exist, no actual evidence has been found.

Gunymede[edit | edit source]

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Traps[edit | edit source]

Alarm Mushroom[edit | edit source]

AlarmMushroom.png These were a trap that was cut from the Hollow. It was cut due to the fact that it was annoying to play with according to the developers. It has sprites for breaking, activating, and idling. Most likely inspired by the "shrieker" mushroom from Dungeons & Dragons.